Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 908 - 908: Out

The door of the hotel room was broken as the Royal Commander barged inside the room, closely followed behind by the other guards.

He gazed at the bed that seemed to be empty. There didn't seem to be in the room anywhere here either.

The Royal Commander gazed back at the receptionist in frustration as he roared furiously. "Where are they?"

The receptionist was paralyzed on the spot. The enraged aura of the man held him entrapped in his position. 

The receptionist was scared. He knew that he might be killed by mistake. No one would fault the Royal Commander even if he were killed. The aura that was surrounding him was so scary that the color quickly drained from his face.

With trembling hands, the receptionist answered, "I-i don't know. I saw them coming in, but I didn't see them leaving. I swear to god that I am not lying."

The Royal Commander didn't seem to relax, though. He started walking closer to the receptionist in slow steps. The oppressive aura was making it hard for the man to breathe already but watching the Royal Commander walk towards him was even worse.

A cold wave embraced him as the hairs rose on the back of his neck, and his mouth ran dry.

"M-maybe he is in the bathroom! Yes! That must be it. I definitely didn't see him leave. He must still be in the room. He can only be in the bathroom!" He answered. 

The Royal Commander stopped and retracted his aura as he gazed back towards the bathroom door.

He started walking towards the bathroom and pushed the door open.

A stunned look appeared on the face.

"He is inside! You were right!" He exclaimed.

"S-see?! I told you! I wasn't lying!" The receptionist answered excitedly.

The Royal Commander roared in anger, "You idiot. There is no one here!"

He balled his fingers into a fist and drove them through the wall, then slammed the door of the bathroom behind him. 

"I-i swear I didn't know. He must have used some other ways to leave then." The receptionist let out as he dropped to his knees. Tears started falling from his eyes as if a flood gate had been opened. His face was completely void of color. 

" Seeing you believe it, I'm certain you didn't know that he had left. He must have used some other methods to escape. You can go back to your work," The Royal Commander said as he shook his head. He left the room and soon walked out of the hotel. 

" The boy must have known we'll come looking for him. He escaped before we could come." He muttered as he stepped out of the hotel. 

A look of great bitterness swept across his face.

"We only had one clue about his whereabouts. Now, where can we even find him? There's a good chance that he knows about us looking for him. He'll either go into hiding or try to leave the city," he wondered as he gazed at the street. 

People could be seen walking back and forth.


The sun was shining brightly in the sky. It was nine in the morning, and Long Chen had already left. He didn't use the main gate to leave, instead opting for Teleportation. 

He was standing not far away from the hotel, watching the Royal Commander.

He stepped out of the shade as he watched the Royal Commander leave and started walking towards him.

The Royal Commander was looking in the opposite direction when Long Chen walked closer to him.

He soon walked past the Royal Commander right before his eyes; however, he wasn't recognized since he had not only changed his clothes, but he had also used the Mask of Mischief to alter his face and body shape.

He wasn't recognized at all as he left.

"Keep searching, big guy. No way in hell are you going to find me," he thought as he smiled wryly. 

He left the place.

"Third Brother, when did you start working with the traitor?"

The Third Prince and the Crown Prince were training in the Royal Palace when Second Prince Qian barged inside. He had a scroll in his hand.

"What do you mean?" Prince Huling asked as he stopped what he was doing and gazed at Prince Qian.

"Your friend... The Saint Killer Heir..." Prince Qian let out, barely holding back a snort as he threw the scroll towards Second Prince Huling. 

Meng Huling opened the scroll only to find the portrait of Long Chen inside it.

He refused to respond as he glared back at Prince Qian. "What is the meaning of this? Why are you giving me a portrait of his?"

Seeing this naive little brother of his, Prince Qian was stunned. Did this idiot still didn't understand? How could he be such an idiot, he thought.

His anger only increased because of this.

His pulse raced, and he breathed heavily, almost as if he would burst. His muscles grew tense, and he cracked his knuckles. His body temperature rose, and he could feel his blood boiling. 

A vein from his neck popped out, and he yelled directly at Prince Huling, "You Idiot! The one you brought with you wasn't the Prince of Fengshu! He was the Saint Killer's heir. It's because of you that we shared a table with our enemy! Do you even know how shameful it is for us?!"

"He was Saint Killer's heir? You can't be serious..." Prince Huling refused to believe it. "He had shown me his official token. Are you saying that I can't recognize it?"

"You idiot! You think the Saint Killer that managed to escape our Envoys can't kill a Prince of a measly Kingdom to steal the token? You're really a dumbass. You didn't even think about making sure before bringing him in the palace?" Meng Qian roared in anger. His fist was closed so strongly that his nails were penetrating his skin 

"I..." Prince Huling found it difficult to believe, but these words were not in the realm of impossibility either. It might be possible that it was true. Even though he didn't like Meng Qian, he believed that guy wouldn't lie about it. 

"How do you know that he is the Saint Killer's heir?" he asked.

"These portraits! These are given by Fu Min. He had seen the Saint Killer's heir and knew his face. You Idiot! This is already distributed all around the city," Prince Qian let out as he rolled his eyes. 

"That guy! He wasn't sick last night. He ran away before Fu Min could see and recognize him!" He continued.