Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1210 - 1210: Similar

"What actually happened?" The Snake Monarch asked, stunned. 

"Actually, he robbed a youngster that was passing through the city. He didn't believe that the guy could be anyone special, so he didn't even bother to think twice. He robbed the youngsters and even killed him," Long Chen said. ​​

"Let me guess, that youngster was someone special?' the Snake Monarch asked.

"That's right. That person was the son of the Sect Master of a Dark Sect, which practiced Ghost Arts. After finding out what had happened, the Ghost Sect Master came here personally," Long Chen explained. 

"That cultivator who lived in this town was strong, but he was nothing before the Ghost Sect Master. The entire town was wiped, including the innocents that were living here," he further added. 

"Moreover, the Ghost Sect Master even used his Dark Arts to curse the town. The town that was known as the Treasure Town became the Ghost Town of today," he continued.  

"Did the Ghost Sect Master not take the treasures with him? Why did he leave them behind?" Snake Monarch asked, stunned. 

"That's because he wasn't interested in them. He didn't think this town could have any treasures that he might need, so he didn't bother. He stood at the top of the Immortal World at that time, after all. He was only weaker than a few people in this world, including the Immortal Emperor," Long Chen replied. 

"The Ghost Sect was filled with the treasure of their own as they were a powerful sect," he added. 

" Does that Sect still exist?" Snake Monarch asked. 

"It doesn't, unfortunately. It was destroyed by someone we both know," Long Chen responded. 

"Someone we both know? Don't tell me it was..."

"That's right. The Saint King destroyed the Ghost Sect. It was also mentioned in his diary," Long Chen explained. 

"Why did he destroy them?" Snake Monarch asked. "When previous Immortal Emperors didn't do anything to them, why did he involve himself?" 

"It's a long story. Through the years, the Ghost Temple had fallen after their Sect Master's death. They had lost all reputation and strength, and they were pretty weak. They had even lost their treasures to other Sects."

"That's why they had to stoop so low as to attempt to take the treasures from the Ghost Town that their Sect Master hadn't taken last time. They sent their youngsters to take the treasures, but Saint King also went in at the same time."

"And as you may expect, he had a greater haul. He got many important treasures, unlike others. As the Ghost Temple Youngsters couldn't do anything to him inside the Ghost Town, they tried to rob him outside."

"He was hurt, but he managed to escape. That's where the conflict started. And I'm sure you already know how it ended," Long Chen said as he finished the explanation. 

"That's right. With the destruction of the Sect. Not bad for a newcomer in the Immortal World at all," Snake Monarch complimented.

"That's right. He was pretty talented indeed. But the treasures helped him too. And now I have all those treasures with me," Long Chen said, nodding. 

"Kid, stop blocking the road!" 

While Long Chen was explaining to the Snake Monarch, he heard a voice coming from behind him. The voice seemed bulky and arrogant.

Long Chen turned back to see a group of youngsters standing behind him. They were wearing the same uniform as if they were from the same sect. They also had some elders from the Sect that were walking behind them. 

"What are you looking at? Stop wasting our time! God, where do these stupid people come from!" The youngsters said sharply. 

Long Chen didn't mind them and simply stepped aside, letting them leave. 

The youngsters didn't stay behind or argue with him. Seeing his obedience, they left. 

"What arrogance. Why didn't you snap them in half?' Snake Monarch asked, upset. 

"Let them go. They are just some arrogant kids and nothing more. We'll find a lot of them around this time. Many of the sects would send their youngsters," Long Chen replied. 

"They all know that the stronger sects won't bother with this place. Only the mediocre sects and lower grade sect members come here. They must be from the mediocre sects, so they are arrogant," he continued. 

"The ones from the lower sects will be a little tamer as they would worry about accidentally offending middle grade sects," he further added. "So I can't take them seriously. They're too weak for me to even get upset."

"That's true as well. We can't wipe the entire Town. Who knows, we might create another Ghost Town of our own," Snake Monarch said jokingly. "I support your decision."

"Let's look for a place to stay," Long Chen commented as he started looking for a hotel. He knew it was going to be hard to find a hotel since most should be occupied by now. 

"When will the Ghost Town appear?" Snake Monarch asked Long Chen.

Long Chen looked at the sky, noticing the position of the sun.

"There should be fifty-four hours left if I'm not wrong," he replied. 

"Why don't you just say two days later?" Snake Monarch retorted. "Looks like we came a bit early.  Shouldn't we have an entry near the end? That's what big people do."

"We can't be late. Being early is better. We can only enter the Ghost Town in the first ten minutes after it appears. If we fail, we will lose the opportunity. So we can't afford to be late or take risks. If we miss this chance, we'll have to wait years before the next appearance," Long Chen replied. 

"How many more items do you need for creating Xun's body?" Snake Monarch inquired. 

"I have most of the things in the ring of the Saint King. I only needed five more things. And I got two of them in the Dragon Temple. If my luck is good, I'll get the third inside the Ghost Town. I'll only lack two more items then which I know where to find," Long Chen answered.

" So it would take a few months at best for you to collect them all, won't it?" Snake Monarch asked. 

"That's right," Long Chen answered. 

"That's good. I also want to see who this Spirit of the Ring is. I only heard about her. Though I did hear you say she was ugly. On a scale of one to ten, how ugly are we talking about?" Snake Monarch inquired. 

"I'll say fifteen," Long Chen replied, laughing. 

"Your father is a fifteen!" Xun's yell echoed in his head as she scolded him.