Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 981 - 981: Test

A man was standing in front of Long Chen, who he assumed to be the Prince of this Empire. The Prince who was also Mingyu's brother. 

"Who are you?" The Prince asked Long Chen about his identity as he squinted his eyes.

"Are you Lu Wang?" Long Chen asked the man instead of answering. 

"I'm the one asking questions here," Lu Wang asked Long Chen, frowning. He was wondering if this was Long Chen that he was supposed to kill.

"I'm Long Chen, the husband of Princess Mingyu," Long Chen answered. It wasn't worth it to keep arguing with the guy. He was the stranger in Lu Wang's Palace, after all. 

"Mingyu's husband? She married?" Lu Wang exclaimed as he frowned. He couldn't believe Long Chen's words. He had known that Long Chen was close to his sister romantically from what he heard from the Half Masked man, but he hadn't expected they were already married. 

Didn't this mean that the thing he needed to do was to kill his brother in Law? He was supposed to take the love of his sister? He was supposed to make her a widow? The sister he needed to protect was going to lose her husband because of him?

"Are you joking?" he asks Long Chen as his frown deepened. 

"You didn't tell me yet. Are you her brother? If you aren't, then I have no reason to answer you," Long Chen responded. He couldn't keep answering. So what if the man in front of him was the Prince? He couldn't talk to him like Long Chen was below him. 

Long Chen's ego was kicking in after being looked down on. 

"That's right. I'm Lu Wang, the Prince of Esteria and Mingyu's brother," Lu Wang responded to Long Chen calmly.

"That's better," Long Chen nodded his head. 

"That's right. Now tell me if you're joking about being married to my sister," Lu Wang asked. 

"Why would I lie about things like these? If I were spreading such false rumors, your father would have already started chasing me to kill me," Long Chen let out. 

He had carefully selected his words, and the man noticed it. 

Lu Wang knew Long Chen was stronger than he was showing because of what he heard. That must be why he said that his father would be chasing to kill him, not that he would already have killed him. This only showed Long Chen's confidence in surviving even against his father. 

"Does father know about this?" Lu Wang asked.

"Yeah. We already told him. He said you were outside. Maybe that's why you didn't know?" Long Chen assumed. 

"In any case, it's good to meet you. I need to do something, so I'll meet you later," Long Chen let out as he started walking away. 

Lu Wang gazed at Long Chen's back, not moving. Things were worse than he thought. Mingyu was his wife. How could he finish the task of the man who saved him?

He had to make Long Chen lose everything he possessed. That meant losing Mingyu. He couldn't kill his sister, so the only thing he could do was separate them. Was it really enough to make Long Chen lose his calm of mind, though? It could only be effective if Long Chen really loved his sister like crazy. 

Was it possible, though? In any case, he could only try. He rubbed his chin as he turned back and started walking away, trying to come up with a plan. 

The plan had to be perfect and leave no room for failure. He knew that he had to be fast. Time was of the essence. 

Long Chen was keeping an eye on Lu Wang, and as soon he turned back, Long Chen used his Teleportation to Teleport inside his room. 

As soon as he appeared inside the room, he heard loud knocking on the door. 

"Wake up. How much do you sleep? It's already morning!"

Long Chen couldn't help but smile wryly as he heard the voice coming from outside. It was a heavy voice that belonged to his father-in-law. 

"As expected, this guy woke up fast," he muttered as he shook his head. 

He walked over to the door and opened it. He didn't forget to yawn as he opened the door as if he had a good sleep. 

"Good morning Father in law," he greeted Lu Junwei. 

"Good morning. Are you still sleepy?" The Emperor asked. 

"Yeah. I slept late last night. I was Cultivating. So I only slept for half an hour before you wake me up," Long Chen said innocently. 

He was trying to be a good son-in-law and show how hard he worked on his Cultivation that he didn't even sleep. He effectively hid from the Emperor that what he was working hard on wasn't Cultivation, but it was Mingyu, the daughter of the Emperor himself. 

"Good. A man should always focus more on Cultivation than his sleep. I'm impressed," the Emperor let out as he patted Long Chen's shoulder.

"You're a Cultivator. You don't need sleep," he added. "Follow me."

He started walking away. 

Long Chen closed the door of his room as he stepped outside and started following after the Emperor. 

"Where are we going?" He asked the Emperor as he caught up to him. 

"You remember I told you about testing you? You might be the husband of my daughter, but I still need to accept you. And I can only do that after you pass some of my tests. That's where we're going. A place where you'll be tested to see if you have any other qualities than loving my daughter enough to give you life for her or not," the Emperor told Long Chen. 

"Interesting. And what if I fail the tests?" Long Chen asked.

"If you fail the test, then what can I do? You're already the husband of my daughter. I must accept you in any case. But it'll be different. If I accept you openly, that will be more rewarding to you in ways I can't tell you yet. So I hope you do your best," the Emperor answered Long Chen as he smiled. 

'Rewarding for me? Well, this guy is an Emperor. Of course, he'll have some really nice treasures. Maybe he saved some for Mingyu's husband? There's no loss in passing some tests as long as it doesn't expose too much of my abilities," Long Chen thought as he frowned. 

The Emperor brought Long Chen through long corridors to a room which was present on the floor which was under the ground floor. 

The two of them stood in front of a black door.