Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1259 - 1259: Challenge

Leaving the Royal City of Western Empire, Long Chen flew towards the Northern Empire. As he had all the maps already, he didn't need to be concerned about being lost. 

The only thing he was concerned about was the location of the Dark Tribe. According to the markings on the map, the Dark Tribe lived near the Royal Palace of the Northern Emperor. 

This was what made the Dark Tribe so sate. They not only had their own warriors protect themselves, but they also had the support of the Royal Palace. 

In case someone even dared to attack them, they were to face the wrath of the Royal Army even if they survived the onslaught of the Dark Tribe. 

That was like fighting on two fronts to take out one enemy. Fortunately, it could have been avoided by taking out Dark Tribe before the information of this attack reached the Royal Emperor. It was the hardest to do. 

No weak enemy could achieve it. To achieve something like this, one had to be as strong as the Emperors at least, and even then, it was hard. Even the Emperors couldn't achieve a feat like this without attracting the attention of the Northern Emperor. 

This was what Long Chen was trying to do. As the Blood Dragon Emperor's arrival was on the horizon, he didn't care even if the Emperors found out about him. 


As the Snake Monarch flew towards the Northern Emperor, Long Chen spent time with his family inside his inner world. 

Xun knew about Long Chen's plan to attack the Dark Tribe. What she didn't know was when he was going to do it. 

Finding herself alone with Long Chen, she asked directly. "Do you have a plan on how you'll do it? And when?"

"Do what?" Long Chen asked Xun.

"Attack the Dark Tribe. I know you're going to do it. But when will you do it?" Xun asked 

"I'll do it when I get the time. Anyway, right now is not that time.  Let's focus on the things at hand," Long Chen replied, not answering directly. 

He was waiting with Xun outside the clan for the arrival of his family. Everyone was spending time getting ready. Today was the Royal Dinner. 

Since the Long Clan held such a high position in the hearts of the Royal family, they were invited with their whole family. Long Chen and Xun were already ready. Everyone else was still taking a lot of time. 

After about half an hour, the others also stepped out, completely prepared. Everyone wore clothes that were suitable for a party. 

They all sat on the Long Clan carriages, which escorted them to the Royal Palace. 

Long Chen was being surrounded by his ladies as he entered the Royal Palace, which made him the center of all the attention. 

Other than the Long Clan, other clans were also invited to the Royal Palace. 

The young heirs of the other clans looked at Long Chen in jealousy. 

Even the Elders of other clans considered Long Chen to be a wasteful young master of the Long Clan. 

They believed that Long Chen was only surviving and living in such arrogance because he was the heir of the Long Clan. Other than that, he had no achievements. 

Even when it came to the youngsters competition of the Clans, Long Chen won them all because of the presence of Long Xue Ying. On the other hand, Long Chen was always absent. 

He never participated in any of those competitions, which made everyone think that he was a weakling who didn't dare to participate in the competition. 

No one said that in the presence of the Long Chen since it was a powerful clan, but in their absence, everyone talked about it. 

It was a general saying in the Royal City that the heir of Long Clan was a cowardly heir who only spent his time being surrounded by ladies, having sex with them. 

No one respected Long Chen, separate from his identity as the Long Clan heir. 

Despite all those rumors, the ladies of the Royal City didn't mind. They all crushed on Long Chen because of his looks and his identity. Just the name of the Long Chen was enough for them. 

Unfortunately, none of them could get close to Long Chen at all.

"Senior Ren! Welcome to the Royal Palace again! I see you brought your grandson as well?" The King approached the Long Family. He greeted with Long Chen.

Even though he talked about Long Chen, he only glanced at him only briefly. He didn't even focus much on the guy since Long Chen was of no importance to him. 

"Why don't you go play with the Royal Heirs? Let's leave the boring talk to the adults," he told Long Chen as he escorted Long Chen and the others with him.

Long Chen didn't argue. He understood what this guy was trying to do. He didn't think Long Chen was worthy to stand beside him. That's why he was sending him to the Princes. 

Long Chen left to join the Princes and the male heirs of the other clans. As for his ladies, they went to join with the Princesses and the female heirs in the separate section.

None of the Royal Heirs seemed happy at the sight of Long Chen. It was the same for other clan heirs. They didn't consider Long Chen dignified enough to sit with them. None of them appreciated his presence.

Long Chen could read their thoughts as they were much weaker. He couldn't help but smile wryly as he understood their concerns. 

' Looks like I've been a little too low profile in this world. Such weird rumors are going around about me,' he thought. 

He took a chair and sat on the same chair with the other youngsters. 

"Greetings to you all. I believe it's my first time meeting you all. How have you all been?" He asked the youngsters. 

"Greetings to you as well. It's nice to finally meet the heir of the Long Clan," the Crown Prince let out, not dismissing Long Chen. 

"Yeah. It's so nice to finally meet you. Man, I'm really jealous of your lifestyle, Long Chen. You were born with a golden spoon in your mouth. I wish I were in your place," the heir of Mu Clan also chimed in. 

His Mu Clan was the strongest clan in the Kingdom before the arrival of the Long Clan. 

"Golden Spoon? May I ask what you meant?" Long Chen asked, smiling. 

"Oh, you know. Having a powerful family to protect you when you can't protect yourself."

" Living a life filled with pleasure and not having to work hard at all, even when it came to cultivation," Mu He explained. 

"Also, not having to take part in any competition. I mean, I wish I could simply send a lady from my clan to fight for me so I couldn't get hurt."

"Unfortunately, I can't do that. I don't have the support of the Long Clan. I know it would be embarrassing since people would just call me a waste who hides behind women. But I'm honestly jealous. Fortunately, I have the strength to protect myself, and I don't need help like that," Mu He declared.

Even though he talked as if he was jealous of Long Chen and that he was expressing what a blessed life Long Chen had, Long Chen knew that this guy was simply being sarcastic. He was subtly insulting him, thinking that Long Chen was an idiot. 

Long Chen couldn't help but smile, understanding what this guy was implying. 

"Yeah. This life is certainly good. You should try as well. You shouldn't care what a bunch of idiots say about you. You can come to me. I will teach you how to live a prodigal life," Long Chen told Mu He, laughing. 

"I'm sorry, but I can't. I have my dignity, unlike some other people," Mu He fired back, subtly. 

"What dignity? That's called a fake projection. Didn't you just accept that you want to live my life? Why are you backing off now? Since you want this life, that means you don't actually have dignity and that you're protecting it for the world," Long Chen retorted, laughing. 

"Aren't I right, Crown Prince?" He asked the Crown Prince. 

"Ah, yeah," Stunned, the Crown Prince simply nodded. 

"See? Even the Crown Prince knows. You should just give up and accept my training. I'll make you an expert, and I'll bring out your inner personality," Long Chen told Mu He, teasing him. 

"Enough! I don't need this life! I am strong! Only weak people can live that life!" Mu He stated firmly. 

"You're strong? Really?" Long Chen asked, laughing.  

"Of course!" Mu He proudly stated. 

"Awesome! Let's arm wrestle. Let me see how strong you are," Long Chen let out, enjoying himself. It had been a long time since he bullied someone like that. 

"With you? It's not even a challenge. You'll lose!" Mu He stated. 

"Oh, I doubt that," Long Chen let out, smiling.