Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1133 - 1133: Back To Shui

"Don't even think you can Teleport," she further added as she understood what Long Chen was trying to do. 

"It won't work here. You need to walk out," she explained. 

"Fine," Long Chen replied as he walked to Xue and Mei. 

The entire tomb started shaking as Long Chen reached his wives. It was evident that the tomb wasn't going to last long.

He sent the ladies back before sending the snake back as he started leaving the tomb. 



The tomb came down, being swallowed by the earth. 

Long Chen stood on the ground, outside the tomb, watching the last remnant of the Saint King gone forever, submerged in the ground that was his birthplace. 

He breathed his last breath in the same place he took his first breath. 

"Hah, I hope you find peace, Saint King Xianwu," Long Chen muttered as he closed his eyes. After a minute of silence, he turned back and started leaving the sect. 

Not a single person had stepped out of their courtyards since Snake Monarch had warned them, so the entire path seemed to be empty as he left the sect. 


Leaving the sect, Long Chen flew back to the Shui Kingdom, where his home used to be.

As he reached near his sect, he realized that nothing was there. Even the rubble of his Clan was cleaned. 

Moreover, there was nothing in that place anymore. 

Surprisingly life to the Kingdom seemed to have returned. When he had left last time, he left the entire Kingdom in ruins, unfortunately, but it seemed to be in a better condition now. 

Many people could be seen on the streets, and many new houses were built. It seemed like life was getting back on track here. 

He couldn't help but wonder who the current King was. Was it Princess Yue Fei that was the ruler now?

As he was leaving last time, he had asked around only to find out that he had not only killed the entire Royal Family, but he had also killed all the Princes. Only Princess Yue Fei was left alive since she was in the sect where Saint King's Tomb was. 

As she wasn't in the Kingdom, she survived the onslaught of Long Chen when he wasn't in his senses. 

"If it's Yue Fei, I should at least once apologize to her before I leave again. I did spoil her life by taking her family from her," he muttered as he started walking towards the biggest Palace that seemed to be in the city, believing it to be the Royal Palace. 

As Long Chen reached near the Royal Palace, he saw a lot of carriages standing near the Palace. 

"Strange. Is this a gathering of the new nobles or something?" He wondered, frowning. 

He walked up to a carriage that was standing near him. Only the carriage driver could be seen inside. 

"Excuse me, is this the carriage of a noble family?" Long Chen asked the Carriage Driver. 

The carriage driver looked back at Long Chen and noticed his prince-like clothes. He seemed to be from a well-off family.

He was wearing luxurious clothes and a red robe that seemed like an expensive treasure. 

Moreover, a golden scabbard was also hanging on Long Chen's back which was keeping his King's Sword. 

"Are you not from this Kingdom?" The driver asked Long Chen. 

'This man seems rich. He should be a Prince of some Kingdom. That can be the only explanation for him to not know about such common things of this Kingdom,' The driver thought. 

"I'm not. I was passing through this kingdom and just became a bit curious. Anyway, you didn't answer. Is this the carriage of a noble?" Long Chen asked again. 

"That's right. It's the Carriage of Feng Clan," the driver answered.

"Feng Clan, huh. Must be new nobles of Shui," Long Chen muttered as he nodded. 

He was just about to ask a follow-up question when he heard the words of the driver. 

"No, you are wrong. Feng Clan is a noble family in this great kingdom of Zhu," the Driver answered.

"Kingdom of Zhu? What do you mean? It's not Shui?" Long Chen asked, surprised. 

"Hahaha, not at all. Shui fell long ago. A tragedy struck the kingdom leaving it broken and in ruins. Our Great Kingdom of Zhu took over the land. This is the Kingdom of Zhu now," The driver replied. 

"Kingdom of Zhu, huh. I remember it. It was a Second Rank Kingdom while Shui was a Third Rank Kingdom," Long Chen muttered, remembering the name.

The Kingdom of Zhu was the neighboring Kingdom of their Shui Kingdom. 

"You're right. You're standing in a Second Rank Kingdom now," the driver said proudly. "And we're the Feng Clan of Zhu."

Long Chen sighed as he shook his head. 

"I guess I really brought this Kingdom to an end," he muttered. 

"What?" The driver asked, not understanding Long Chen's words. 

"Nothing," Long Chen replied. "So, who is the King of Zhu? Is he here? What's this gathering about?" Long Chen asked. 

"No. King Zhu is in the Royal City. This isn't the Royal City of Zhu. As for the gathering, it's because the Royal General of Zhu is getting married today," The driver answered. 

"Royal General of Zhu? Why is he getting married in the Royal Palace?" Long Chen asked. 

"Since King Zhu can't handle such vast land, he sent a Royal General here to take care of this place. Today is his marriage. Moreover, Prince Zhu is here as well, attending the wedding," The driver answered. 

"The Prince and the Royal General, huh. Thanks for the information,"  Long Chen said before he left, in the direction of the Palace. 

"I can't change the past and bring Shui back. I don't even know where Yue Fei would be. Maybe she's in the sect. At least she's free now even though I can't meet her," he muttered as he advanced towards the Palace. 

"I should at least say hi to the new Prince and attend the wedding. A warning would also do the Prince good to make sure he takes care of this place properly,"  he said. 

Long Chen soon reached the Royal Palace, only to be stopped by the guards. Even though his clothes seemed Princely, they didn't have the symbol of Zhu that was given to all nobles. 

"May we know who you are, sir?" The guards asked Long Chen. 

"I'm Prince Long Chen, from the neighboring Kingdom of Qiani. I was passing by when I heard that it's the wedding of your Royal General. I came here to wish him," Long Chen answered, smiling.