Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1136 - 1136: Heavenly Tribulation

"Seeing the massive yet frightening beast, all who were inside the hall were shocked. The powerful aura was very powerful, but just the looks of the beast alone were making them shiver.

This beast? He didn't seem like an ordinary beast that they saw around their kingdom. Just the aura around him, something that seemed to be stronger than their King himself. 

Was this beast this man's tamed beast? How could he take such a powerful beast without dying?

This didn't make sense, but they weren't in any position to question Long Chen. That guy could be anything but an ordinary human. 

Long Chen started stepping towards Yue Fei in slow steps. 

He didn't even look at the Supreme General before he commanded Orion, "Orion, go and have fun with that guy. I warned him. If he didn't listen, then it's his fault."

Seeing Long Chen stepping towards them, the women that were holding Yue Fei back freed as they started stepping back in fear. 

Even though Yue Fei was freed, she just stared at Long Chen without moving. In fact, her feet refused to move as she failed to understand what was happening before. 

The man who was stepping towards her... Was he actually Long Chen? How could he be so strong? Was she mistaken?" She wondered. 

"What happened, Princess Fei? Why are you looking at me like that?" Long Chen asked Yue Fei as he stopped a few steps before her. 

"Ah, N-nothing. Are you re-"


Just as Yue Fei started speaking, a scream filled the entire hall. Not a single person had any doubt about who this scream belonged to. It was the scream of the Supreme General who was being torn to shreds for trying to kill Long Chen. 

"Ignore that scream.  What were you saying?" Long Chen asked Yue Fei, smiling lightly. 

"Y-you are really Long Chen?" Yue Fei asked Long Chen as she looked deep into his eyes. 

The golden eyes and that calm yet serene look on Long Chen's face was reminding her of the young boy she had met in a forest with her brother for the first time. 

The boy who seemed to be ordinary yet special at the same time... Was he really the man who stood before her now?

"Of course, Princess Fei. Who would it be but me?" Long Chen asked, laughing. 

"I thought you were also killed in that disaster when our entire City was wiped clean. Were you not in the Kingdom either?" Yue Fei asked Long Chen, sighing. 

'How can I tell you that I wasn't only here, but I was also the one who caused this whole mess?' Long Chen thought as he stared at her face. No words came out of his mouth. 

"What happened? Why aren't you saying anything?" Yue Fei inquired again. "And how did you get this strong? To throw him so easily without even touching him, did you actually break through to the Sky Realm?"

"Broke through to the Sky Realm? I guess you can say that. I did break through to the sky realm," Long Chen replied. "Once upon a time."

His words not only amazed Yue Fei, but they stunned everyone who heard them. 

The Royal Guests finally understood why Long Chen was able to defeat the  Royal General so easily? This guy was really in the same realm as their King? How could he be so strong at such a young age? 

"As for your other question, actually that day I was..."

Long Chen decided to tell the truth since he wanted to be free of all the burden. 

Throughout his journey after leaving the Saint King's Tomb, Long Chen had spent some time training already. 

He also understood how to use the Purified Origin Flowers during that time. 

Not only did he learn their uses, but he also used one of the two flowers he had received. 

He had used a portion of the energy that was contained inside one Purified Origin Flowers, and that itself had worked miracles. 

From the Sixth Stage of Heaven Realm, he had jumped straight to the peak of Saint Realm within a short period of time. 

Let alone being a Sky Realm Cultivator; he was a Peak Saint Grade Expert now, which was the strongest level in mortal worlds. Moreover, even after gaining so much cultivation energy, the Purified Origin Flower wasn't even half empty yet. 

If he wanted, he could have broken through to the next realm easily, but Xun stopped him. 

Xun reminded him that he couldn't be so hasty. After he broke through the Saint Realm, he would invite the Heavenly Tribulations against his will. That was something that every person had to pass through after they broke through to the next realm. 

Only the ones that broke past the limitations of Saint Realm and then passed the heavenly Tribulations could step foot in the Immortal Realm. Those who failed Heavenly Tribulations died.

That was also how the Dark Spirit that had occupied Ji Shan had died. The fear of Heavenly Tribulations was what kept most of the Saint Realm experts from even attempting to break through before they truly believed that they could pass. 

As Xun didn't want Long Chen to die in this, she told him to wait as that was the best option. To pass the Heavenly Tribulations, not only one's body needed to be strong but their mind as well. 

She believed that Long Chen's body could easily pass, but his mind was his weakness. He had too many troubles in his head because of his past. She wanted him to end them and gain peace of mind. Close all empty charters of his life. 

That was why Long Chen didn't break through further and came back to his home. 

The biggest chaos in his mind was because he had destroyed his home city. So he needed to come here to get over it. Just for that reason, Long Chen also believed that he needed to tell the truth and correct the mess he created. That was also why he wanted to find Yue Fei as well.

Not that he was here; how could he watch her in trouble. She lost her all because of him, and even her brother was captured. He needed to make sure that they got everything that belonged to them. Moreover, it wasn't as if anyone could stop him from doing it. 

He had the strength to destroy mountains now. He was the strongest a person could be in a mortal world. Not a single person was stronger than him here. 

Let alone doing what he wanted in a Second Rank Kingdom, he could even go to Esteria, which was the strongest Empire in this world, and destroy it.