Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1170 - 1170: Tradition

After a short session, Gu Lin raised her head as she swallowed what was in her mouth. 

Long Chen also adjusted his pants, still amused by what was happening with him. But it wasn't bad either since he was getting to release some excess energy. 

It wasn't bad for Gu Lin either since she didn't know. But as she swallowed the pure energy of Long Chen, even her potential was slightly increasing. 

It was as if it was a mini version of dual cultivation where both participants got the advantage. 

Long Chen had even wondered if he should bring out other ladies, but he dropped the plan as that would be too suspicious. 

A powerful being, friend with a heavenly realm guy and married to girls with similarly low cultivation? His pretentious image of a supreme being was going to be affected.

Thus he didn't bring out the ladies and just stayed with Ji Shan.

"Good as always. I don't know why, but the more time I spend with you, the more I'm attracted to you.  But don't worry. I won't be clingy. I'll wait for you to accept me yourself. Until then, I'll enjoy the games," Gu Lin told Long Chen, smiling. 

"You're playing the game but don't keep your hopes high," Long Chen told Gu Lin sharply. 

He again closed his eyes as he started meditating now that he was relaxed. This thing was something he was finding good. He realized that after releasing his excess yang energy, he was able to meditate a lot better and faster. 

His stabilization progressed even faster. 

Gu Lin didn't disturb Long Chen and simply sat beside him, looking straight ahead. 

The journey lasted for what seemed like an hour before the Snake Monarch started going down, as the Eagles did. 

"We're there! Wake up!" Gu Lin woke Long Chen by tugging his hands. 

"I am not sleeping. Don't worry," Long Chen replied as he slowly opened his eyes to look ahead. 

As he looked ahead, all he saw was a field that was spread for thousands of miles. 

There were groups of people standing at different parts of the fields, waiting. 

The eagles and the snake monarch also landed on the field. 

Everyone got off their beasts, not delaying for even a second.  

Long Chen and Gu Lin also got down. 

"Sister Lin, are you alright?" 

It hadn't even been a second since Long Chen came down before Gu Ren approached them. 

"What would happen to me?" Gu Lin asked, smiling. "My trip was really fun instead."

As Gu Ren heard the words of the girl, he was upset and jealous at the same time. But what shocked him even more, was what he saw. 

As he noticed Gu Lin clearly, he noticed something white on her lips. He had an idea what it might be, but he refused to believe it. 

"Sister Lin, there's something on your lips," he said, pointing out. 

Gu Lin touched her lips to be stunned. It seemed like a light was left behind that she forgot to swallow. 

She used her finger to clear her red lips before she licked that finger. 

"S-sister Lin... What was that?" Gu Ren asked, frowning. 

"That? It was a dish from the land of Senior Chen. We all ate it when we were traveling together. It was so sweet yet salty. Very yummy," Gu Lin replied, smiling. 

"Ah, can I also see what it was?" Gu Ren asked. "I also want to taste it.'

Long Chen looked at Gu Ren weirdly for a moment. He wanted to kick that guy just for saying that. 

"Sorry, but he ran out of that. It was the last batch," Gu Lin made an excuse.  

Glancing at Long Chen, she continued, "Otherwise, even I wish that I could have more."

"Master Chen! What are you doing there? Come with us!" Gu Wang's voice came from a distance. 

Long Chen followed after Gu Wang, ignoring Gu Ren. He knew Gu Ren was jealous of him, but he didn't care. 

Gu Lin also followed after Long Chen. 

"Why is everyone standing so far from each other?" Long Chen asked Gu Wang, wondering why everyone was there. 

"They are waiting for the Royal Family to arrive. It's a tradition. Each clan takes a direction as they wait for the Royal Family, who will land in the center. It's only after that when we approach," Gu Wang explained. 

"How strong is the Royal Family?" Long Chen asked, curious. He had already seen Gu Wang's strength which wasn't much in his eyes. As for the king, he was sure that guy couldn't have any strength either. 

Long Chen had understood a little about the Immortal World. He knew he wasn't as strong as the Four Emperors of the four directions. But he was still almost as strong as their highest Ranking Generals. 

So he believed he was stronger than anyone he could find anyone here as long as that person wasn't in the second highest position in the Immortal World. Which he doubted he was going to find here.

"The King? He's twice as strong as me if I was to guess," Gu Wang replied. 

"Twice as strong as you? That's pretty weak in that case," Long Chen muttered, frowning. That's the level he had reached just after taking two lightning bolts. This part of the immortal world was so behind. 

"Senior, may I ask what your Cultivation Realm is?" Gu Wang asked. 

"Enough to destroy your Royal Family in a few hours," Long Chen replied vaguely. "That's all you should know."

" Ah, f-fine."

Gu Wang understood that Long Chen didn't like talking about his cultivation realm. He had decided not to talk about it anymore. 

While Long Chen stood beside Gu Wang, he attracted many eyes.  All the leaders of the other clans were looking at the young man who came on that mysterious snake beast. Who was this guy? He didn't seem like a Gu Clan member. 

Was he some secret member of the Gu Clan? He certainly stood with Gu Wang like he was the ace of the Gu Clan. 

Most people thought that Long Chen was going to participate in the trials as well.  Some were even shocked why Gu Wang looked so respectful towards Long Chen. 

As everyone was wondering about Long Chen, another group of people came, sitting on Golden Cranes. 

"I must say, those are some beautiful beasts," Long Chen said, glancing at the Golden Cranes. 

"What beautiful beasts. Those are nothing before me," Another voice came from behind him. Turning back, Long Chen saw the Snake Monarch flying around him. 

"This Snake can speak?" Gu Wang blurted in shock.