Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1019 - 1019: Missing

That dark light which surrounded the sword, it was something mysterious. It wasn't Qi, but it seemed something even stronger. 

Moreover, it swallowed an attack? No residue Qi of the attack was left. It was as if the sword had been hungry for a long time to eat this attack. 

Just when Long Chen was trying to understand the Sword more, the black light suddenly disappeared as if it didn't exist before. 

Seeing this act, Long Chen couldn't help but frown. What happened? Why did that light disappear? The rust on the sword was back now. It was as if whatever he had seen recently was only an illusion, but he knew it was the truth. 

Whatever being the case, Long Chen realized that he couldn't just sit idly. He still had to get the scroll which was, fortunately, lying just under his leg. 

Without waiting, he picked up the scroll and crushed it. 

The Emperor didn't even try to stop him. It was as if he was still in a daze by what he saw from the Sword of Time. 

"That's better. Now we stand on an equal ground. It seemed a bit unfair that only I was the one with a handicap. Now we can play more freely," Long Chen said. 

The Emperor didn't reply to him. 

"Are you really that shocked by one sword? Sigh, I'm disappointed. Whatever. I have more important things to do," Long Chen said as he disappeared. 

Only when Long Chen disappeared did the Emperor come out of his daze to realize that Long Chen had escaped. But he couldn't do anything now. 

He knew that it was impossible to catch him now. What happened last time was the proof of that. They searched the whole city after Long Chen had run away, but they couldn't find him. And no one saw him leaving the city. 

It was evident that Long Chen's Teleportation had a range bigger than the boundaries of this city. 

Despite knowing that it was impossible to find him, he still acted, "Start searching the whole city for him."

After commanding his men, the Emperor started walking back towards his chambers. 


The Emperor entered his chamber and saw Lu Wang sitting on his bed. 

"Did you catch him?" Lu Wang asked his father. 

"Not yet. He ran away," the Emperor replied. 

"Cheh, I could have helped you if I had come with you. If only it weren't for the promise you had me made to stay in your room when you got the information of his arrival, I would have been with you," Lu Wang said as he stood up. 

"Don't be naive, Wang'er. It was lucky that you had come to my room to discuss something. That was when guards informed me about your arrival. If you had been in your room, you might've been dead already by now," Lu Junwei said. "That guy has gone completely crazy."

"Did he really go to my room to kill me as you thought?' Lu Wang asked. 

"Yeah. He went there. And he's back to kill you," Lu Junwei said. 

"He wants to kill me because I exposed his bad deed, didn't he? He had fallen so low," Lu Wang muttered as he sighed. 

"You're right. He has fallen pretty low while also losing his mind. He couldn't even come up with a good excuse and said that he wants to kill you because you'll kill Mingyu. That guy, I wonder if his mental balance is shaken or something," Lu Junwei said. 

"He said I want to kill Mingyu?" Lu Wang asked, frowning. 


"That's really a bad lie. To think that I would kill my own sister. You're right. He had gone crazy," Lu Wang answered as he looked down. 

"You stay with me. We should inform Mingyu about this as well. Even though it's painful, she needs to know the truth about the guy she thought to be a Saint for so long. I don't want her to live in a misconception. So come with me," the Emperor said before he started walking back. 


"Tell me where he is?" 

Long Chen was standing in the Royal Throne room. A guard was lying under his feet, finding it hard to breathe. 

"Where is Lu Wang! You must know it. Did he leave her Palace or the city?" he asked the guard. 

"I-i don't know where His Highness is. All I know is that he should be at the Royal Palace. I had seen him going towards the chambers of His Majesty last. Maybe he's there?" the guard answered. 

"His chamber? So that's where he's hiding his son? That scheming guy," Long Chen muttered. He smacked the head of the guard. 

Long Chen once again disappeared, leaving the unmoving but unconscious guard behind. 


Long Chen had stopped using Teleportation now. He had already used it a lot of times today. He didn't have infinite uses, so he decided to use it less. 

Instead of using the Teleportation, he used the Heavenly Demon Wings to fly through the long corridors as he flew towards the chambers of the Emperor. 

His speed was as far as it could possibly be. Even though it couldn't be compared to Teleportation, it was not much far behind. 

While Long Chen was flying towards the chambers of the Emperor, the Emperor and his son were flying towards Mingyu's room just as fast. 



Long Chen let out as he reached the Emperor's chambers, whereas the Emperor also reached Mingyu's room at almost the same time. 

The two of them didn't intersect with each other along their travel. 

Long Chen didn't know that if only he had not Teleported after asking the whereabouts of the Prince's chambers, and if he had walked out the door, he would have met the Emperor and his son. 

His one Teleportation was what delayed their meetings. 

Not caring about any manners, Long Chen slashed with the King's Sword, breaking the doors of the Emperor's room as he barged inside the room. 


The Emperor and his son also entered Mingyu's room at almost the same time. Unfortunately, both Long Chen and the Emperor had the same look on their faces. 

Both of them seemed confused since they didn't find the one they were looking for inside their respective rooms. 

Neither Lu Wang was in the Emperor's chambers, nor Mingyu was in her room. 

Everyone seemed confused as to where their targets were. 

"Did Long Chen kidnap Mingyu?' The Emperor wondered.

"Did that guy run away with his son?" Long Chen wondered with similar confusion as he stepped out of the Emperor's room.