Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 966 - 966: Missing Snake

Long Chen looked inside the beast bag of Pei Zen to see the beasts he possesses. 

Pei Zen was the son of an Emperor. There was no way the beasts he uses for travel could be bad. He wanted to use them if they were faster than his beasts.

The only problem was that the beasts that were once tamed didn't listen to others. If they were framed by Pei Zen, the chances of them helping Long Chen were really bad. The only hope rested on Pei Zen possessing a beast that he hadn't tamed. 

That possibility was not bad, though. Lots of people kept beats that were only for travel and didn't actually tame them. Long Chen hoped to find one such beast in Pei Zen's beast bag. If he could save even a moment of his time, Long Chen was going to try it. 

He looked inside the beast bag of Pei Zen and found two ferocious-looking beasts inside the bag. 

One of the beasts had the head of the Lion. Unfortunately, it only had one leg paired with two claws which made it look somewhere weird. It didn't have wings either. Long Chen was sure that this beast couldn't fly even though it was his first time seeing a beast that looked like this. 

This beast was most probably a beast that Pei Zen kept for fighting his enemies. No other thing made sense. Unfortunately for Pei Zen, he was poisoned by Long Chen. Let alone being able to call out his tamed beast; the poor guy wasn't even able to eat a healing pill. 

He died without being able to do anything. 

The second beast made more sense. It had wings that were filled with silver feathers. Its lush silver skin matched its wings, making the beast look similar to a Swan. Long Chen hadn't thought that someone like Pei Zen who acted in such a manner had such a girly beast. 

He had thought that the beast Pei Zen used would be scary, but it was anything but scary. The Silver Swan did seem ferocious, though. There was a powerful Cultivation that could be felt from it. Moreover, its sharp teeth also made Long Chen know that it wasn't a normal Swan but something else. 

"Too bad, this Swan is weaker than Snake Monarch. I don't think it can match his speed. This Pei Zen really had some weak beasts if they can't even match mine in speed," Long Chen muttered in disappointment. 

He had thought that he could save some time by traveling faster. Unfortunately, the beasts of Pei Zen were even slower than his own beasts. He couldn't help but curse Pei Zen. 

What he failed to realize was that it wasn't Pei Zen who had weak beasts. Instead, it was him who had beasts that were stronger. It was all thanks to the Beast mountain and his beasts consuming the rare herbs that grew in the beast mountain. 

That helped them grow so fast. 

"I guess I can only use mine," Long Chen muttered as he rolled his eyes. 

"The Snake Monarch or Sun Destroying Condor? Which one should I choose? The Sun Destroying Condor can make me travel faster, but I'll have to hear his constant babbling and boasting throughout the journey," he let out as he frowned. 

"On the other hand, the Sun Destroying Condor will be more silent. The journey will be peaceful. Unfortunately, that guy is slower. The journey will be much longer with him," he added as he sighed. 

He was stuck between comfort and speed. And he could only choose one thing.

"Fine. I'll sacrifice my comfort for speed," he let out as he decided to go with the Snake Monarch. 

He sent his consciousness inside his ancient ring. He looked inside the Beast Region to find the Snake Monarch. 

"Hmm? He's not here?"

A confused look remained on his face as he realized that the Snake Monarch wasn't present where the other beasts were. Most of the time, all of them were together or near each other.

However, at the moment, only the snake monarch was missing from this place. 

"Did these guys fight again? They must have embarrassed that braggart who left in anger," Long Chen thought as he assumed what might have happened. 

He widened his search parameters to search a bigger area of the Beast Region. 

He searched through every place carefully; unfortunately, he didn't find the Snake Monarch. 

"Strange. He's nowhere?" he exclaimed in confusion. 

It was as if the Snake Monarch had disappeared entirely. He was nowhere in the Beast Region. 

"Did the sky eat him, or did earth swallow him? Or did the heavens finally send thunder down to punish that braggart? Where did he go exactly?" Long Chen wondered as he frowned. 

The Beast Region was a big place, but it was also a closed space. How could the Snake Monarch disappear so suddenly? 

"Did that guy use some trick to leave?" Long Chen wondered. At the moment, that seemed like the only possibility for him not being here. That guy most probably ran away. 

"Oh right. I should use my connection to see if he's actually somewhere, hiding. If I still can't find him, that can only mean he ran away," Long Chen thought as he frowned. 

He stopped using his consciousness to find the Snake Monarch; instead, he started using his taming connection to find the Snake Monarch. 

After a brief moment, he finally found the Snake Monarch, which made him breathe a sigh of relief. For a moment, he had actually thought that the Snake Monarch had run away. Only now did he feel at peace. 

"That idiot. Here, I am getting worried about him, and that guy is swimming?" Long Chen muttered. He was also somewhat frustrated for being worried over such things.

The Snake Monarch wasn't found because he was swimming deep inside a pond in his small size. That prevented Long Chen from finding it. 

Long Chen didn't waste even a single second as he called out the Snake Monarch. 

The Snake Monarch was in the depths of the Pond when he realized that his surroundings changed. The cold water that was brushing against his skin had changed to warm winds. The blue in his surroundings had changed to pale yellow. 

Moreover, the isolated space wasn't isolated anymore as a person was standing before him. 

"Little Chen, you can even let me bathe in peace, can you? Moreover, were you watching me bathe? You pervert? I'm warning you! I'm not that kind of beast!" The Snake Monarch blurted out as he moved back. 

A weird look engulfed Long Chen's face as he heard the words of the Snake Monarch. That guy was seriously talking about such stupid things. 

And what did he mean that he wasn't that kind of beast? What did he think Long Chen was? And watching the Snake Monarch bathe? 

"Puh!" He couldn't help but spit on the ground in frustration. 

"Do you think you're some sexy lady that I'll watch you bathe? Stop thinking like an idiot. I only called you out because I needed you. And that's the only reason I had to find you!" he declared as he rolled his eyes in frustration. 

"Oh, that was it. Thank god," the Snake Monarch let out as he sighed in relief. 

He further added in full seriousness, "I thought my handsome heavenly looks had even managed to charm you. I won't lie to you; this did happen before. I not only got the marriage proposals from the Heavenly Princesses but also from some Princes."

"Man, is it too late to regret my choice now?" Long Chen muttered as he facepalmed himself. 

"Not only that, even the wife of the Heavenly Emperor wanted to give herself to me. I straight away refused her. I'm not interested in people older than me after all," the Snake Monarch continued talking while Long Chen controlled his urge to find some person and beat him to hell to control his irritation. 

"You will never change," Long Chen said as he shook his head. "Anyway, get bigger. We need to get going."

"Why will I change? I'm already the best in this world. I won't change just because I'm too good for this world," the Snake Monarch let out innocently.

"Anyway, where are we going?" he asked. 

"We're going to Mingyu's Empire," Long Chen answered. 

"Is it her Empire or some heavenly fantasy? You've been telling me that we're going to her Empire for so long. At this point, I'm really starting to doubt your intentions. Are we really going to her Empire, or is this an excuse so you can stay close to me and travel with me?" The Snake Monarch asked suspiciously.

"Honestly, if it's a lie, I'll tell you right away. You don't have to lie to me. Just tell me you appreciate the company of mine. Isn't he embarrassed. You're my right hand. I won't leave you even though you sometimes talk a little too much," the Snake Monarch declared.