Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1184 - 1184: Dragon Temple

The Dragon roared even louder as it found itself trapped in what seemed like the prison of swords. The place was so small that the more it moved, the more it got hurt because of the sword. 

The Dragon couldn't take it anymore as it started roaring as loud as it could. An ancient aura spread in the atmosphere, which seemed to be coming from the depths of ancient times

"Looks like it's going through its transformation. Those swords won't be able to stop him once that happens," Xun told Long Chen as she sighed.

"I think the same, but it won't matter," Long Chen replied as he teleported right above the Blood Dragon, whose aura was so powerful that being so close to it was making him feel like his skin was burning. 

He didn't let that affect him as he used his Sword of Time and stabbed it in the massive back of the Dragon. 

Long Chen held the hilt of the Sword firmly as he started injecting his aura inside the Dragon using the King's Sword. 

"What are you doing?" Xun asked Long Chen, not understanding what he was trying to do.

"What am I doing? It's simple. I'm using the skill of the Saint King. You said the poison doesn't affect it? That's why I'm injecting my aura to block its meridians, making it unable to move," Long Chen replied.

Just as he had said, the effects seemed to be clear as the Aura of the Blood Dragon started decreasing. Moreover, the movement of the Blood Dragon also stopped.

" It's not poison, so it should work. All I needed was to keep it in place for some moments, and that's why the swords are here," Long Chen explained.

"You know the best advantage of this?" Long Chen inquired.

"What?" Xun asked.

"It doesn't only stop them from moving, but it also makes them sleepy. Moreover, this skill only works on giant beasts because I can't insert an entire Sword inside the humans. It just so happened that this Dragon satisfies all the criteria," Long Chen explained as he smiled.

The Dragon seemed to be sleepy as it stopped resisting. It wasn't all because of the skill. What made this skill effective was that it was boosted by Long Chen's aura, which was special in itself. His aura was tempered in his Darkness and his Bloodline, making it effective against the Dragon as well.

Just as Long Chen had expected, the Dragon started falling asleep, but it was still flying as it hadn't fallen completely asleep.

Long Chen left the Sword of Saint King stabbed in the back of the Blood Dragon before he flew towards the head of the Dragon.

Using a blade, he lightly cut his thumb, making it bleed.

A single drop of blood fell on the head of the Dragon which started shining as Long Chen started the process of binding the beast to himself.

"Not bad. When the Blood Dragon is sleepy, it might accept the contract easily. That was pretty good," Xun nodded in satisfaction. 

Long Chen didn't reply as his mind was immersed in something else. He was able to see the memories of the Blood Dragon as it had accepted this process instead of choosing death. 

As Long Chen saw the memories, he was fascinated.  These memories, they were so vast. Even the inheritance of the memories took so long since the Dragon was actually thousands of years old.

The entire process lasted for two hours before it stopped. 

"Welcome to the team, big guy," Long Chen said softly as he smiled. He started flying back towards the Saint's Sword. He pulled the sword out to notice that the wound of the Sword had healed within seconds. 

"This guy's healing is really pretty powerful,' Long Chen said softly as he smiled. Just the kind of addition I needed in the team."

The white swords also disappeared, turning into thin air as they returned. 

The Blood Dragon started going down as it couldn't continue flying. Even after the sword was removed, he was still too sleepy. He went down on the mountain as it closed its eyes and fell asleep. 

Long Chen didn't wake it and let it sleep, but he did send the Blood Dragon to the Beast Region. 

As a massive dragon appeared in the Beast Region, the Snake Monarch complained, "So he's here too."

"So guys, this is our young brother. Make sure to bully the young guy a lot, so it understands its position in the team," the Snake Monarch told the other beasts, introducing the sleeping Dragon that seemed to have no idea about what was happening.

Standing on the mountain, Long Chen was lost in thought.

"What are you thinking about?" Xun asked Long Chen, wondering why he was lost. 

"I'm thinking about the Dragon Temple. I need to go there," Long Chen said softly. 

"Why?" Xun asked, frowning. 

"The memories I received from the little dragon... If they are true, I need to get there," Long Chen said, frowning. 

"What was in those memories," Xun asked, still not understanding.

"You'll know when we get there," Long Chen said, observing the clouded sky. 

He brought out the Snake Monarch, who seemed to still be lecturing the fellow Beast. "And that's why I think we need to bully the new guy! That's important!" 

Long Chen looked at the big guy weirdly as he frowned. "Do you still need to scheme like that?"

"Huh?" Snake Monarch seemed to have realized where he was. He acted ignorant as he replied, "What do you mean? I was just rehearsing the limes of my new play."

"Come on, enough playing around. We need to get going," Long Chen said, not wasting any more time on this childish snake 

"Go back to the Lu Kingdom?" Snake Monarch asked, curious. 

"Nope. This time we need to get going to the Dragon Temple," Long Chen said, smiling. 

"Dragon Temple? That sounds cool. One day I should also make a Snake Temple. My giant statue will be at the entrance, and it'll talk about my adventures. It's good that you're rich. You can fund the project.  We can charge money for people to come and see," the Snake Monarch said, planning everything. 

"Are you done?" Long Chen asked 

"I am. Let's get going," the Snake Monarch said, nodding. "Don't waste time here. I need to see the Dragon Temple to make sure my Temple is better."

"Wait, what happened to your other plan?" he suddenly asked as he remembered something.

"What other plan?" Long Chen asked. Was he forgetting something important? He did feel that way.