Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1078 - 1078: Stabbed

"The Sword of Time with the power of absorbing the enemy's strength. If this is true, it's a miracle."

Long Chen was shocked to know this ability of the sword. Not only did it boost his morale, but it also made him more willing to fight since this meant he could gain more Breakthroughs with this fight which was exactly what he needed. 

"Oh? As I expected, that Sword is indeed something special. To be able to destroy the sword which I had created with my Origin?"

Even Wu Lia was surprised. He was shocked that the sword had destroyed his attack and ate it. But he still didn't know that the sword did much more. Not only did it absorb the attack, but it also transferred some of its energy to Long Chen in the form of Natural Qi since he couldn't absorb Origin Energy for now. 

Even though he didn't know about the best ability of the sword yet, what he knew already gave him some hints. 

"This Sword, to be able to do that, it's certainly one of the highest grades of treasures. What's the grade of this sword? Wait, let me guess..."

Wu Lia started stepping closer to Long Chen, rubbing his chin as if he was talking to himself. 

The body of Emperor Lu had already fallen on the ground, split into two parts, taking the Emperor of this Empire. It meant the fall of this Empire was near since, without its Emperor, it was nothing. 

There were many implications of it, but Long Chen didn't bother time in thinking about them since his main attention was on the battle ahead. 

"To be able to hide its grade so effectively, is it a God Grade Weapon? I must say I'm surprised. That rust really threw me off. And these weapons are so rare that I still doubt if it's actually a God Grade weapon, but all hints point to it," Wu Lia said as he tried to observe Long Chen's expressions. 

"Sigh, your stone cold expressions don't give anything away. But I'm sure of my assumption. You're the one who was destined to kill her. So you possess a God Grade weapon really answers why." 

"Who wouldn't be strong with a god-grade weapon. I guess I really messed up by giving you the time and letting you manipulate me. No cutting you up. I'll give you a quick yet painful death."

Long Chen didn't reply and simply grinned as he shifted the Sword of Time from his left hand to his right hand before he raised his left hand again, making a sword come out from his storage ring. 

The sword wasn't his King's Sword, though. Instead, it was the Sword that was flying on its own. The Sword circled around Long Chen as if he was the earth and the sword was the moon. 

It was the Spirit Sword, but it looked a bit different than it used to. 

Now, the sword was pitch black with many formations carved on it to make it stronger. It was also made with the hardest metals found on this planet before the Spirit of Long Chen's old Sword was infused in it. 

This Sword had become so strong after the upgrade that it was already considered a Quasi-Saint Grade artifact. 

The Spirit Sword was damaged last time, and Long Chen had given it to the Emperor, who helped him upgrade the sword. Since Long Chen was still his favored son in law at that time, he made an effort to make it as best as he could while hiring the best artificers. 

After that point, their relationship was salted, and Long Chen was forced to leave. He couldn't take his sword from the Emperor at that time. 

Only yesterday, he asked the Emperor for this sword. The Emperor, willing to keep a good impression on Long Chen, didn't refuse and returned the sword. 

And thus, the Spirit Sword was back in Long Chen's hand, better than new. 

After bringing out the Spirit Sword and leaving it on its own, Long Chen also brought the King's Sword out. 

Now there were three swords around him, one in each hand and the third one which was flying. 

"Give me a quick death? Let's see you try," Long Chen said as he pointed both his swords at Wu Lia. 

He has activated his Demon Monarch Physique to the fullest, increasing his physical strength by leaps and bounds. As for the sky, it was already thundering. 

Long Chen was fully prepared for a war. He had also prepared the setup for the thunder blade to keep Wu Lia busy. 

"Such tricks won't work," Wu Lia said, grinning as he raised both his hands and spread them out before clapping as strongly as he could. 

As soon as both his hands clapped, a barrage of flames came out of his hands which flew towards the sky, taking the shape of the dragon. 

The Flame Dragon flew towards the sky while Wu Lia started flying towards Long Chen. Instead of using the same Sword as last time, he brought out his real Peak Saint Grade Weapon, which happened to be a spear. 

He was a master of spear back on earth as well, and when he came here to this world, he had used a spear as well. 

Watching the Flame Dragon fly towards the sky, Long Chen also took action. No matter what that flame dragon was, it needed to be destroyed.

As per his wish, a bright blue thunderbolt came down from the sky, falling towards the Flame Dragon that kept flying towards the sky. 

Leaving the Flame Dragon to the Thunder, Long Chen also flew towards Wu Lia, who was coming at him, full speed. Both his swords were making a cross, ready to cut Wu Lia and his spear. 

As for the Spirit Sword, it also flew beside Long Chen. 

"Welcome to death!" Wu Lia declared as he reached Long Chen. Instead of directly attacking Long Chen or taking the attack head on, he used a bit of a trick. 

It was unclear if his speed had a sudden boost because of a skill or if he had Teleportation, but he appeared behind Long Chen, thrusting the spear towards Long Chen. 

Long Chen was shocked,  as if not expecting that someone like Wu Lia would use such despicable methods despite having so much strength. 

He could feel his senses of danger warning him, but he knew that it was too late. He couldn't escape in time. 

Still, he tried to dodge the attack coming from his back, moving his body to the side to at least save his vitals, but it seemed like Wu Lia already knew about this possibility. He easily moved the trajectory of his attack, making it hit Long Chen's heart. 

The Spear stabbed through Long Chen's heart from the back.