"Well, then we said," Deng Gao "is in this poem, the boundless falling wood Xiao Xiao, is not rolling with the Yangtze River."

C City and noble high school high school, C market south, positive value in the summer, 4 floors, , from time to time, flying through the birds in the martyrs.

Qin actually sat in the window, just finished the last mathematical pressure roller in the language of the language teacher, and the mobile phone suddenly shook.

Qin actually opened the mobile phone, Jia Beibei's news: [residential, tomorrow, KTV, Ha, Hao Sheng specializes in empty the ground, let us all night.

overnight? ? Don't you get class? ?

[? Tomorrow, I have all the British time in advance.

[...] Qin actually returned to the page and saw an eye date, and it was indeed on Saturday tomorrow. In three days, she will go to the UK to study, in the last language class in China, still did not listen.

Qin actually opened the exercise book to put the answer to the mathematics pressure - all divided.

[In addition to our class, is there anyone else? Qin actually picked up the phone to Jialbee news.

[There is also a few friends of Zhao Zhen, there is also a high school of Su Xi, and there is a little with the butt, no people. Jialbell Reply.

should. Jiabee added another sentence.

should? ?

Jia Beibei: [Oh, I know that you are annoying, but this is going to leave, and Qin Bole specially cares, maybe she will go to the UK in the semester, and finally, she will come, dare to play What is the first to take us the first? She is can't do, my big lady?

Chen Xue is a partner, Chen Jiahe Qin family is the world, and Qin Da has always wanted two people to get along. Unfortunately, this Chen Xue is not high, and it may be a kind of embarrassment to Qin, there is no Little moth.

Tomorrow is a boyfast that the Banli is actually held to Qin. It will be basically arrived. As for Chen Xue, it is estimated that they will seize the last chance tea.

Calculate. Qin actually got up with the mobile phone.

On Friday, the get out of class bell rang, and the half of the class was loose, ready to enjoy the weekend. Qin actually packed the textbook, Zhao Zhen, rolled in the fire: "Qin, who hurriedly, the buddy gave you a gift, you don't take it off today, and you will continue to shake the UK. "

Qin actually stretched the legs and took the stool, and stood up and picked up the mineral water bottle to knock him. Jia Baibei quickly blocked, looked at Qin actually: "What dress is wearing? Playing in the UK is not a school flower? "

Zhao Zhen also looked at it: "This is also, fortunately, you are gone, I heard that one is too good because you wear a school uniform, how to change the school uniform."

As a private nobiology school, of course, it is impossible to use the legs of the legs to enter a bag of rice loose school uniforms. The summer school uniform is a blue little skirt of a water, and the upper body is white shirt led.

Qin actually is good, nearly one meter is high, there is no thick dress, a simple horse tail, and the school is uniform to the group, one is a proper innocent school flower.

It is the character and innocent gentleness.

Jia Baibei smiled and groaned for a while. Qin actually put the bag on the shoulders, and he raised the people in the crowd: "Go. Dress will give me a apartment tonight, I will give me the apartment. Gifts. Don't be Zhang Luo A, I will. "

When you struggle in the class, you will have a cheer, which is a good friend of Qin, a friend of a friend, noble mid, noble, everyone wants, the last time, the last time.

Qin actually didn't want to make the atmosphere so lyrical, and they took a while, went to the school gate, and the black Bentley had already waited for parking space. Qin actually stunned, and his hand could not consciously took the bag to pull.

Jia Baibei saw Bentley and surprised: "Actually, Qin Bo is coming back?"

Qin actually shrugged: "I don't know, I will go first."

Qin actually got on the car. She could sweep the seat of the whole car in the first time. In addition to the driver, there is no other person. A lot of expectations just disappeared instantly.

The driver Liu Shu came from the rearview of the mirror, smiled: "Miss does not have to worry, Qin always let me return to the airport for two days, he is talking about a project in these few days, waiting for the project to see the British you."

"How long is it before?"

"Hey, I am not very clear about this, this project has been sudden, Qin always pays great attention."

Qin actually smashed it, as long as it is a business center, there is no attention.

"Go home, Liu Shu, I am fine." Qin actually took it out from the pocket and put it on the iPad, I saw an English speech.

Liu Shu looked at the girl from the rearview mirror. It is good to look at the top. It is obviously the age of 17, and when I talk to my friends, I have a laughter, but I will hang a super release on my face. Indifference, like a small adult.

When the car opened for a while, when Liu Shu watched a rearview mirror, Liu Shu saw a deep eyebrows. There is a taxi in the rearview mirror, it seems to be followed by the school.

When I got off work on Friday, I was a late peak, plus one in the city center, Liu Shu did not care much. However, the location of the landscape hall is relatively, this whole film is a high-end residential area, and there is little taxi to appear nearby.

I turned an intersection, and Qin actually found Liu Shu's Zhang Wang, she took off a headset: "How is Liu Shu?"

Liu Shuyou raised the Yangtan: "Miss, what newest is going in recently?"

Qin actually looked out in his eyes, and there was a taxi to follow them without far. Qin actually shook his head: "How long is it?"

"It should be followed from the school. Or Miss's classmates? It seems to be a girl."

Qin actually opened the mobile phone to see a circle, no one who got her. The car will go into the door soon. Liu Shu asked if he would not stop asking, Qin actually smashed his eyebrows, and did something in front and Liu Shu said.

"Miss, are you a person?"

"Nothing, rest assured."

The car entered the apartment, and Qin actually got off the bus. Liu Shu also opened the car. I haven't been alone in the Qin, and she should have not returned home, and the shoulder is still behind the black sports bag.

Qin actually walked into the convenience store next to buy something, like where to go, slowly turned, turned into a alley.

This alley is a home shop near the apartment. The alley is not wide. Qin actually went in. After turning two times, he suddenly accelerated his footsteps. Before the figure, he had to turn out, Qin was suddenly folded back.

At 6 o'clock in the evening, the light is not very bright enough. Qin actually suddenly folded back, the girl behind was shocked.

Qin actually gave it to her opportunity, giving people directly in front of her air field: "Classmates, are you talking to me?"

I was arrested by her, and the girl did not respond for a moment, and it was shocked, and it was obedient to rely on the wall.

Several golden clouds floating into the alleys in the sky, and Qin actually saw this person in the evening in the evening.

It should be college students, or more, anyway, it is a girl, wearing a white small fragrant wind suit, the neckline is a bow, A word skirt and exquisite high heels have showed a charm.

The skin is white and rusted, and the little face is very delicate. It is very beautiful.

Qin actually had a mistake, but it is not simply because she looks, but has a feeling that she has seen this girl?

There is also the opponent's eyes, just look at you straight.

Cough, Qin actually took the foot from the wall: "Who?"

Yan Nan did not move the watch on the wrist.

She looked at Qin, Gao Yi, 17 years old. The lady's school uniforms can wear the feeling of photo collection in her, and a horse tail is high in the top. It can take out the beauty of the people.

Yan Nan did not consciously tremble with the eyelashes.

"Do you know me?" Qin actually recovered from a short mistake, replaced the consistent female school gesture.

It turned out that it was so embarrassed when you were 17 years old.

The southern southern lips and got some head.

"Who?" Qin actually made some awkwardly by this girl inexplicably smile.

"I heard that you will go tomorrow, I want to come to your divergence."

Their two stood very close, Qin actually as if he smelled a faint green citrus from this girl.

Qin actually smiled disdain: "Do you know what I am calling?" Qin actually going abroad, there is no news in one, how can some social people have to come? What can I go to the market?

"One Middle Gao Yiyi No.1 Qin actually." Yan Nan accurately reported her class name.

Qin actually screamed: "So who you are?"

Yan Nan did not move tight fingers, greeted Qin actually the eyes: "I am Chen Xue's ... The sister. She can't come tomorrow, I will participate in her on behalf of her."

Click here.

Qin actually listened to the words of Chen Xue more annohand, but there was a more interested feeling, lazy and looked at the south: "I have to go to Chen Xuejia without one hundred times, why didn't I heard, Is there a cousin? "

Yan Nan once counsed, and he did not move. "I have been reading abroad before, and I also go to her home."

Qin actually obviously did not believe, reach out to her: "ID card."

Yannan, took the bag and opened it, and took out a ID card handed her.

Name Namashi, born in 1996 ... 24 years old ...

Qin actually quickly recalled it in his mind, as if he did not heard what the name of Chen Xue and "" is related.

But seeing the opponent's eyes so sincerity, and dare to take the ID card so generously, 24 years old should have graduated from university, so that an adult, it is estimated that you will not have a queue to comment with yourself?

Qin actually returned the ID card, Yang Li Puba: "What are you talking about?"

Nan opened his eyes and blinked: "I lost the contact information of the Boke's driver. These two days are not in C city, I don't know where to go."

"So you come to me?" Qin actually smirked.


A 24-year-old person, and ran to a strange city to participate in the delivery banquet of the cousin classmates, I still don't know where to stay at night.

Not ...

Qin actually, this will be a bit, I believe she is really Chen Xue's cousin, and the two people seem to be almost.

Qin actually slipped the bag, took out a note and pen from the bag, and a few wrote a address on the paper and handed it to the south: "This is Chen Xuejia address, can only help you here."

"You don't have to come to the day, I don't want to welcome Chen Xue with my friends, you don't have to look for her face. If Chen Bo is asked, it will be pushed to me."

Qin actually said to take the bag to the top, and the south hurriedly called: "Feeding a home ..."


"Qin actually." Yu Nan quickly changed, she took the paper in his hand, just suddenly walked in front of the feet, Yan Nan did not have a sight: "Qin classmate, Chen Bojie seems to have only one The male is home, I haven't come back for a long time, I don't dare to live ... "

Qin actually glanced at her ankle: "You go out from this alley, the city center hotel is not bad."

"I don't dare to live alone ..." The pain of the ankle came, and some stations in Yannan were unstable.


"Can I go to your home for a while?" I asked her with great eyes.


"Do you think my family is so safe?" Qin actually didn't know why, inexplicably asked such a sentence.

Yan Nan stunned, Qin actually coughed, turned to her: "I don't like to share a room with strangers, sorry, sister."

Qin actually called a sister deeply. I hope this cousin can be 24 years old, not 14 years old.

"But the weather forecast will have rain tonight." Yannan looked up at the day.

It's a dazzling eye.

Qin actually wanted to tell her that there is more climate in C, have not opened it, and a lightning is inexplicably flashed in front of two.

Then, it is the long thunder.


Qin actually looked at the southern, "You see me, I really didn't lie to you, don't believe me again to give you a look" ", Qin actually felt really psychedelic, clear and clear:" What I know that I will go alive, I will go alive, and the convenience store in the door has an umbrella. "

Qin actually said that he didn't return to the head. She turned, just came out of two steps, he heard something behind the ground, turned, and Yan Nan had already appeared in the ground, small bag On the ground, her skirt is very short, in order not to go almost a knee, on the ground.

"What happened?" Qin actually stopped.

Nansheng did not speak.

Qin actually stunned, leaned forward and leaned: "?"

Yannan looked up, her face is a bit white: "Qin actually, I stomach."

The eyelashes of Yannan are very long. She smashed Qin, and Qin actually a little bit of time: "How to suddenly stomach hurt"

"Maybe it is just horrified."


The black cloud said that the whole city seems to be low, and Qin actually looked at this Chen Xue Taojie on the ground ...

She pulled the bag, and she didn't realize that the southern of this posture has already seen her school uniform laughter.

It took a few seconds, Qin actually his long legs came out, and the whole body was squatted down. Although there was still a little irritated, but it was a ghost to give this stranger once a trust: "Do you want, you will go home with me first. ? "