Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1087 - 1087: Lost

A powerful wave of energy left Long Chen's Sword, slicing the entire Royal Palace in half from where he was standing. 

The center portion of the palace disappeared entirely from the energy of the attack as for the rest; it fell apart as the building lost its strength, swallowing everyone that was hiding inside the Palace, including all the High Ranking members of the Palace. 

Since most of the nobles were in the place which was attacked by Long Chen, they all died. 

In one single day, the Empire of Esteria not only lost its Emperor and Empress, but it also lost its Ministers and all the nobles of this great Empire. There was no one left to lead the Empire anymore, signaling the fall of a great Empire.

It was the Empire Long Chen came to save with Mingyu. It was Mingyu's home that he wanted to save from war while helping her family, but with his own hand, he destroyed everything that could have helped the Empire survive,  effectively destroying what he came to save. 

The Prince, ministers, and nobles died because of him, and the Emperor and Empress died because of someone who was here for him. Indirectly a single person had ruined an Empire, and he still wasn't done.

There was still one more person that Long Chen wanted to destroy before he could go on a proper rampage in the Empire. It was the man that had just escaped his attack. 

Turning around, he tried to find the man while he also spread out his Divine Sense all around him. 

Normally Long Chen's Divine Sense was already able to cover more area than the Spiritual Sense of a Cultivator having the same Cultivation. 

Surprisingly, his Divine Sense was able to cover five times more space today now that he was like this. As for his Cultivation, in this form of Dark Sacrifice, his Cultivation was also boosted to the Peak of Saint Realm from the middle of Heaven Realm. 

He was in all sense a proper Saint Realm Cultivator, but when it came to strength, his strength was actually even higher than that since he was able to use the laws to their fullest now subconsciously. 

The Dark Sacrifice had really made him a superior being. There was a reason this was called one of the most feared skills of Heavenly Demons, after all. It was something that increased their destructiveness.

Since Long Chen's Divine Sense was able to cover more places, he immediately found his target again. He was again about to attack the man, but he stopped as he looked in a different direction as if feeling something strange. 

In the direction Long Chen was looking at was none other than the Direction where Orion was presently fighting Emperor Lu. 

Orion was boosted by Darkness, but still, the boost he received wasn't as high as Long Chen. Despite the boost, he still wasn't able to destroy Emperor Lu, who was holding the neck of Orion as he smashed him down on the ground.

Long Chen was in Dark Sacrifice and didn't care for anything, but still, there was a subtle urge in him to help Orion, which was something new.

He was a being of the urges now, so instead of attacking the half-masking man, he decided to listen to his raw urges and attack Emperor Lu. 

He disappeared with his sword and appeared near Orion, who was lying on the ground unconscious. 

Emperor Lu was about to smash Orion's skull when Long Chen appeared there. 

He didn't even use his sword to attack Emperor Lu, instead appearing before him like a ghost as he caught the neck of Emperor Lu and tossed him back.

Emperor Lu was flying midair because of Long Chen's throw. He hadn't even crashed when Long Chen finally moved his sword. 

Another wave of darkness left his sword and advanced towards Emperor Lu, ready to swallow him whole. 

As soon as the wave of Darkness reached Emperor Lu, his body was submerged in darkness. There was no scream or sound. 

Within seconds, the darkness disappeared, revealing a skeleton that dropped to the ground. 

Long Chen's pitch-black eyes didn't even look in the direction of the skeleton, instead looking towards Orion, who was lying unconscious. 

Now that Orion was saved, Long Chen's urge to save him was gone, changing with the urge to destroy the half-masked man. Instead of trying to help Orion or trying to wake him up, he again disappeared as he appeared in front of the half masked man who now had a subtle smile on his face. 

"Perfect timing. I only just finished getting the blessing," the man told Long Chen as he raised the golden book in the air. 

"Oh, book of Destiny! Listen to the words of your holder! Give me the strength to destroy all darkness and return the balance to destiny! Provide me your strength!" 

As the man finished his spell, the golden book started shining and changing shape. From a square shape, it changed to a longer and thinner form. 

Within seconds, its final form was clear, which was none other than a golden sword that was emitting a powerful light and aura. 

A few specks of lights were circling around the sword as if the sword was their sun and they were the planets. 

"Your Weapon is a God Grade Weapon, if my assumption isn't wrong. There are only limited God Grade Weapon, so I can't possess one. As for yours, I can't touch it. But I don't need to. This Sword might not be a God Grade Weapon, but it's not much weaker either," the man said as he gripped the golden sword firmly in his hand.


In the Immortal World, the team of Envoys was just preparing to leave, but they were delayed because the one who was leading them had to do something. 

The one leading the team was given a treasure by the Northern Emperor which could see if a person was lying or not. Unfortunately, before the team could even leave, their leader realized that the treasure was missing. 

"What do you mean you need to find the treasure! How could you lose something so important within minutes of His Majesty giving it to you?"

"God, trust me! I'm not a kid to lose it! Someone stole it. I just went home to inform my wife that I was going to leave for a little while on a mission. And when I came back here, I realized that it was missing. Someone definitely stole it from me! I need to find out before His Majesty finds out, or I'll be dead!"