Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1139 - 1039: Take Everything

Not only them but all the people of the Royal City were also forced down to their knees, even the ones that didn't know what was happening. Everyone felt a chill run down their spine as they started shivering in fear as if the god of death was holding his scythe on their necks.

There were only three beings that weren't affected by this aura. Long Chen, Yue Fei, and the Sun Destroying Condor as Long Chen made sure his aura didn't hurt them. 

King Zhu finally understood why his son was talking with such great respect to this man. His aura... It was so powerful. There was no way that Long Chen was just a Sky Realm Cultivator. He should certainly be in the Heaven Realm. 

Was he the Emperor of some Empire to be this strong? Or was he an Elder in the Supreme Sect? No! He remembered being under the aura of an Elder of the Supreme Sect last time they came to Esteria. Their aura was nothing before this guy. 

This guy was undoubtedly stronger than those Elders. To be stronger than them, this guy must be a Sect Master of one of the Nineteen Supreme Sects. 

"Your Majesty, please forgive my mistake. I failed to recognize your Excellency," King Zhu apologized to Long Chen as he placed his head on the ground and started hitting his head again and again as he kowtowed. 

"Stand," Long Chen replied as he smirked. He retracted his aura. So this was the benefit of having strength. He didn't even need to move his finger, and people were begging him. 

That was why he believed that strength was important in this world. Once he was stronger than everyone else, he wouldn't need to worry about anyone else as he could spend his time in peace. 

As Long Chen's aura was gone, the people that were feeling like they were suffocating under it stood up. They could finally breathe a sigh of relief as they felt like they survived. 

Most started wiping their forehead that was covered in sweat within these few seconds. 

"Your Excellency, Thank you for having mercy," the King also stood up along with his son. 

"May I ask which Supreme Sect you're a master of?" he further asked. 

"Which supreme sect? Isn't there only one Supreme Sect Master left? I killed the other eighteen after all," Long Chen said something so not so casually. 

"K-k-k-killed Eighteen Supreme Sect Masters?" The King stuttered as his face went paler in response to Long Chen's words. Was this guy bluffing, or was he really so strong?

The King was in disbelief, but Yue Fei, she didn't even know what to think as her mind went blank after these words. Long Chen really killed the Strongest Cultivators of this continent? What joke was this?

"May I ask which Sect you're a master of?" The King asked. 

"I'm the sect master of none of them. I don't belong to any sect. Anyway, stop this nonsense and listen to me now!" Long Chen said. 

"Y-yes.  Please ask anything. Even if you ask my Kingdom from me, I'll give you in a heartbeat! You want my wife? Take her! Do you want my property or treasures? Take them! I can give anything His Excellency wants from me," the King told Long Chen. 

Long Chen couldn't help but look weirdly at him. 'His wife? What would I even do with his wife?' 

"I want none of those things. All I want is one thing. I want the return of Shui. Return all you took from Shui, including their land. Make sure Yue Fei becomes the Queen of Shui. None of you shall annoy her, or I'll return. You understand?" Long Chen commanded King Zhu. 

"Shui? Done! I'll do as you said. Let alone annoying her, I'll treat her like my real mother. I swear to god. I also promise to help her any way she desires," King Zhu instantly agreed. 

"That's better. I expect you to keep your words because if you don't, I won't be the only one who comes. My friends will also come," Long Chen declared as he raised both his hands in the air.

With his gesture, his Tamed Beasts came out of the Beast Mountain. 

A dragon-like giant Snake Monarch came out of the Beast Region, covering most of the sky. 

The Dark Horned Rhino and Orion also stepped out. It seemed to be an exhibition of Peak Tier beasts, and all of them were strong enough to destroy this small Kingdom alone. 

'This guy, he won't even need to come himself. He can just send any of his beasts, and we'll be destroyed. I really can't afford to offend him,' King Zhu thought as he saw so many beasts. 

He was so scared that he was already having a hard time controlling himself from wetting himself. 

"Your Excellency, I swear to god! I take all Heavenly Oath! I'll do what you asked with full honesty. Queen Fei will be like my real mother! I won't let any trouble come to her. If I break this promise, may the gods strike me to death!" King Fei said as he took a heavenly oath.

Long Chen nodded in appreciation. Now he was sure that they weren't ever going to dare to harm Yue Fei or Shui. 

This was also the time when Yue Ming was brought out. Seeing her brother safe, Yue Fei ran up to him and hugged him tightly. 

"Your Excellency, can I ask you a question?"  King Zhu asked Long Chen. 

"Ask." Long Chen nodded. 

"I can see that you care for Shui. And since you're so strong, I'm sure you must be prone to some insider information, right?" King Zhu asked Long Chen. "May I ask who destroyed Shui last time?"

"Was it the work of those Eighteen Supreme Sects? Is that why you destroyed their Sect Masters?" 

Hearing the question, Long Chen couldn't help but take a cold breath. This guy really asked a tricky question. Yue Fei also looked at Long Chen. She also wanted the answer to this question. 

"I'll only tell this to Yue Fei. You don't deserve the answer," Long Chen told the King as he frowned. 

He had already sent all his beasts back, and now he started walking towards Yue Fei.

"Yue Ming, how are you? Do you recognize me?" Long Chen asked Yue Ming, stopping near Yue Fei. 

Yue Ming nodded his head. "You're Long Chen, right? Since you're getting so much respect from them, I think you're really influential. Am I right? Thank you for coming to help," Yue Ming said as he bowed his head.