Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 905 - 905: Devil Xun

"Stop staring," Mingyu muttered with a red face as she watched Long Chen staring at her body.

"Why should I? Good things are supposed to be appreciated, especially if they are yours. It's the same for people. You're mine... Only I can look at you like this. Why wouldn't I then," Long Chen asked as he smiled slyly.

He removed his phoenix blood robe and placed it on his storage since it was an important artifact. 

After that, he removed his shirt, which he didn't treat with similar care. He threw his short at the nearby table. Soon, he got completely bare, revealing himself completely.

His well-chiseled body was revealed before the girls. He didn't have abs, but he wasn't fat either. There was a slight shape of his abs that could be seen on his stomach as if he wasn't far away from developing abs. 

He was also well endowed below his wait.

Now it was the turn of Mingyu, who couldn't help but glance at his body as well.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to tell you to not watch me. Just like you're mine, I'm yours too," Long Chen answered with an amused smile on his face.

Mingyu was about to nod her head, but Ming Lan cut her off as she fired a cheeky comment first. 

"Not entirely. We belong a hundred percent to you, but you belong to the six of us. So we don't even own a sixth of you."

Her words stunned Long Chen, who hadn't expected this answer. He couldn't help but smile wryly.

"This girl is good. I like her," Xun's voice echoed in Long Chen's head.

'I know you would. You like everyone who can make me shut my mouth, don't you?' Long Chen answered as he smiled wryly.

"Of course. Since I can't close your mouth myself, I can at least enjoy this through them," Xun answered as she appeared before him. 

"Who said you couldn't close my mouth? My mouth was closed when you kissed me," Long Chen answered to Xun as he caught the hand of Mingyu and walked towards the bed.

"You!!! That was because of the bet you won. And it was you closing my lips since you kissed me. Not me," Xun answered in a tone louder than usual.

Her voice would have echoed in the room if she was a spirit. For now, only Long Chen heard her.

"You didn't hear the idiom?" Long Chen asked Xun using his thoughts.

"What idiom?" Xun asked, seemingly confused.

Long Chen most happened to be right beside her as asked. He was holding Mingyu with his left hand while Xun stood on his right. 

"If a knife falls on a tomato or a tomato falls on a knife. They're basically the same thing and give similar results," He answered casually. As he happened to be right beside her, he also spanked her butt on the way to the bed.

"You, Idiot!" Xun said in anger, but she suddenly stopped. She realized something.

'Wait a minute. Why didn't I think of this? He can touch me so I can touch him as well. I can mess with him the same way since no one can see me," she thought as he grinned. A sly plan appeared in her head.

Long Chen made Mingyu lie on the bed as he got on top of her. He positioned his staff near her entrance but didn't push it in.

He gazed in her eyes which were misty as they watched him with expectation.

He smiled gently as he thrust forward, but his expressions suddenly turned weird. He had missed. To be more specific, Xun had barged in at the right time just when he was about to thrust.

She held his little guy and moved it only slightly just at the right time to make sure that he couldn't enter Mingu's sacred place.

'You!' Long Chen stared at Xun, who was sitting on her knees right beside him. There was a cheeky grin on her face.

"Now it's my turn to have fun with you." She said.

'You little girl, stop messing with me like this. Don't forget I still have that bet. If you don't stop, I'll ask you for a kiss every ten minutes. You better stop right now,' Long Chen said to Xun as he positioned his staff at the entrance again.

This time he didn't wait, though. He knew that Xun was a kid who would definitely mess with him.

"So what? Should I be scared of a kiss? I'm not a kid. So what if you kiss me more. You already stole my first kiss anyway," Xun answered as she rolled her eyes.

"Mmm!" Mingyu moaned as Long Chen thrust it inside Mingyu completely and continued with his movements.

"Having a good time?" Xun asked as she saw Long Chen in peace as he Dual Cultivated with Mingyu. 

She once again returned to her shenanigans as she stood up.

She stepped over Mingyu. She was a spirit, she was standing on Mingyu right where Mingyu was lying, but she couldn't feel her. Long Chen could see Xun's stomach inside Mingyu as she stood before him.

Xun dropped down to her knees as she stood in front of Long Chen, who didn't stop with his movements.

'What are you doing? Stop making it weird for me," Long Chen said with a wry smile on his face. This whole thing was so weird.

Was Xun ready to mess with him the whole night. 

"Why should I stop? I'm just getting started. I'll get back at you for all the times you tease me," Xun answered as she grinned. She reached out her hand, which she placed on his chest, and started rubbing his chest gently.

Her hand roamed all over his chest to make it uncomfortable for him. 

"Fine. If that's how you want to play, then so be it," Long Chen answered as he decided to take the war to Xun.

Both of his hands were on Mingyu's waist as he thrust back and forth, but he removed his right hand, which he moved at a lightning-fast speed towards Xun's chest.

He caught Mingyu's nipples before she could even realize what was happening.


An unwilling moan escaped Xun's lips as she felt a current course through his body. It was the first time Long Chen had grabbed her there. She felt wholly electrified as pleasure filled her. She hadn't expected this at all, so it all came as a shock.

'This is a skill I learned from a Dual Cultivation Manual. I didn't want to use it, but you forced me,' Long Chen said to Xun as he smiled.