Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 397 - 397: You Aren't My Son

Long Chen's Second Arrow also hit its target. He was brought to the same level as Tang Jin and Yang Sen.

After the platform stabilized, he prepared his 3rd arrow as well.

Long Chen shot the 3rd arrow, which hit its target as well, bringing him the highest position.

Long Chen was already halfway to the top already. All the birds disappeared along with the bows.

"Do you see? That kid is even higher than Tang Jin and Yang Sen. He managed to reach the farthest on the gravity steps as well. Just who is he?" 

Almost everyone was shocked at Long Chen's performance. They've seen him outperform the strongest people in their eyes twice now. They couldn't help but wonder if he was really as strong as the two of them or just lucky.

Yang Sen and Tang Jin also felt anger as they watched someone standing higher than them.

They felt as if they were being insulted, and they couldn't help but feel anger towards Long Chen.

'I'll be the one to get that flute, no matter what,' they both thought to themselves.

Long Chen watched the Flute of War. He knew how incredible the Flute of War was, but he realized that there was a certain charm in it as well.

It was one of the most beautiful artifacts he had seen by now.

He was observing it when he heard Xun's voice.

"That Flute of War, I remember that. They used that in a war. It's a troublesome item," 

"Who used them? Which war?" Long Chen inquired.

"The war against Tian Shen. It must've fallen to the lower world after that war, and the Divine Heaven sect somehow found it," Xun muttered.

"What's the use of it? I know that it's important, and the Dark Soul Sect wants it, but it should be really incredible if people from the higher realm used it as well," Long Chen asked Xun.

"It is an incredible treasure. If you play it for yourself right before a fight against a small army, your cultivation will rise by a major realm. The increase in cultivation will last until the fight is over. And if you play the flute for your army, everyone in your Army will have a breakthrough of 1 major realm. The only limitation is that no cultivator in the army would have a rise in cultivation that would bring him to the same cultivation realm as the flute player," Xun explained.

"Incredible. It seems like a handy war tool. I'm at Earth Realm; if I have an army of Spirit Establishment Realm cultivators, they will all be Gold Realm cultivators during the war. Or I can achieve a breakthrough for myself and become a sky realm cultivator," Long Chen muttered.

"Yeah, this was quite a hassle, especially when you are against the one that holds it," Xun let out.

Long Chen and Xun were still talking when the sphere of light below their feet started shaking.

A mist started coming out of the tower that took every place in its embrace. No one was able to see anything other than the fog.

"What's happening now?" Long Chen muttered as he looked around. Even he wasn't able to see anything.

Long Chen sensed something and sat down. He felt something pass by above his head.

"Something is here, trying to attack us," Long Chen let out as he stood up.

He brought out his Spirit Sword, Fury, which started orbiting around Long Chen.

He heard the small sound of the wind movement on his left.

Fury instantly moved to Long Chen's left, and it managed to hit something, but he wasn't sure if that thing was dead or not. Abruptly, something came to him from the other side. Long Chen used his King's Sword and swung it.

He was sure that he managed to cut something.

Long Chen wasn't the only one who was facing it, but almost everyone was undergoing the same thing. The mist not only affected their vision, but it also prevented the sounds.

None of them was able to hear a singly voice other than their own.

Some of them were already killed by whatever it was that was attacking them.

Everyone tried to protect themselves the best they could while staying alert, but it was proving to be complicated.

Previously, they were only attacked from one direction, and it seemed that there was only one that was attacking them, but soon the attack multiplied, and it was clear that it was not a single thing that was attacking them.

Even Manxiang Li was harmed. His right cheek was grazed by something, and it was bleeding now, but he didn't care for it as he kept attacking whenever he felt a movement.

This strange phenomenon lasted for a few hours before the attacks stopped altogether.

The mist also started dispersing, and soon everything came to view.

Only ten people were still in the air, and the rest were lying on the ground. They were either injured or dead.

The Spheres of light started rising higher. It was all according to everyone's performance.

Even though none of them could see it, they were attacked by small beasts, and the more they killed, the better their performance was considered.

Everyone reached higher based on how many they killed. Once more, Long Chen was the one that had the best performance.

After his sphere stopped, he was just 10 meters away from the Flute of War. Tang Jin and Yang Sen were 50 meters away from it, and Manxiang Li was 65 meters away, whereas the others are also in the range of 80-100 meters.

Long Chen felt as if there was going to be one more test, and his performance will decide if he gets the flute. He waited for 20 minutes, but nothing happened. 

Some more time passed away, but nothing changed.

"It's just 10 meters, I should be able to get it," Long Chen muttered as he got ready to jump.

He sent his Qi in his legs and jumped with as much power as he could in the direction of the Flute of War.

Long Chen reached the top of the tower and caught the flute before he landed on the ground on the other side of the tower.

"Got the Flute of War. Another great weapon in my arsenal to fight Lang Jin," Long Chen muttered as he smiled. He put the Flute in his storage ring.

Yang Sen, Tang Jin, and the others also jumped down to the ground as they walked to Long Chen.

"Give me that Flute," Both Yang Sen and Tang Jin, commanded Long Chen at the same time.

"Why? I don't think my property belongs to you. You're neither my wives nor are you my sons, fortunately," Long Chen responded sarcastically.

"Impudence! It doesn't belong to you!" Yang Sen let out angrily.

"Who does it belong to, if not me. I'm the one that got it," Long Chen said as he glanced at the others.

"It should belong to the winner of that trial! You didn't wait for it to finish and jumped. You cheated! Give it back before I'm forced to bring my sword out!" Tang Jin warned Long Chen.

"Please take your sword out. I've already killed a few since coming here. A little more of them shouldn't be any big deal," Long Chen told Tang Jin with an amused smile on his face. He had already brought his King's Sword out of his storage ring.

"Die then!" Tang Jin pulled his sword out and attacked Long Chen.

His speed was so fast that even Long Chen was amazed for a moment. Tang Jin reminded him of Lang Jing when he had fought him, but he was still much slower than Lang Jing.

Tang Jin attacked with his sword, but Long Chen didn't even raise his weapon; still, Tang Jin's sword was stopped mid-way.