Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1126 - 1126: Pure Of Heart

The Snake Monarch became smaller and started following Long Chen, but he didn't stop complaining about what Long Chen had said. He also kept challenging Long Chen to a battle to the death to see who was stronger. 

Long Chen knew that the Snake Monarch was only talking big; thus, he didn't take him seriously. 

The path to the tomb was not hard to find since he had been there once and still remembered. Moreover, this was in an isolated part of the sect, so not a single soul was here anyways. 

After a short trip to the Tomb of Saint King, he ended up at the place where he had to stop last time because he didn't have the Saint King's token. 

This time, Long Chen brought out the token and his Saint King Sword.

He followed the same process as last time, and the Stone Puppet came out, asking him to place the token of the Saint King on the wall as well.

Stepping forward, Long Chen placed the token as he was told. 

As soon as he placed the two things as described, the wall that was blocking the path ahead started shaking before it suddenly stopped. 

Nothing else seemed to have happened. 

"Why isn't it moving?" Long Chen asked the puppet, who was standing right there. 

"Pull out the two keys and wait," The puppet told Long Chen before he walked back inside the wall, submerging in it. 

Long Chen stepped forward and brought his Sword back. He also pulled out the token of the Saint King before keeping the two things back in his storage ring. 

"What crappy tomb is it? Even after using so many things, it still hasn't opened up? Just tell me once, I'll bear that stone puppet to make him work faster," Snake Monarch told Long Chen, getting bored with all the waiting. It was just a door that wasn't even opening.

Long Chen was just about to reply to the snake monarch when the wall once again started shaking. This time the wall did move, though. The wall started going down before it entirely submerged in the ground, revealing the path ahead. 

There seemed to be a tunnel that was leading somewhere. 

Long Chen and the others entered the tunnel and kept getting deeper to know where it led to. 

The tunnel surprisingly ended at another dead end. 

Only a few words could be seen that were written on the wall up ahead.

"These words?" Long Chen muttered as he tried to read them, but he couldn't. 

"What language is this? Xun, can you read it?" Long Chen asked Xun. 

"These are not the words. These are kind of a spell. A type of a formation that activates on its own," Xun told Long Chen as she appeared near him. 

"A formation? Is this some trap then?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"Not really. This is one of the most basic spells of the Immortal World. This is what is used there in place of locks by ordinary people," Xun told Long Chen. 

"A lock? What do you mean?" Long Chen asked, curious. 

"You cast this spell formation, and only when a person with righteous intent places their hand on that formation does the door open," Xun answered. "It's basically a test which only allows the people who don't have any evil in their heart to pass through."

"A formation like that? Interesting," Long Chen muttered, rubbing his chin. 

"I don't have evil in my heart. I'm not here to steal but to see what inheritance Saint King left behind. I shouldn't be rejected, right?" He asked.  "Just to be sure, I think I should let Xue or Mei touch the formation."

"That won't work," Xun answered. 

"All who enter this place must touch these words. Only if none of them have any evil will the door be open. That includes you, Xue, Mei, and even that snake of yours," she added. 

Hearing her words, Long Chen fell into deep thought.  "Even Snakey? This guy... I guess I can only hope. Even though he's a blubbering idiot, he isn't evil."

"Ah, you know this Monarch can hear you, right?" Snake Monarch inquired as he glared at Long Chen in response to his words.

"Don't talk, touch those words. Let's see what's on the other side." 

"Hmph, I'll do this favor on you this once and prove how righteous I am," Snake Monarch said as he flew towards the wall and touched those strange words.

As soon as he touched the words, they shone in white light for a brief second. 

"This light? What does it mean? Did he pass or fail?" Long Chen asked Xun. 

"He passed. If it were a black light, that would have meant he failed, and the door wouldn't open ever," Xun explained. 

"He passed, that's good," Long Chen agreed. " Xue, you touch it."

On Long Chen's command, Xun stepped forward as she touched the words. Once again, the words shone in a bright light.

Next was Mei, who also succeeded, leaving only Long Chen. 

"You're the only one left, and you're the only one who is with a chance of failure since you're here for rewards, but we will see. Go and touch it," Xun told Long Chen as she gestured for him to step forward. 

Long Chen stepped forward, lost in a thought. If he failed now, it was going to suck, but it was going to be all because of him. He could only blame himself in that case. 

With a determined heart, he placed his hand on the formation. As soon as his fingers touched the word formation, the formation started shining. 

A deep sigh of relief escaped Long Chen's lips as he realized that the words were shining in white light and not black. It meant that all of them had passed. 

As the words stopped shining, the wall was once again submerged in the ground, revealing a room which was filled in darkness. 

Long Chen took a step forward, entering the room. Xue, Mei, and Snake Monarch also entered the room.

As soon as the four entered, the dark room was filled with darkness, letting everyone see the interior of the room. 

"Welcome to my tomb, youngsters."

As the room filled with brightness, a voice also fell in everyone's ears as they all saw a person standing before them. 

"Saint King Xianwu? You're alive?" Long Chen asked, stunned as he saw the person standing before him. 

From the face, the man was just like the portraits he had seen of the Saint King. And it didn't seem like a Spirit. He was actually alive?