Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1213 - 1213: Two Possibilities

The old man frowned, but he didn't say anything. 

"The way you're talking, my guess is that you're stronger than these Elders of the Dark Moon Sect. But for you to still be sucking up to them, it's probably that you're afraid of their Sect Master. He should certainly be stronger than you. Aren't I right?" Long Chen asked, amused.  ​​

"How close am I on a scale of one to ten?" He further asked.

The old man was seemingly taken aback as he heard Long Chen. How did he know that he was stronger than Dark Moon Sect Elders? And how did he know that he was intimidated by the Sect Master of Dark Moon Sect? Just who was this guy?

"Enough nonsense. Just tell me if you accept or not?' he asks Long Chen, changing the topic.

"I would have avoided a battle since I wasn't in the mood, but this guy really tried to kill me. My snakey would mock me for being a coward if I don't teach this guy a good lesson. It might be a bit arrogant, but oh well, we're all humans here," Long Chen said, laughing. 

He kept holding the sword with the fingers of his right hand while he used his left hand. 


A mighty slap landed on the cheeks of Gu Wan, which made him fly away. The sword left his hands as Gu Wan crashed on the wall, losing consciousness. His cheeks were red as a palm shape was imprinted on his cheeks. 

Long Chen glanced at the Elders, who really didn't expect that Long Chen could be so brazen. They were caught in surprise. 

"Next time, teach your youngsters some good manners," Long Chen told the Elders. "Oh, I'm keeping this sword as a compensation. It's not a bad sword indeed. Might be good to give someone."

"You!" The Sect Elders roared in rage. 

"Elder Qian, please wait!" The old man stopped the Elder who was about to attack Long Chen. 

"Don't tell me you want to save this bastard?!" the Elder asked the old man. 

"Save him? Not at all. The kid is too brazen. But please wait," the old man answered. 

He shifted his attention to Long Chen. 

"You chose your own path. Leave this hotel. I don't want your blood to dirty the furniture here," the old man told Long Chen. 

"Ah, how considerate. I suppose I should thank you. But then again, I'm in no mood to go anywhere. I got my room, and I'm going there," Long Chen said as he cheekily grinned while showing the keys which were in his hand. 

"Sigh, this kid is really stupid," the old man muttered, sighing. He glanced at the Dark Moon Sect Elders as he continued, "You can go ahead. Just make sure not to spill too much blood."

The Elders agreed. 

"All of you, step back. I don't want you to be caught in the crossfire," The Elder told the youngsters who stepped back. The people from the Lotus Sect who were standing on the roof also stepped back as they went up. 

"Two seconds," the Snake Monarch said suddenly. 

"What two seconds?" Long Chen asked, curious what he was talking about. 

"I was thinking how long you were going to bring him down to the ground," the Snake Monarch said. 

"Aren't you being too generous with that time?" Long Chen asked, laughing. 

His future flickered, and the next second, he could be seen standing in a different place. 

The Dark Moon Sect Elder was lying on the ground, his neck being grabbed by Long Chen. A crater was made under him, which made it seem as if someone had just smacked the Elder on the ground with incredible strength. 

The Elder was coughing up mouthfuls of blood as his face went pale. 

Long Chen freed the neck of the Dark Moon Sect Elder and turned back to the Snake Monarch. 

He spread his arms proudly as he said, "One second!"

"Show off," the Snake Monarch said, rolling his eyes.

"Isn't that what you wanted?" Long Chen asked, smirking. He knew the Snake Monarch wanted him to show off. That's why he talked about two seconds, but it didn't matter. 

He also understood that this problem couldn't be avoided. If he had freed Gu Wan, they would have thought he was scared. They would keep annoying like flies. So this was the best option to scare the flies. 

He could also have released his aura to scare them, but he didn't want to cause a commotion as a few people might have realized that he was as strong as a General. Now they knew he was stronger, but they couldn't know he was as strong as a General. 

At best, they could only think that he was as strong as the Sect Master of a middle grade sect. 

Long Chen again glanced back at the Elder, who was coughing blood while struggling to breathe. 

"Now, where were we? That's right. I just beat you up, and you know you can't defeat me. That should be clear by now. So there are two ways this story can go," Long Chen said to the elder. 

"The first way is that you forget what happened here and understand that you messed up. You also need to understand that your youngsters need better training."

" You can learn something from this incident and be grateful to me that I didn't kill anyone here. But I doubt you'll do that. That's why the second possibility," he added.

Everyone in the hall heard Long Chen's words carefully. As for the old man who was sitting on the chair, he stood up shocked. He didn't understand what had just happened.

The way Long Chen moved, he couldn't comprehend it. It seemed that Long Chen was stronger than even him. 

'That must be why he was so arrogant. I was naive, talking to him like that. He must be an old expert who disguises as a youngster,' he thought, frowning. But even he tried to hear Long Chen clearly. 

"As for the second possibility, it's what happens most of the time. Even though it's cliche, but people like you never learn. You can be shameless and bring your Sect Master here to save the reputation of your sect. But just know if you went with that possibility, let alone saving the reputation of your sect, you'll instead lose it more," Long Chen said. 

"Because I promise you, if your sect master comes here, I'll smash him like he's a toy. He'll become a laughing stock of the whole world."