Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 657 - 657: Attacked

Spirit Master Vermillion picked up Ru Li by his collar. He glanced at Long Chen briefly with an expressionless face before he flew away with Ru Li.

As Spirit Master Vermillion left, the aura disappeared, releasing everyone from its bounds.

Long Chen could finally breathe in relaxation as he didn't have to keep himself forced to stand. He stood calmly as he looked at the back of the Spirit Master flying away.

'He didn't have a Cultivation either. That pressure was different from the pressure of a Cultivator, but it was just as strong. So that's what a Spirit Warrior is. I guess Cultivators won't be my biggest enemies, but the Spirit Warriors will be my biggest obstruction,' Long Chen thought as he frowned.

He realized that the more significant threat was most probably not the Cultivators of this world but the Spirit Warriors like this Master Vermillion. He couldn't get a gauge on the actual strength of Vermillion since he didn't have a Cultivation.

It was also a big problem, according to him. With cultivators, he had the advantage of being able to see their Cultivation before making a decision of fighting or leaving, but in this place, he didn't have that advantage. He couldn't see if the person he was facing was a weakling or if he was a strong enemy that could kill him.

"I'll have to be really careful," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

He sighed as he glanced at the people that had started to stand up as well.

"This bastard-son is really lucky. If only Master Vermillion were not here, he would've been dead by now. Sigh, a missed opportunity," One of the citizens muttered as he looked at Long Chen with disgust

"I don't understand. Why did Master Vermillion decide to interfere? I understand that it was a coincidence of him being here, but if only he had stayed back for a few minutes, nothing would've happened. Why did he interfere? This Long Chen's father was the one that betrayed the Phoenix Organization and killed fellow friends of Master Vermillion. Fu Min broke the trust of the Phoenix Organization and of Master Vermilion. He must have hated him too. It would've been a good opportunity to get some of that hate out by watching the traitor son die," Another person said as he chimed his opinion.

" You don't know Master Vermilion? He's the hero of justice. He's the idol of many people here. It is said that Master Vermillion never lets his personal feelings affect his decision. He always follows the rules and makes sure that others follow the rules too. It isn't strange that he let his personal hate aside to stop Ru Li from committing a crime," Another person responded as he stared at Long Chen, who was leaving.

Long Chen heard his words and understood everything. This man called Vermilion hated him? At Least he didn't work on his hate; otherwise, Long Chen would have had difficulty finishing this mission.

Still, he believed that he needed to find a solution to take care of Vermillion when the time came since it was clear that Vermilion was going to be a significant obstruction in his plans of taking over the Kingdom of Aksha.

' If Vermilion wasn't someone that hated Fu Chen and his father, I could've tried to win his support and get him on my side. It would have been much better making Vermilion a friend instead of an enemy, but that's the cards Long Chen was dealt with, and he realized that there was nothing he could do.

The most important thing was getting stronger before he could do anything else. He needed weapons as well, along with his Cultivation, to use his skills effectively. 

Long Chen walked past the crowd as he continued wandering aimlessly. He didn't know where Fu Chen's home was, and he was sure that no one was going to help him either.

All he could hear was a constant mocking. People were cursing him and his father. Not only that, they were cursing Fu Chen's mother as well.

"Even his mother, that bitch doesn't die either. She lives even after her bastard of a husband betrayed our kingdom! this entire family is a family of shameless rats and snakes."

"Hahaha, that bitch is at least getting punished by getting whipped for people's leisure. At Least she gets punished for her sins. This bastard, on the other hand, doesn't even get that! All he ever gets is a light beating before he loses consciousness."

"Fu Chen's mother getting whipped? What is this about? If I'm going to be the King, I can't let that happen! A king should have his respect!" Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

He looked back at the person that had talked about it. It was a young man in his early twenties. He had green hair and a twisted face. Long Chen saw him and couldn't help but get a feeling of laughing. He didn't laugh at the face of the man but that a man like that was mocking him.

"You bastard! What the heck are you looking at?! You've gained a lot of courage today, haven't you?! Just because we grew bored of beating a trash like you, you dared to give us that condescending tone? Don't you know that you just survived death because Master Ru used his War Spirit? If he hadn't used it, he could've beaten you to crap! Scram from here before I finish the work he left incomplete!" the green-haired young man thundered at Long Chen in anger. 

Long Chen didn't step back in fear; instead, he looked back mockingly.

" I might not be a Spirit Warrior, but I can still break all the bones of trash like you! Just die!" the green-haired man started running towards Long Chen as he punched out.

Long Chen didn't even bother getting into a defensive stance as he let the man's punch come near his face.

As the green-haired man's fist reached near his face, he caught the wrist of the man as he turned his back, getting the man's elbow on his shoulders.

He pulled the man's wrist down as he moved his body accordingly.

In no time, everyone saw something they didn't expect.

They had expected the fist to land on Long Chen's face, making him fall but what happened was completely different. The fist didn't land on Long Chen's face; instead, what they heard was a painful roar.

It was not a roar of Long Chen as they would've believed but a pained roar of the green-haired man. 

The hand of the man was broken from his elbow. It was broken by Long Chen with such ease that no one believed it to be possible.

The green-haired man cried in pain as he fell down on the ground. The green-haired man roared in pain as he wriggled his body.

The others that were waiting for Long Chen to be beaten watched everything with their mouth wide open.

"H-how did this trash do that? Wasn't he a punching bag since birth that hasn't learned any fighting skills? Who dared to teach him the Martial Arts?! Who dared to teach the son of the traitor!" 

Most of the people were shocked at Long Chen's fighting skills. How did this guy learn to fight? They couldn't understand. Since a young age, Long Chen had never fought back in their eyes. He was beaten thousands of times in the last 9-10 years, but he couldn't fight back. He was like a child struggling to fight back only to get beaten even more badly previously, but this time, he was like an experienced warrior. There was a strange confidence on his face. How could a person change so much? They couldn't understand at all.