Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1060 - 1060: Not Going Back

I have no choice either was the last thing the General heard. As for the last thing he saw, it happened to be a flash of light as soon as he turned back. Before he could even know what had happened, everything turned dark. 

His vision went black as a terrifying pain spread all around his body, especially his stomach. He felt like someone had torn apart his body in half. His body dropped to the ground, split into two parts. 

"You really shouldn't have mixed up with that idiot. You really thought you would survive? You signed your death warrant the moment you agreed to lie to frame me," Long Chen muttered as he stood before the body of the General, looking down at it. 

A beautiful Gold King's Sword was placed in his hand, which was looking really majestic in his hand. 

Finished with his revenge, Long Chen turned towards the mirror as he started walking closer. 

Stopping a meter away from the mirror, he said, "And that's why you don't believe any rumor without hearing the other side with an open head, no matter who says it. I was innocent, but I was framed. Now that the truth is out, I am done here."

He waved his sword once again, shattering the mirror to pieces. 


All around the Royal City, people were watching the broadcast, which suddenly stopped as Long Chen broke the mirror. 

"I guess that confirms it. Your husband was innocent," the Queen told her daughter as she rubbed her head. 

"I already knew he was innocent. I knew someone had framed him, but it would be my own brother; I didn't know that," Mingyu muttered as she sighed. 

"Mother, I really hurt him, didn't I?" she asked her mother. 

"I think only he can answer that when he comes for you," the Queen answered. 

"Will he come?" Mingyu asked, unsure. 

"I think he will. And when he does, ask him where he is keeping Lu Wang. I know that idiot did wrong, but we should be the one punishing that duffer. No matter what, he is my son. Tell him to hand over that guy now that the truth is out," the Queen told Mingyu. 

"Yes, mother," Mingyu agreed. 


The Emperor finally returned to the Royal City after a long trip. He hadn't found Long Chen along the way, which was something he already expected. He was already sure that finding Long Chen in this vast continent was going to be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. 

He straight away went to the Royal Palace and entered the Throne Room. 

As soon as he entered, he saw the Eunuch there. As for the ministers, none were there. 

He was curious about the Ministers. Even if the Emperor wasn't here, they were supposed to be here. Why were they absent? Were they neglecting their duties? 

Even though the Emperor was curious about the ministers, what he was more curious about was the Eunuch. 

That guy should have been asking about the Emperor and if he succeeded in catching Long Chen or not. But on the contrary, he was standing with his head down. 

"What happened?" He asked the Eunuch as he stepped closer to his throne. 

"Your Majesty, I think you should know something which happened in your absence," the Eunuch said softly. 

"Huh? What happened in my absence?" the Emperor asked, confused. 

"Prince Consort Long Chen returned to the Royal City," the Eunuch answered. 

"What? He returned?" the Emperor asked, shocked. "Did you all catch him?" 

"Ah, not entirely. He didn't actually appear before us. Instead..."

The Eunuch started telling the Emperor everything that had happened, which brought many vivid expressions on the previously stern face of Emperor Lu. 

Hearing everything, he couldn't help but sit on the throne, tired. It seemed as if he had grown older in just a moment as he heard about what his son had done to frame Mingyu's husband. But that wasn't all. It didn't mean Long Chen was entirely innocent. 

The Emperor knew that what Long Chen did was also stupid, not letting the due process take place last time. 

But what stunned the Emperor the most was his own actions. His son-in-law was linked to the Heavenly Demon Race. And he had informed that to the Immortal Realm in his rage. 

Even though Long Chen was innocent and it was all because of his son, that didn't change the fact that Long Chen was a Demon. There was no way for him to backtrack since things had progressed too far. 

In a few weeks, a team from the Immortal World is going to come to catch Long Chen, which was going to be a mess. 

Previously it wouldn't have mattered since everyone had a bad impression of Long Chen, including his own daughter. But now that they again had a good impression of him, they were never going to understand Emperor Lu's plight in exposing Long Chen to the upper world. 

The Immortal World was certainly going to find Long Chen, and when they did, they were going to kill him. And when Long Chen was killed, Emperor Lu was going to be remembered as the bastard Emperor who had his own son-in-law killed because he believed the lies of his son.

No one was going to understand the underlying reasoning regarding the Heavenly Demons. 

"What happened, your Majesty? Aren't you happy? Prince Consort is innocent. Now you can make everything right with him and ask him to free Prince Wang when everything's fine. All the misunderstanding is over," the Eunuch told the Emperor, not understanding why he was still looking so serious. 

"Sigh, you won't understand my problems," the Emperor muttered as he sighed. 


Long Chen was sitting near a pond in an isolated location. Not a single person could be seen nearby. 

The Snake Monarch was swimming in the water of the pond. 

"Why are you sitting there like a dead person? All your problems are solved. You got your dignity back. Come relax in the water. Let this monarch show you his swimming technique," the Snake Monarch told Long Chen, laughing. 

"I have my dignity back, but not all the problems are solved. I still haven't thought about how I'll explain the death of Lu Wang. I know why I killed him, but I can't prove that he was going to kill his sister. I need to think of a good way to reply," Long Chen replied. 

"Is that why you're not going back yet?" The Snake Monarch asked, understanding the reasoning.