Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1185 - 1185: Forcefully Taming

"Your memory is really weak, isn't it? Weren't you saying that you wanted others to tame beasts on this mountain? I'm asking what happened to that plan?" The Snake Monarch asked, frowning. 

"Ah, that's right. In the excitement of the Dragon Temple, I forgot about it. I need to help them too," Long Chen said, smacking his head lightly.

"Plan change. Today will be spent in taming. We're going to go to Dragon Temple tomorrow," he said, nodding. 

"First, I'll walk through the mountain to find the beasts that can be suitable for each of them. Then I'll help them tame. Better than an entire group walking in search," he said as he started flying down the mountain. 

The Snake Monarch also flew after Long Chen. 

Long Chen treaded through the mountain to stop when he noticed the first few beasts. He could see two beautiful beasts. 

The beasts had the body of a Swan with a tail that seemed similar to a Peacock. Only the design on the tail seemed different as it seemed to look like the flames were painted on the tails. 

"Flame Swans...fast and beautiful but just as intimidating. Not weak at all," Xun commented as she looked at the two swans.

"They will suit Xue and Mei. The two sisters can have the same beasts. Won't it look good?" Long Chen asked Xun. 

"That's right. It will," Xun agreed. 

Long Chen brought Xue and Mei out as he asked them if they liked the beasts.

Both the sisters nodded. 

That was all Long Chen needed as he gave them the poison pills. 

"Give them these pills. After they eat, they'll be less fierce. I'm sure with your kind personalities, you can win over them," he told them as he suggested what they needed to do. 

Xue and Mei didn't argue as they did exactly as he said. 

Both the sisters selected one of the two Swans as they tossed the pills towards the Flame Swans. 

The soothing smell of the pills attracted the attention of the Swans, who advanced towards the pill and started eating them. 

"Go ahead. Show your magic. Remember, you are trying to win their trust. Make it seen," Long Chen softly told the girls who started walking towards the  Swan in soft steps. 

As the two came out of the hiding, the Swans noticed them, but they didn't move. 

Xue and Mei got closer to the Swans that looked at them curiously. 

Xue and Mei started coaxing the beasts, trying to get close to them to get them to accept being Tamed, but the beasts seem to have totally ignored them. 

"As I expected, they know the girls are too weak. They don't want to have a master who is weaker than them. It's lucky they haven't attacked yet," the Snake Monarch told Long Chen. 

"Is that what it is?" Long Chen asked, frowning. He could also see that it wasn't working. 

"Exactly. Which beast would want to have a weak master?" The Snake Monarch asked."You should call them back. If they irritate the two beasts more, they'll attack. I can sense it."

"Fine. If they don't want to do it the nice way, I'll make it the hard way," Long Chen said as he stepped out of hiding as well. He had released his entire aura, which now had a hint of blood dragon aura since he had lost tamed it.

The Flame Swans noticed the Dragon Aura hidden in the aura that was already too powerful. They understood they were in danger. Spreading their wings, they started flying away. 

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" Long Chen said as he again brought the King's sword out, trapping the Swans in the Sword Prison, which brought them back to the ground.

"I know you can understand me. Just know, these two women are my wives. Now you can either be their tamed beasts, or you can be two dead beasts! The Decision is yours!" Long Chen said, warning them. 

"With each second passing, the swords of the Prison will keep closing in until they start cutting you. You only have a few seconds," He further said.

"That's one scary prison indeed," the Snake Monarch also commented. "If I were in your place, I would have accepted right away."

The Flame Swans still seemed hesitant, but as they watched the Swords closing in dangerously close, they had no other close as they nodded. 

"Good," Long Chen said as he smiled. He removed the swords as he told the girls, "Start the process."

The two girls stepped forward and followed the process that Long Chen had told them. Within minutes, the two Swans were bound to Xue and Mei.

"This was simpler. Not bad. I should help others like this too. It was faster too," Long Chen muttered.

"Alright, you two go back and show off your beasts. I'll find ones for others too," he said as he sent the girls back.

He started treading the mountain again, and soon, he found another beast that he believed suited his Grandfather since it was a powerful-looking beast. 

He called out his Grandfather and told him everything before he helped him in the same way. 

He didn't stop there as he continued. He got the next beast for his father and helped him too, pleasing him. 

The day kept passing as he helped everyone in his family get a powerful beast. Most of the time was spent in finding the beasts, as the actual taming process didn't take long at all. 

The sun started setting as the search continued. Only one person was left to get a beast, and it was Ji Shan. 

Another hour passed as he found a beast for Ji Shan too. Long Chen helped him tame the beast.

He didn't know that as he was helping Ji Shan, a group of dragons had reached near the mountain, led by King Lu. 

"I don't see the Dragon. Where is he?" The Western General asked as he looked at the cliff.

"I swear to God; it was right there!" The king explained. "Maybe it left?"

"If he were here, he would have left some markings. Let's see," the Western General said as he started going closer to the cliff. 

It was at this point when Long Chen also noticed the Golden Dragons as they passed from above his head.

" More Dragons?" He asked in surprise. 

"These are different. They are half bloods. Much weaker than a team dragon," Xun explained to Long Chen.

"Yeah, it also seems like someone was on top of them," Long Chen muttered as he frowned.