Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1048 - 1048: Last Wish

"I'll listen to Your Majesty," General Wuki finally said as he nodded his head. 

He waved his hand lightly and brought out the Amplifier Stone, which he tossed towards Long Chen.

A hateful look shrouded his face. He wanted to kill Long Chen. He couldn't wait to twist Long Chen's neck for killing him after what he did. Long Chen basically robbed General Wuki in bright daylight. 

"Alright. We finished your second demand as well. Tell us your last and final demand," Emperor Du asked, nodding in satisfaction. Things were going smoothly. After the last demand was fulfilled, everything was going to be over. 

"My last demand is my most important demand. I want you to get my friend back to me," Long Chen said. 

"Friend? What friend? Who took your friend? Tell me. I'll help you get your friend back," Emperor Du nodded his head. 

"My friend is standing right beside you! That man, Ji Shan!" Long Chen declared. 


"That Dark Spirit is this guy's friend?"

"You stupid! Why would he be asking for his friend back? Of course, he means the person who the Dark Spirit is possessing."

Hearing Long Chen's last demand, people didn't find it hard to realize what he was referencing. 

"That's right. He was my friend when I was in the world of these idiots. I left him behind with his lover. I had to leave because this idiotic Emperor was chasing after me to kill me because of my heritage. Only now do I find out that they caught my friend and made their Ancestor's Dark Spirit possess him!" Long Chen explained. 

"I want my friend back! I want the Dark Spirit to leave his body so I can leave with my friend! You can do whatever you want with this tournament later. I won't interfere. Just let me take him away," he added. 


The first two demands didn't stun Emperor Du, but the third demand seemed complicated. Commanding a Dark Spirit to leave the body? Was it even going to listen to him? It was already dead. What did it even have to fear? 

Moreover, there was another problem. The Dark Spirit was a participant in the finals. If he asked it to get out, it would be seen as their trick. People would think that Long Chen was planted by them to help them win. Even though not everyone would say this but a big group of people will certainly accuse them. 

They'll say that the Emperor knew he couldn't defeat the Dark Spirit in less than an hour, so he used a trick to take out the Dark Spirit. 

"That seems difficult. He is a part of this tournament. Can you wait till this is over? Getting him out would be unfair now," Emperor Du said. 

"Wait till what? Till you destroy the body of my friend to win? What will I even do with that at that point?' Long Chen asked sarcastically. 

"You can only win the tournament by getting him to surrender or by killing him in less than five minutes. Getting him to surrender is impossible since it's a Dark Spirit that's already dead. As for killing him, that would mean destroying the body. If you do that, my friend's body will be forever gone. What will I even do with that? That's basically murdering an innocent, which I can't allow you to do," he added. 

"I understand what you're trying to say, but, sigh..." The Emperor didn't know how to handle the situation. Ultimately he thought of something that could be the solution. 

"Fine. Emperor Meng, can you tell the Dark Spirit to come out of Ji Shan's body? It can possess a different body, and we can continue. That way, you'll be saved as well, and the battle can be continued," Emperor Du explained. 

"Huh, no way. I'm not doing that. The Dark Spirit can't use any strength when it's out of a body. And it's also at its most vulnerable. If it comes out, you can easily destroy the Dark Spirit of my Ancestor!" Emperor Meng called out, refuting the suggestion. 

"I promise I won't do that. And if I want to destroy the Dark Spirit, I can easily do that by destroying the body first. If this guy wouldn't have interfered, I would have already killed the Dark Spirit! So I don't have any need to use scheming methods. My reputation is more dear to me. I won't ruin it for such a small reason! I'm only trying to save your life here!" 

Emperor Du couldn't believe it. He was already being accused when he was only trying to help. 

"Emperor Meng, you should remember one thing. You're already my enemy. You tried to kill me so many times. You made an Entire Continent after me just because of my heritage. Not only that, but you even took my friend? I'm already being merciful by not cutting your head already. Use this opportunity, listen to me and save your life. Don't give me one more reason to kill you. Because one more reason would be all I need," Long Chen warned Emperor Meng, who seemed to be taking him lightly. 

Despite Long Chen's threat, Emperor Meng seemed unphased. His temperament was calm, and he didn't hesitate to argue back with Long Chen. 

"You bastard! Do you have the courage to kill me? You're between the Saint Realm Experts. Don't think that you became some big shot by taking me hostage because of your scheming! If you had fought me from the front, your dead body would already be eaten by the vultures!" Emperor Meng said. 

"If you killed me, you can wish your life goodbye. You know as well as I do that you don't have the courage to kill me. So be a good boy and take that sword of-" 

The Emperor continued talking to Long Chen; however, mid sentence, he stopped. 

He could see the whole world turn upside down. No, it wasn't the world rotating, but it was his head that was rolling down since it was already being separated from his body with a slight movement of the sword. 

Long Chen had teleported again while everyone stood shocked. Long Chen had actually killed Emperor Meng. Didn't he keep him hostage? Didn't he want things in exchange? But he still killed the Emperor?

People were in disbelief. Not only the general spectators but even the Emperors were shocked. There was a frown on Ji Shan's face as well. 

This development was something no one had expected. It seemed like Long Chen was telling the truth. Annoying the one who held a sword on your neck was never a good idea.