Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1273 - 1273: Unable To Come Out

"Don't tell me you're that one?" Long Chen asked. 

"That's right! I'm the mighty being known as the Blood Dragon Emperor! So talk to me with respect!" The Blood Dragon Emperor said proudly. 

"Honesty? That's ah... Disappointing." Long Chen didn't seem impressed at all. 

"When I heard that you might be returning, I thought that the first time I saw you would be an apocalypse. I thought you'd be a powerful being that'll be destroying everything in its path. A giant!"

"Let alone being strong; you don't even have your own body? I mean, are you seriously the Blood Dragon Emperor who is so weak that he needs to hide in other people's bodies? Really a disappointment."

The more Long Chen talked, the more upset Blood Dragon Emperor became. He was actually being insulted?

Even though Long Chen knew that it was the Blood Dragon Emperor talking, Long Chen couldn't completely think of them as two different beings since both of them were so proud and arrogant. 

"It's all because I can't get to my body! Those traitors have carved a formation on my body that stops any spirit from getting close to it! That's why I needed to possess a body!" Blood Dragon Emperor explained. 

"So the humans are scared for no reason? The first Emperor really made sure that you can't get your body," Long Chen let out, sighing. "That doesn't matter though. You need to get out of my friend's body. Go try your hand at another body. Return his body to him."

"I can't," Blood Dragon Emperor refused. 

"Look, I know you need your body, but you can't take over my friend's body. The last spirit that tried to take over my friend's body ended up going straight to hell. Don't repeat that same mistake!"

"I'm not repeating any mistake! I'm not leaving this body! The only way I'll leave this body is if you help me get my body out," Blood Dragon Emperor replied. 

"Think carefully. If you help me, I'll leave you alive after I get my body. And I'll also forgive you for thinking of taming me. You can work under me, ruling all those I decide to leave alive," he continued. 

"Man, as you talk more and more, I can't help but see similarities between the Snake Monarch and you. He also talks the same way. Are all beasts that talk like that?" Long Chen asked, shaking his head. 

"In any case, I'm not helping you until you leave the body of my friend. If you leave it, I'll help you for sure. And we can then talk about what I'll get in exchange. But until you leave the body of the Snake Monarch, there will be no negotiations," he continued. 

"Fine! Don't help! Now that I have a body, I can do it myself," Blood Dragon Emperor said, turning to leave. 

"Stay!" Long Chen commanded. 

Hearing the words of Long Chen, Blood Dragon Emperor wasn't able to leave at all.

"Aren't you forgetting something important? The body that you're possessing is the body of my tamed beast. And it's not any ordinary contract since I'm not ordinary, as you stated before."

"As long as I don't want it, my tamed beast can't go anywhere. Since you're inside his body, you're under the same restriction at the moment!" Long Chen reminded the Blood Dragon Emperor.

"Stop this instant! Let me leave, or I'll shred you to pieces as soon as I get my body!" Blood Dragon Emperor warned Long Chen, yelling. 

"For that, you'll need to get your body back! But you can't, as long as you're inside the Snake Monarch since you can't leave. In any case, you'll have to leave his body if you want your body back. So decide for yourself!"  Long Chen responded, grinning


He couldn't believe he actually found the Blood Dragon Emperor's soul, which was in a weak condition. As long as it managed to get the Soul out of the Snake Monarch, he could achieve much more. 

"Do you want to leave his body in frustration to get to your body, or do you want to leave his body to have the negotiations with me? If you leave, I'll certainly help you!"

"So, what have you decided?" he asked. 

"I can't come out. Now that I possess this body, I need to stay in it until I get to my body. No matter what you say, I can't come out," Blood Dragon Emperor replied, sticking by his decision. 

"Man, why are you so stubborn? So you want to spend your whole life in that body? I'm telling you that I'll help you if you come out. Why don't you listen?" Long Chen asked, not understanding why this dragon was so stubborn. 

"It's not because I'm stubborn; it's just that I literally can't come out. Since I was stuck in that statue for so long, my soul was already so weak. Most of my soul energy was lost. If that statue wasn't broken, my soul would have been completely destroyed in two hundred years," Blood Dragon Emperor said, sighing. 

"How does it matter? I mean, you still exist. And it's not like I'm asking you to stay in your soul form for two hundred years. We can find your body much before that!" 

"No, you don't understand! My soul was already very weak when it came out. When I tried to possess you, I not only failed but lost most of my Soul Energy. After that, I possessed the soul of your beast in a hurry, not because I was scared of you!"

"It was because my soul energy was too low. If I had stayed even a minute outside without a body, my soul would have dispersed. This possession also sucked my energy now. I would have even less time if I came out! I'll be destroyed!"

"I can only find out when I'm before my own body so that I can enter it right away. Coming out in any other way would be no less than suicide. I'd much rather stay in this body and get stronger instead of coming out and die," Blood Dragon Emperor explained why he couldn't come out. 

"Ahh, I don't want to trust you, but I have no proof that you're wrong either. Tell me, where is your body?" Long Chen asked. 

"It's in the place where you were just now," Blood Dragon Emperor said. 

"Inside the Dark Tribe Palace? Really? You mean, your body is in the home of the Northern Emperor, and he's searching the entire world?" Long Chen asked, smiling wryly.. "Poor guy."