Sanzen no Souru Supina

■Night one eighty-eight: the world plans

The brilliance converged into a single blade.

Holy Sword: Rose Absolute wore the thorax of Smaugard, the King of Corpses, and wiped out his flesh with countless instruments of torture that had pierced his body.

With a lag, Gottori and the pure white pile that had penetrated the heavy and decaying body fell to the floor.

That was the end of it.

Until then, all evil thoughts, such as the unclean signs that filled this sanctuary and the stench and vengeance that made my chest feel bad, were wiped away.

I should have.

"... are you finished?"

It was Urd who muttered in a daze.

Holy Sword: Freed from the commandments of the Rose Absolute, she stood on her knees and watched the dumb things go by.

In the meantime, Aashre stood on his left arm and took the action of shuriken.

Explore the belt pouch with your trembling right hand and take out trauma-sealing spells and healing precious stones (gems).

The sorceress sisters of the Earth Spider had spared no effort to hold the rare items.

I used Spindle Transfer to erase the Shuriken.

You can minimize the amount of bleeding you need by pasting a scratch-resistant spell and using a healing precious stone (gem).

The first aid of Earth Spiders, who are greatly inferior to humans in their fundamental vitality, is a few steps ahead of the rest of the human world.

"Ashlee, you, what about the wound on your belly?" Isn't the blood spitting out from your mouth! "

Urdo, who was watching the battle of the Human Son crushingly, rushed up to me without worrying about his own wear and tear.

Ashlee returned with a bitter smile to the desperate-looking Urdo.

"It's okay, it's okay, Urdo." Don't cry. "

"Idiot, what's wrong with you? Well, then... there's a scratch in the inner cavity. What do we do? What do we do? Ah, Ashlee, Ashlee Dow!"

It felt like Aashre was the first to see the true nature of this daughter in the wolfing figure of Urdo.

I seriously think it's cute.

"It's okay, Urdo."

Dragon skin cage hand: I stroke my head with my right hand wrapped in Galang Dala, and surprisingly obediently put myself on Ashlee's fingertips.

"It's my fault, it's my fault. It's my fault for making you so happy. Oh, oh, forgive me. Ahh, my knight...."

What kind of blowout is that?

Ashlee couldn't help but laugh at her woman's luck.

"What are you, with such a peaceful smile?" No, no, no, Ashlee, don't leave me alone. You're responsible, you're responsible. You have given me three times over to the dragon princess, so you have laid down my heart! "

"Huh?! Well, that's tough... but I'm really fine, Urdo... I've got seeds and tricks for this..."


Ashlee pulled the backslash from her flank to soften the tumultuous Urdo.

Half of the tip is lost, take it.

What, what do you mean?

"It's a protection spell." This was also the spell of the Earth Spider. It was a one-time useless blow, and there was nothing I could do with a powerful blow like the dragon's breath (brace)... but it seemed to have worked to greatly attenuate the power of the blade that had to fall off the flank. Thanks to you, it's just a scratch. Even so, I went into it quite a bit. As expected of Izuma, it hurt a lot. I thought I was going to faint.

"Well then, your blood." What happened to the blood you spit out of your mouth?! "

Without knowing what happened, Ashlee's eyes turned black and white, and it was only this time that she blew out.

"What are you laughing at?!" What's wrong with you?! "

"No, I thought it was really well done." This is also for pretending to be the death of an earthen spider. What appeared to be red was blood glue. The color and smell are the same, but this is the juice of the plant. I put it in my mouth beforehand. "

"What, what?! So, then?!"

"To deceive the enemy, first of all, from an ally." I wonder if the soldier is going to turn into a Kushido? "

The dragon princess was about to be beaten up, and Ashlee had to defend herself desperately.

"Wait, tamma, tamma, it hurts, because the wound on my left arm is real, and the dragon skin cage hand: The inner palm of Galang Dala hasn't stopped bleeding!"

"Idiot, idiot, idiot of Ashle Dow. Oh, I was worried, I was worried, I won't forgive you!"

But the Ashleys didn't have time to play.

If the first aid is over, we must free Snow, who was trapped in the "Star Hunting Hands."

Snow was still in the hands of [Hand of Star Hunting].

But that fierce lucky finger that turned back the pages of the Grimoire had stopped.

The moment Aashre defeated what was Smaugard, the movement remained.

Snow, who was constantly being played with, no longer had anything left to call health, and he was left to hang himself.

The pleasure that countless fingertips still give to the demonic realm must have lasted, but she no longer had the strength to react to it.

It's just that the sweat on the wet skin is glossy, and the tears on the pink dyed cheeks make her breath, and the saliva conveys the dandruff.

"Snow... I'm sorry, I made you feel scared." I'm going to help you now. "

After completing the first aid, Ashlee quickly began to feel pain. While holding her left arm, Ashlee pulled her leg and walked towards Snow.

Urdo sits beside him and watches over Ashlee carefreely.

It was a massive ellipse.

Smaugard vanished, Urdo's dignity was preserved, and Snow was recaptured.

All that's left is for Izuma to come back.

"Izuma... Izuma, can you give me a hand?" I'm not going to be able to get Snow down on my own. "

As expected, Ashlee called out to the Earth Spider King.

After throwing, he lowered his arms, and Izuma stood in a weak position.

I can't stop my expression by nodding down.

However, he smiled slightly at the call of Ashlee.

"What's the matter, Izumi? Quickly."

"You... why don't you suspect me?" I betrayed you guys, didn't I? They're enemies, aren't they? "

"Don't struggle to understand," Izma blurred.

"Well," replied Ashlee.

"That's because... Izuma hasn't really betrayed me. Why? You want to give me an example? For example, yes. Of course I believed in Izuma, but I was convinced when I went up to this altar.”

"When I got up here?" Was there something going on? "

Ashlee could not help laughing at Izuma's twitching tone.

Tickling, a smile leaked naturally.

What is it?

"No, I thought you didn't notice." I said it myself, Izma. It's a killer kick. I put a killer kick on it. "


"You lectured me when it was." You can't kill a human with intent to kill. Killing humans can be a tool, a technology, a stone. "

Did you say, "Yeah, that's right?"

"This is what I said, too. An assassin with a murderous intent is a third-rate assassin. A real warrior would find out in one shot. That's why I have to kill you first. It's a real assassin who can kill naturally, breathlessly, blinkingly."

And then,

"I don't have that kind of workmanship, though."


Izma did not respond to Achille's reasoning.

Ashlee thinks that's the answer.

"Indeed, it was a tremendous murderous intent." I honestly thought I'd be killed. But I was able to do it because it was passed on. If Izuma had really killed me and attacked me, at that point my head would have been like a horse kicked to the ground. "

"Besides," continued Ashle.

No, no, no, no.

"In the end, it was the same in the situation where Smaugard and Urdo were to be taken." Izma aimed at me, but it was forced by a puppet needle from Smaugard. While Soul was active, I became sensitive to the flow of Spindle and Wish . That's why I figured it out. Izuma was forced to do it. "

"Isn't that... too convenient to interpret?" In fact, you were seriously injured, right? "

That's what Ashlee laughs at.

"If you really want to take me down, Izuma will come herself." Don't rely on jumping gear. "

”Bokaa, maybe I just didn't want to get close to you activating [Soul]?”

"It was Smaugard who was afraid of it. He feared the danger of taking over the puppet needle. That's why I didn't let Izuma go. The affinity between" Soul "and" Focus "is at a height that even the people of the Old World could not have imagined."


"More to the point, if it was true Izuma, it was Snow who was aiming at that moment." By creating a situation where only Snow or Urdo could protect me, I tried to sabotage me. But... Izumi didn't. Why? "

Izuma laughed thinly at Ashle, who said proudly that she had won.

"So you're saying this, Ashlee-kun." Smaugard had an obsession with Snow. I wanted both Urdo and Snow to do it. That's why I didn't let you hit me with a hand that would put both of you at risk. As a result, you have succeeded in targeting me and beating His Majesty Smaugard. "

Well, I mean, is that so?


Izma laughed again.


That's why you decided that I didn't betray you, right?

"There's no other reason."

"Ah. Narhodnaa. Ashlee-kun... Kimmy, I just said a few good things." Humans can change, they can change. You can grow up. That's [Will]. "

Izma repeated Ashlee's words.

Ashlee heard it in a strange way.

Somehow something like chills ran down my spine.

Your chest is twitching... for some reason, you notice yourself taking a step back.


"I certainly didn't know." That you could wield the Holy Sword: Rose Absolute for a short time. It's amazing, Chimmy. "

Yuraku and Izuma shook their torso and took a step forward.

You don't feel [Will], just like a ghost.

"But you... you don't know either." I didn't know about the Lord. What greed do they want to know about humanity? And you want to save them. For this reason, I want the ultimate energy in this dimension, that is, the "soul". "


Ashlee was taking another step back.

There's a sign behind it.

The dragon princess's fever still wearing the scent of a blue rose.

However, there's something... strange about it.

Inadvertently, Ashlee looked back.

It was Urdo who jumped into my arms.

The flesh trembled as violently as if it were a stranglehold.

My whole body was as hot as if I was in love.

If you are careful, Ashlee is piercing your chest.

How long was it in the hand of Urd, a pure white stake?

The pile and chains that [did] Smaugard were pushed into Ashlee's chest.