Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 974 - 974: Married

"Pei Zen killed him? What do you mean? I didn't hear him mention that at all. All he told me was that the girl he liked told him to run away with her. He fell for her only to find out that she was a psychopath. When he tried to leave, he was drugged and imprisoned," Emperor Lu Junwei told his Daughter, seemingly confused at her words.

"Where did Pei Zen come from?" he further asked. "What is all this about? How can you see what he didn't see?"

"What do you mean he didn't tell you?! He is dead! How can he tell you!" Mingyu asked in confusion.

"My dear daughter, I don't know what you're talking about, but he's alive. He is outside on an errand. You can meet him when he comes back in the evening. Maybe there has been a misunderstanding. He will clear it with you when he returns," the Emperor told his daughter as he patted her head. 

He still didn't believe her and thought that she might have misunderstood something.  

"In any case, you should rest. You came back only now. Let's go. Your mother would be so happy to know of your return," he added as he stood up. 

He caught the hand of his daughter and started walking towards the door that was behind his throne, but he stopped as he realized that he was missing something as he realized his daughter looking back, trying to say something. 

He also stopped and looked back only to realize that he had forgotten about the man that was with his daughter in the rollercoaster of his emotions after meeting his daughter. 

"Oh right, I forgot. Who is this man?" He asked as he gazed at Long Chen. 

"He is Long Chen. He is..." Mingyu started describing about Long Chen as a beautiful smile appeared on her face. 

Long Chen couldn't help but wonder how she was going to describe him. Was she going to tell the truth, or was she going to be vague? It was definitely tough for her to tell it before her father that openly. 

Was she going to introduce him as a friend and wait to slowly tell them the truth?

Mingyu took a brief pause as she talked about Long Chen. After some time, she continued, "He is my husband."


The Emperor's mouth opened wide in disbelief as he heard his daughter.

'Married? How could she be married?' he couldn't believe what he heard. His daughter was married?

Even though he had seen Long Chen trying to protect his daughter, he thought he had a crush on Mingyu but to know that they were married?

Just what kind of joke was this?

Even Long Chen was surprised to see the straightforwardness of Mingyu. 

"That's right. He not only saved my life many times but also took care of me extensively. I married him," Mingyu told her father as she lowered her head. 

Emperor Lu Junwei opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, unable to answer. He didn't know how to react. The man who was before him was his son-in-law?

Not only did his son and daughter return, making his family complete, but his family had increased as well? He had a son-in-law? And soon, he was going to have a daughter-in-law in the form of Qian Yu? It was all so overwhelming. 

How did it all happen so fast? 

"Married? Are you joking? But you're still a kid?" He asked. 

In his eyes, his daughter was too young to be married so fast. 

Mingyu kept her head down as she answered, "Father, I've grown up. And I thought a lot before this. But he is the only person for me. Please forgive this daughter for not getting your permission before marrying."

Emperor Lu Junwei looked at his daughter before he shifted his focus back to Long Chen. He didn't know how to react. It was all too overwhelming.

What could he even do? His daughter had married. Did he even have any choice but to accept? 

He took a deep breath before he sighed. 

"It's fine. I trust your decision. You must have seen something in him for you to take this decision. I have faith in you. Don't worry," Emperor Lu Junwei said as he patted the head of his daughter gently. 

Mingyu hugged her father once again, tightly as she thanked the man for accepting it. She thought that he might scold her or make things difficult for Long Chen, but nothing like this happened.

She was so happy. Her family was safe. The War hadn't killed them as she thought it might. Everything was truly fine now. And supposedly, her brother was alive too? She couldn't wait to meet him. 

If it was true, this was the best thing for her which she could only thank the god for. 

"What is your name? I'm sorry I forgot," the Emperor asked Long Chen. 

"It's fine. I haven't even told you my name yet," Long Chen let out as he smiled wryly. "It's understandable, though. Emotions are running high for you."

"Anyway, my name is Long Chen. It's great to find you safe, Father-in-law. I can't tell you how worried Mingyu had been about your safety. Finally, one of my quests is over," he continued. 

The Emperor looked at Long Chen in appreciation before he nodded his head. "Hahaha, I would have thanked you for saving my daughter, but you are family now. I don't think I need to thank you."

"Why are you standing so far? Come closer," he let out as he gestured for Long Chen to come closer. 

Long Chen gazed at the guards nearby, wondering if they would even allow him to get near the Emperor now. He could only try. 

Long Chen started walking towards the Emperor. Fortunately, none of the guards tried to stop him. It was confirmed that Mingyu was the real Princess. And the Princess was calling him her husband.

That made Long Chen the Prince Consort. They would have to be crazy to stop the Prince Consort. Previously they had the excuse as their duty to stop him because they hadn't confirmed Mingyu's identity, but now, they couldn't. 

The only thing they could do was be happy for their Emperor. All the happiness had returned for their Empire. They believed that there was going to be a celebration soon enough. 

Long Chen strode towards the Emperor and stood a few feet away from him. 

The Emperor couldn't help but smile as he took a step forward to hug him.