"Woman and two hand in hand and ran [through the book]" Author: to reverse


Qin actually worn into an ancient morning university campus romance novel, the original Lord is a beautiful and miserable lottery. □ □ □ Cry the ghost, the customs of the style is eye.

After being robbed, the female, the male main wheel was abused, and finally, he was happy and the full text would only "cold his face".


When I blinked, I found myself on the podium, next to a beautiful sister of smoked makeup, holding a letter in his hand: "Qin actually, the mouth said not like Fanchuan, love book writing Is it very honest? "

Under the public, Qin actually hooked the hook corner, and took the envelope into two halves. Put the sister to the blackboard in front of it. One finger picks up the other party: "How, baby is jealous?"

:? ? ?

all the classmates:? ? ?

: "Qin actually, in fact, I don't like Fan Chuan at all, I just want to grab your things."

Qin actually: "Careless, I don't like Fanchuan, I also want to grab you."

"My name is Qin actually, and I am a heart. My name is Namashi, I am south."


When I read the ancient morning novel, Qin actually hated the white lotus, who was the same name and her, who were dared to love, and a black-hearted lotus female, I can't think of it, she always thinks of a day. ......

", do you know what is called, is there a day?"

[And a again, black heart lotus X out, unexpected tiger skin pepper]

1, double beautiful, strong, HE

2, some sand carving, easy type

3, atypical wear books, no system. The protagonist is not good.

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