Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1006 - 1006: Exposed

Long Chen had only recently closed his eyes as he tried to sleep. Unfortunately, his brief, peaceful moment was disturbed by a sudden noise. 

It was a minor noise, but it was still audible in the silence of the night. 

Opening his eyes slowly, Long Chen sat up before he started sliding towards the other end of the bed. 

Leaving his room, he started walking downstairs from where he believed the sound came from. His mother's room was near his room on the higher floor, so it was strange to hear a noise coming from downstairs. 

Was his father back? Or was it his mother? No matter who it was, he decided to check to be safe. 

Placing his feet slowly on the ground, he walked downstairs to make as little noise as possible. Strangely the sound he had heard never came again. So he had to search the whole house to know who it was. 

The first thing he did was to check the kitchen to make sure it wasn't his mother trying to take midnight snacks or something. Fortunately, the kitchen was empty. Leaving the kitchen, he walked towards the dining hall; unfortunately, as soon as he stepped out of the kitchen, a knife came slashing towards him from the side.

It stabbed the side of his neck before he could even do anything. 

Long Chen tried to look to the side to see who it was, but before he could, a kick landed on his waist, making him fall down. His body grew weak, and everything turned dark. He could see nothing anymore. He could hear no sound. 

It all feels all too familiar. It was just how he felt when he was killed for the first time by the thief. Was it that all knife deaths felt the same? How was it so similar when the last time he died of being stabbed below the neck and now in the neck. Both should've felt different. 

Even in death, there was only one thought in his head. He was wondering who it was that had killed him. Unfortunately, it was too late for him. 

Everything turned dark for him. He had died. 

'Is this over? Did I fail whatever the orb was trying to make me do,' Long Chen thought as he floated in endless darkness. Only after quite some time did he feel his senses again. 

The world starts gaining light. The chattering of humans could be heard in the surroundings. 

Slowly opening hours eyes, Long Chen realized that he was once again standing in the hallway. 

Students could be seen leaving the premises. 

"Chen! Aren't you coming? Why are you standing there?"

Just as Long Chen was standing, he heard a familiar voice once again. 

Looking straight ahead, he saw a youngster waving his hand towards him, telling him to come fast. 

It was the exact same thing he had seen earlier in the day. 

'Did I come back in time?' he thought as he frowned. This place was once the same, and the events were also repeating themselves. 

'Oh wait. It must be because I died before comprehension in this place. So it's all happening again,' he guessed the reason behind what was happening. 

'That's right. The Law Orb isn't the bloodline temple to give me a trial and punish me if I fail. It's for comprehension. If I fail, I'll try again. Doesn't that mean I can never leave this place without comprehending the Law of Destiny?' he wondered, frowning. 

"Come fast! What happened to you?!' 

Hu Lia insisted once again. 

'It's good. I can at least see who it was that would have killed me if I had survived the assault of the thief," Long Chen muttered as he started walking towards Hu Lia again. 

They again left the school premises like last time, walking together until their path separated. 

Long Chen once again reached the place where he had intercepted the thief. It happened the same way as well. He again kicked the thief, but this time, he didn't wait for the woman to offer him a coin and insult him. Instead, he left directly, without even tying the thief. 

He didn't need to tie him either since he had already made him lose consciousness before leaving. 

"Hey, wait!"

The woman once again called out Long Chen, who ignored her this time and kept walking. 

He again reached home. 


Long Chen was lying in bed, ready for the noise once again. 

As he expected, he again heard the voice, but this time he was sure where he was going to find that person. 

Despite knowing everything, he followed the same procedure. It was much easier if there was no change in this timeline. 

After reaching downstairs, he once again entered the kitchen, but while leaving, he was more alert. 

As soon as he stepped out of the kitchen, the knife came towards his chest again, but this time Long Chen was wholly prepared for the attack. 

He ducked down, saving himself from the attack on his neck while at the same time using his hand to catch the hand of the person while hitting on their elbow to make their hand drop to the ground. 

The attacker was taken aback by the sudden attack on himself. The knife dropped from his hand, but Long Chen didn't leave him. Instead, he freed the man's arm and caught his neck while kicking the man's legs to make him fall down. 

As the man fell down, he looked between the man's legs as it was the easiest way to weaken someone. 

The man's balls were hit, making his eyes widen. 


He was about to scream, but Long Chen closed his mouth to silence him. He didn't want to disturb his mother. 

The man was wearing a black cloth mask to hide his identity. 

After closing the man's mouth, Long Chen used the tricks he had learned to make someone lose consciousness instantly. 

He placed his finger behind the man's neck and snapped. The man's eyes closed, losing focus. He went silent while losing his consciousness. 

"That went better than I expected," Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the unconscious man. "Now, let's see who actually you are."

He brought his hand to the face of the man and removed his mask. 

He couldn't think of someone that would try to kill him. He didn't have any enmity with anyone to have someone try killing him. 

From what he could assume, this man was most probably a thief, but who saw him and got worried decided to attack. 

As Long Chen removed the mask, he finally saw the face of the thief. 

"What the heck? It's you? How? Is that even possible?"