Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1181 - 1181: Burned

"That? Are you really going to use that?" Xun asked, surprised. 

"That's right. I'll use this," Long Chen said as he glanced at the golden sword in his hand that was lying inside his sheathe. 

"Why are you using that Sword instead of the Sword of Time?" Xun asked, not understanding.

"Because I don't want to kill the dragon. I want to tame it, and this sword will help me do it. The King's Sword that was used by the Saint Kind. Now that it has recovered after staying inside the sheathe," Long Chen answered. 

"Snakey? Take us close to the Dragon. Let's take that guy out."

The Snake Monarch continued flying towards the Dragon that was still sleeping. 

Unfortunately, as the Snake Monarch got closer, the Snake Monarch seemed to have sensed danger. It slowly opened its eyes as it glared at the Snake Monarch. 

"Looks like we woke him up," Long Chen muttered as he saw the Blood Dragon open. 


The Dragon woke up and roared mightily as it started rising in the air. 

The roar of the dragon was so shocking that it was heard around the mountain. No matter if big or small, all beasts started shivering as they went into hiding. 

King Lu and the others also felt a chill run down their spine even though they weren't close to the Dragon. 

"This roar… it looks like Great Master has met the beast on top. But I must say, that roar... It was really too powerful. I don't think we should stay in this. Mountain anymore. Get off the mountain," The King said as he started flying towards the bottom of the mountain, canceling the trial for the moment. 

It didn't matter anyway since almost all Clan Masters had tamed at least one beast before they started flying. The decision about the Trail could be taken later too. 

The King and his Clan Masters flew away from the mountain and only stopped after they were out of the mountain range. 

Standing in the distance, they were finally able to see Long Chen, who seemed so small because of the distance. They could also see another creature that seemed like a Snake Monarch in shape from this distance. 

"Is the beast on top a Snake Monarch too?" Ming Clan Master asked, frowning.

"It's either that or it's an actual dragon," King Lu replied. 

Gu Wang stood in silence, hoping that Long Chen could win. If something happened to him, Gu Wang believed he was going to lose his golden egg laying hen. He prayed for Long Chen's triumphant return. 

As for the other Clan Masters; even though they liked Long Chen, they hoped that he was going to die since it was better for them in the long run. 

If Long Chen survived, the Gu Clan was going to rise and become the strongest clan. They didn't want that to happen, and to stop them, Long Chen needed to die. 

They looked in the distant sky, hoping that Long Chen was going to die in the battle.

Long Chen had just woken the Dragon, who was roaring madly as it saw Long Chen approaching them.

The Blood Dragon didn't like any disturbance. As soon as he saw the Snake Monarch coming towards him, it opened its mouth as he fired flames. 

"It can shoot flames? Wasn't it a blood dragon?" Long Chen asked as he reacted fast. He sent the Snake Monarch back as he didn't have time to dodge with him. 

By the time he had sent the Snake Monarch back, the flames had reached him, swallowing him whole. 

"Nooo!" Gu Wang screamed as he saw Long Chen being swallowed by the flames.

King Lu shook his head, sighing. 

"It seems like he's dead. And it was a Dragon, after all. Who knew that a mighty dragon was living on top of the cliff," King Lu said, sighing.

" He really is gone. It's so sad.'

"He really was a good guy."

"May God bless his soul."

"I'm sorry for your loss."

The other Clan Masters offered their condolences while expressing their sadness. Even though they looked sad on the outside, on the inside, they seemed to be extremely happy. 

The flames disappeared, and as expected, nothing was left behind. Everyone took one last glance before the King said, "We should leave before the Dragon shifts his anger to us for coming here."

He sat on the Golden Swan and started leaving. The others also got on their Beasts as they started leaving. 

Even Gu Wang got on his Eagle and left. 


The Entourage of the Western General reached the Lu Kingdom. They were looking for the city where they could get down and rest when they reached the massive ground where they saw a crowd of people. 

"Huh? Is a celebration going on? That's interesting. Let's go down," the Western General said as he laughed. 

His dragon started going down. The others also started going down after him. Even though they didn't want the General to waste time like this, they knew that it was useless to stop him. 

Gu Lin and the others also noticed the beautiful Dragons coming towards them. A few people could be seen sitting riding those dragons. 

"That man! I have seen him on a poster! He's Western General!" One of the Clan Elders stood up, shocked as he recognized the man in the lead. 

His yell alerted everyone as to who it was that was coming. Everyone stood up in stock. He was the second strongest person in the Western Empire, and he was here. 

First Long Chen came, and now he? How was it that all the strongest beings were coming to their backward kingdom now?

The Dragons landed on the ground, and the General and his men stepped down. 

"Who is the in-charge here?" The Western General asked, laughing.

The Prince of the Kingdom stepped forward as he bowed in respect. 

"Great General, my father is the King of this Kingdom. For the moment, he isn't here. So I'm in-charge. I humbly welcome you."

Not only the Prince but the others also bowed in respect. 

"Welcome, Great General."

Seeing their respect, the blonde haired man burst into laughter. 

"Hahaha, not bad. I didn't expect that I'd be recognized so easily. But it's good to see that the people of our Great Western Empire are so alert," he said as he stopped laughing. 

"We thank the General for his acknowledgment," Prince Lu said with great respect. 

"Hahaha, don't be so uptight. You can relax and talk normally. Anyway, I wanted to know what's happening here. Why are you all here in such big numbers?" The General asked.