Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 832 - 832: Long Chen's Identity

The Heavenly Realm Warriors flew towards Long Chen as soon as they received the command.

"Sigh, I guess this is the way it must be. Ji Shan, ignore the battle, focus on the man," Long Chen called out as he glanced at Ji Shan, who still hadn't started moving. "Be fast, or he will die without you doing anything! He was already hurt by me!"

"Wait, brother! He saved my life! You can't treat him like that!" The Princess jumped in between the warriors and Long Chen as she tried to stop them.

The warriors stopped attacking and looked back at the Prince, wondering what they should do now.

"Little sister, you don't know these people! It must be some treacherous scheme of his to use you. See? He even opposes our family, and you're standing with him! His scheme is already almost successful! You can't fall for his trickery!" The Prince replied as he walked towards the Princess.

The Princess had a sad look on her face as she wondered how she ended up on the opposite side of her brother.

"No, I can't! He saved my life! Can't we fulfill one of his requests? All he wishes for is to kill his enemy? He isn't going against us or the kingdom! Why can't we help him with that?" She asked her brother.

"But you know what father asked us to do. We can't disappoint him! It's the Royal Command, and he's stopping us from carrying it out. So he is opposing us! We can't let it go!" the Prince responded. 

"Brother, please! I'm requesting you. He is the reason I was able to leave this place alive! Or you wouldn't even find my dead body. Please! If it's about father, I will explain to him. I will ask for forgiveness. I am sure he will understand," the Princess pleaded. 

The Prince looked deep in her eyes before he looked at Long Chen and Ji Shan. In the end, only a deep sigh left his lips as he lowered her head and spat out a word, "Fine!"

He walked closer to her as he said, "I accept your request. You don't have to ask for forgiveness either. I will talk to father myself."

He reached out her hand towards her head and rubbed it gently. 

He reached out his other hand and held her hand. 

"Thank you, brother," the Princess thanked her brother as she smiled gently; however, her face lost color as she was suddenly pulled by her brother.

"He disrespected the Royals and even showed an act of aggregation towards us! He can't be forgiven! Now stop acting like a spoiled child!" Zhu Kong exclaimed as he forcefully dragged the Princess away.

"Continue your attacks!" he commanded his men, but none of his men started moving.

Enraged at their lack of action, the Price roared, "What happened! Did you all go deaf? Why aren't you attacking that guy!" 

He pointed towards Long Chen, but his face grew confused as he found the spot to be empty. There was no one standing there.

"Hmm? Did that guy run away?" he muttered in confusion. He looked back at his men. "Where did that guy go? It doesn't matter! He left his friend behind! Kill the boy and secure the Xie Clan Elder."

"Oho? You wish to kill my friend as well? So I shouldn't feel bad for killing you?" 

Just as the Prince finished giving the command, a voice fell on his ears. He could feel that the person who said it was standing behind him.

"Y-you! When did you-" the Prince stuttered as he slowly turned back.

"Prince Kong, I would advise you against turning back because the tip of my sword is just an inch away from your neck. A slight misstep, and you will become a sacrifice to my sword," Long Chen warned Zhu Kong.

"You can ask your men if you doubt me," he continued.

Zhu Kong looked at his men, who all nodded their heads with a concerned look on their faces as if they were worried for his safety.

"Your Highness, listen to him. Your life is really in danger," one of the Heavenly Realm Cultivators called out.

"You! Do you think you can escape from the Kingdom after harming me?" The Prince threatened Long Chen. 

"Who can stop me? You? This Kingdom? You can try. At the best, I would be able to leave this Kingdom easily. At worst, if I am in trouble, it will only end with the destruction of this Kingdom with none left alive," Long Chen answered. His voice was reeking of the Devil. 

He continued as a sigh left his mouth. " Unfortunately, it won't be the first Kingdom I'll destroy."

"This..." The Princess was stunned to hear his words.

' He destroyed a kingdom? What did he mean by saying he'll destroy the Kingdom when he's in danger? Shouldn't being in danger mean that they're not strong? What is he talking about then? Wait! This must be it! He is the heir of some powerful Kingdom!' the Princess thought, misunderstanding Long Chen's words 

'They must have given him some precious artifact to signal to them that he is in danger. Once signal, the Kingdom would use some method to get to the Kingdom and destroy them. Wait, didn't something like that happen a few years ago? A young prince was offended, and the Kingdom was destroyed? Could he be the same prince? That must be it! If that's the case, we can't harm him! I must tell my brother, or the Kingdom will be destroyed!' she thought as she clenched her fist.

"Brother! I told you to stop! I didn't want to expose this, but I have no choice! He is not some old monster, and he is only 20 years old! You are wrong about him! Also, he is a Prince of a High Ranking Kingdom! Did you forget about the Gui Kingdom?"

"They offended a mysterious Prince of some High Ranking Kingdom and put his life in danger! The Kingdom was destroyed instantly! If I'm not wrong, he is the same guy!" She told her brother in a hurry as she started sweating. 

"What? No, this can't be it! He is only twenty? How can a twenty-year-old be a Heaven Realm Cultivator? It's impossible! Unless... Is he actually from a High Ranking Kingdom? T-this can't be true! It can't be true! H-how did I end up offending someone like that? No! It's impossible! He's lying! He fooled you! He is actually an old Monster who tricked you! I will kill him!" The Prince roared.