On the stage was a white light imitating snow.

All the spectators the actors dress in clothes.

At the center of the stage is a guillotine.

A white royal castle with a distant view.

A girl dressed in white is pulled back by the knights to be guided by the sad solo violin.Of course, the actor is not old enough to be called a "girl", but it is wild to point that out.Because she plays the girl in the shape of a girl.

- Judge!

The spectators chant intimidatingly.The overlapping singing shook the theatre.

- Stupid daughter. Must have betrayed her country.You must have sold the country.

Foolish daughter of a foolish king.It's time to judge under the daylight!

- I don't know anything!I lived quietly and boringly.

Reading books in the shade in the summer and knitting in the fireplace in the winter.

Why do you think that's a sin?

On the stage, the girl sings a song.

The voice is stretchy, full of sadness, and thin. Compared to the chanting of the spectators, it is too weak.

The wolf girl is forced to be defeated by the knights and her neck is shackled.

Her guillotine blade had fallen and she was trembling and motionless.Of course, the guillotine is a fake, but because the girl responded so vividly, the venue groans and even screams.

In contrast to the cheerful voices of the spectators, the lighting turns red and dark, and the violin exclaims sadly.

... no.

The melody of the violin, which was only sad, began to go mad.

Even though the broken clock is out of tune like a sound of time, it has the same turbulence as a turbulent river that winds upside down in heavy rain.

The white girl held her head in a stomach-wrenching position and moved her head.

The movement really seemed to bend his neck.

The spectators who were exhilarated gradually began to raise their voices.

When the thunder struck and the girl stood up, a poisonous red choker wrapped around her neck.

When a girl wields a clear red sword, the knights collapse and become immobile.

- Why did I have to die?

Cold, cold, painful, sad.

As if provoked by a storm, the spectators flee in despair.

And then I fell, mercilessly, mercilessly.

― ― Flowing red blood dyes the snowy city.

Oh, oh, man. Fear, silver abomination!

--If you can't reach my words, let's talk with the blade.

Wrath! Pain! Sorrow!

Until all the falling snow is dyed.

Yoo-hoo, I'm... a lifeless avenger!

The music played by the orchestra oozes the colors of grief, but it boils down to a surprise.

The tragedy of Sakana is reproduced on the stage.

There were those who looked at it from the box seats on the second floor in front of them.

Jasmine, the mistress of Chet Van Ray, a millionaire from the eastern coastal country of the continent (Pangea), and her daughter Hoa.

And Elise, my maid, was with me.

But millionaires like Chet Van Ray didn't exist.

So... who are these people who entered the Republic of Farayya with a (...) travel ticket (...) issued (...) on (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...))?

I can still perform this kind of thing, so I'm still treating other people like that.

The girl in the distinctive ethnic costume was watching the stage while playing with her long, triple-knit hair.

There is an impression that it does not fit in the elegant box seat, but should it be said that it is only the upper surface, or it should be said that it is like the skin covered?

If you say it, you also get the impression of something terribly distorted, like spraying paint on a rustic wild flower and dyeing it poisonously.

"I guess so.

As well as Kenneth and Noacurio, who exchanged swords directly with each other, Diletta was also a monster halfway through... especially since the Undead were in a fiercely hostile position... I'm sure that this would be a great booing.

So, for Zireshkhatar, we are like the "enemy of the enemy", and Farayya hasn't been involved in this on a large scale yet. "

The demonic beauty in evening dress with a passionate red like flame said analytically.

From her sandal claws to her lips, her eyes, and her hair, she can't help but captivate everyone who sees her.Certainly, it is a person who is convincing when it comes to the mistress of a millionaire, but does she fit like someone else's mistress?

Most people would be convinced if they were told that a bad girl who manipulated a man with a scent and ruled a country's wealth from the shadows.The truth lies further diagonally above it.

Pascal Heydrich wrote the new opera "Princess of Roses" based on the upheaval of Siel-Teira.

Even the author Pascal would not have imagined that the "Princess of Roses in Prison", who was the subject of whoever was sealed off at the same time in the Federation of Jileshhatar and the Republic of Farayya, was coming to watch.It's more like a story than an opera.

Incidentally, the maid who is too non-existent to follow like a shadow is actually a man, and this is also a dignitary of the Siel-Teira extermination, but it is not a very important fact at least in this instance.

"I've never seen an opera before, but I was more flamboyant and surprised than I thought.Is that phantom magic? "

I see. In a big theater, I hire a dedicated magician for special effects.

"The actor passes.... I feel weak, but resentful."You're the immersive type. "

“She's Clara Belize, a talented young opera singer.

The opera "Princess of Roses" is the second protagonist.

In [Ashes of Maria], it was the role of the demonic whore Maria who took the men into her hands, but this is like a different person.It has a reputation for showing off the free flowing sounds of any role. ”

A man with a rich baritone voice, not Everis, responded to Hoa (René).

A man in a suit pushes open the curtain of the box seat and comes in at a glance.

Apparently human, probably around forty years old.His eyes and hair are brilliant golden.

The suit had a lofty inverted triangle upper body that seemed to be a flesh created by planned training, not forged in battle.

"You can't even put a girl on top of a gentleman."It's even worse to talk about souvenirs. "

"This is disrespectful."

In spite of Everis' irony, the man responded to the eagle's exhilaration.

And he went up to Hoah, and knelt there, and bowed himself unto him.It was like I was used to showing off myself when I entered the hall.

"I'm in a good mood for Her Royal Highness."It is a pleasure to meet you.

My name is Lionel Anderson. Yeah, this is... this is... this is... this is... this is...

Now, what title should I be given?I should say investors and entrepreneurs. "

Lionel smiles with a refreshingly elegant look at her white teeth like myrrh.

"Among people who don't have naming senses.....

As the leader of the infamous Nightmare Syndicate, "Selling Corpses", it is well known. "