Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 722 - 722: Dragon Squad Assault

"You've all done good work in collecting information. Now, we have everything we need—time for us to get to the action. Even though we have over a week of time, it's better to finish this mission faster and go back. The faster we finish, the fewer chances of uncertainty," Wu Xun told everyone as he nodded his head.

" There has been a slight change in the mission, though. The ring that we need is in the hands of the Royal Tutor. We'll be targeting his palace instead. Since the guards of the city are searching everywhere and are on high alert, this is not the right time to do it, though. Rest for two days. If this commotion is over, we'll commence our attack," he continued.

"What if the commotion and the search aren't over in 2 days?" One of the Dragon Squad members asked.

"It doesn't matter. If the conditions remain the same, we'll still attack after two days. I don't want to spend the 3rd day here, and that's final. We need to make sure that we're ready. Rest for two days; you should rest and stay out of public view. This area is already checked. The guards shouldn't return here, but still, stay alert," Wu Xun replied in a solemn tone.

"Yes," All the Dragon Squad Members turned back and left the room, advancing towards their own room, leaving only Long Chen and Wu Xun behind.

"Will you take part in the final assault, or will you stay behind?" Wu Xun asked Long Chen as he glanced back.

"I'll take part, definitely. I'm not afraid of anything," Long Chen replied as he shook his head.

"Aren't you afraid that you might die? The Royal Tutor isn't a weak man," Wu Xun asked Long Chen.

"What's there to be afraid of? I have lived most of my life living in an enemy country where everyone hated me. I faced death many times. In Fact, I'm the safest this time with the help of this robe and my abilities. I also have you. I don't think I can be left behind," Long Chen said, shaking his head.

"Good. That's what I wanted to hear," Wu Xun said with a praising look on his face.


Time trickled away slowly as the search for the thief continued. 

In just two days, the search was over. The entire city and all the houses were searched by the guards. The only places that were not searched were the Three Palaces. Finally, it was concluded that the stolen artifact wasn't inside the city anymore. 

The search was over just as the Dragon Squad had predicted, and no one came to the hotel to search again.

The Dragon Squad Members were ready for their first assault on the Royal Tutor's Palace.

They were all inside Wu Xun's room, listening to Wu Xun's words.

"Alright. I have something to tell you. I heard something from our little friend here a few days ago. It was that the Royal Tutor spent his nights in the Palace of the King's Harem. It was kind of confirmed news. I went to verify it myself, but I didn't see him left his Palace in the last two days," Wu Xun was speaking to his men.

" Now, it might be because the whole city was being searched, and he didn't want to take the risk of leaving his Palace, but there's a possibility that he might be there tonight."

"We'll attack in two formations. First, we'll swiftly attack the Royal Tutor's Palace and take it over. If the King's not there, we'll attack the Harem Palace before anyone can realize what's happening. Be ready for either," he continued.

He also talked about more details on who will do what during this attack. 

After the entire explanation was completed, all of them got ready to leave.

They all covered their faces with masks as they left the hotel.

All of them went towards the Royal Tutor's Palace, hiding within the shadows. Long Chen was surprised at how effective the Dragon Squad Members were at hiding. He was sure that most of them weren't even using their War Spirits. It was all because of the perfect training they had received from the Dragon Squad. 

Compared to them, Long Chen was having a harder time hiding since he wasn't as trained. He mostly relied on his Shadow Transformation for things like this, but he wasn't going to expose that skill in front of the others. So far, he had only exposed his Short Range Teleportation abilities, and this time, he wanted to keep it the same. 

The more he showed off, the less secret weapons he was going to have to use for emergencies.

Soon, everyone reached near the palace while keeping themselves hidden, but that was as far as they could go without being seen since only the Wall of Guards laid ahead of them.

They hid at a safe distance. 

" Arli, get to work," Wu Xun told one of his men.

A guy with long blue hair stepped forward as he brought his hands towards his heart.

A shadow appeared behind him, which seemed like a Shadow of a Ruler. The Ruler seemed to be made of gold. It didn't have any numbers, so it didn't show what units there were, but it did have marks at regular intervals.

The man pointed his other hand towards the Palace of the Royal Tutor.

" It's his Ruler Spirit.  It can increase or decrease the distance between where he stands and the place he targets. Soon, we'll be near Royal Tutor's Palace. Attack as soon as that happens," Wu Xun explained to Long Chen.

"We need to be swift. There shouldn't be any noise. Kill them before they make even a single sound," He told everyone.

"Decrease!" The man with the Ruler War Spirit muttered.

The War Spirit Shadow behind him started shining as well.

Long Chen was waiting for something to happen, wondering how the effects of an actual War Spirit would be, and he was amazed as soon as it actually happened.

It seemed as if the place they were standing it was suddenly brought closer to the Royal Tutor's Palace. There seemed to be only one step of the distance between them, while at the same time, it seemed as if the distance was the same.

"Now!" Wu Xun command.

Everyone took a step forward and jumped in front of the guards that didn't know what was happening. For Dragon Squad Members, just one step was enough to cover the entire distance between their hiding place and the guards because of the Ruler War Spirit, but the guards didn't know that.

They couldn't help but be shocked as twenty people appeared in front of them from what seemed like thin air. They couldn't even move or think of anything before they were taken out.

They couldn't even use their War Spirits before all of their necks were broken off. Long Chen didn't even have to attack. Most of the enemies were taken care of by the Dragon Squad.

The first assault was over, and no noise was made, which made Wu Xun nod his head in appreciation.

"This is where the real battle starts. The Royal Tutor is said not to be weaker than me at all. We should be able to take care of him easily if we all worked together. In any case, don't let him get out of the Palace. The main target is the ring. Try to take the ring first. The ring is more important than the life of Royal Tutor," Wu Xun said before he started walking towards the entrance of the Palace. 

The Dragon Squad Members followed behind him in proper formation. Wu Xun opened the door and took his first step inside the Palace.