"That's why we'll do a survey of your wishes!"

At the tea party, after a brief explanation, I said so...

"" "" "What is it?" "" "" ""

I don't think we all understood each other well.

"...... Mitsuha-san, the explanation is too cluttered!"

"Ah, hi, sorry..."

Micchan made a mess of it.

So, I explained it again in detail.

"... in other words, you can refuse an unwanted engagement, you can destroy it, and you can leave the engagement as you wish?"

The members asked me such a thing with their glaring eyes... "

"... no, I can destroy it or refuse it, but if the other party doesn't want to get engaged..."

Therefore, if you are going to conclude an engagement, please use only your own strength and the cooperation of your fellow citizens here as weapons. "It was the first operation of my Society, like when Carrerere was..."

I only ask the goddess and the user if I refuse. "

Yeah, what are we going to do about it?

Well, if you're a man who doesn't have a fiancé or a loved one, I'm sure there aren't many people who would hate to be asked to do it by one of our members, but I don't want to be involved in robbery by crushing the fiancée.

The Villainous Lady Engagement Destroyer is enough for a novel.

And our first operational client, Countess Carréa de Sealebert, is safely engaged to the eldest son of the Count family, who was the target. Therefore, everyone is full of confidence that it is possible for them to do so, so my provocative words are perfectly fine.

"It's just, 'Please ask the user to help you without sinful piety,' so you can't do evil things, trample on the hearts of others, or stretch your chest against the goddess!"

Hmm, they're all nodding. Apparently, you're convinced.

"That's why we will officially accept your request after listening to the wishes of the person who wants to ask you, and deliberating whether it is suitable as a request for you."

Here, no one asks who specifically and how to ask for it.

Why do you bother putting such trouble on everyone's shoulders? Those who put Kona on the members of the Society will receive divine punishment! 'Cause if you do something like that, everyone will never get a chance to talk about it.

Besides, all the children who are currently having a good conversation or have fiancées who are satisfied with each other become lies.

That's why we need to carefully determine what's around it, crush what we don't like, and plan to make sure it doesn't affect what we want.

What's the specific way? I haven't thought about it yet. After looking at the survey results, think about it carefully.


As a result of the hope survey, "I am satisfied with my current fiancé. I want to refuse all other applications.", "Come on! And choose the best of them! ', was broadly split into two minutes.

And among the former, three people are using their positions to push, and two are forced by their fathers to switch trains.... and there's another person who wants to break the engagement with his current fiancé.

Others, although the application has surged, there is nothing so terrible, and it seems that it is usually enough to refuse "because there is already a fiancée".

"At the moment, there are only six people who need to deal with it..."

And now that I've managed to do that, I don't know when I'll get another application from the other bad guys or the other members...

To manage the situation and prevent problems from recurring in the future..... "

That's why we have to ask you to do it!

Yeah, yeah!

Colette and Sabine are saying things of their own accord.

... but that's really the only thing I can think of...


Featured in the morning newspaper, determined in the evening newspaper! Kobe newspaper, part-time news!

"I have no choice but to do it..."

Okay, let's start gathering and investigating more information!

Since then, I've gathered all kinds of information.

... well, I've heard most of it from myself, but I've collected a lot of information from other members when I'm not around, as well as from the children of other nobles who are not our members.

I don't have any kids who don't like talking to me. After all, I'm the head of the Yamano family, which distributes goods to the Lefia trade, and the vice president of the Society. Everyone talked to me about everything, trying to buy my cheerfulness.

Of course, instead of asking me directly, I used my connections and money to collect indirect information.

Information must be gathered in a variety of ways, verified complementarily and multilaterally to improve accuracy.

No matter how many members tell you, you're not stupid enough to accept a true explanation from one side and act without listening to the other side.

Even if you are usually a "good friend", many people can't trust you anytime soon if they have a direct interest in you.

And this time, it's about who you're married to. You and your home are at stake.

Therefore, even though there is nothing wrong with the opponent, the opponent is made a bad person, and the engagement is broken, and they try to take compensation or enter into a contract in their favor... "Also, force the other party to get engaged..."

Also, there is a possibility that he will try to use the name of the Society and Viscount Yamano...

So I'll take the back.

To help those in need, the name of the House of Viscount Yamano may fall somewhat, but it is unacceptable to be deceived and used to make a name. That's the lesson of the Yamano family, no, the Yamano family.

I don't mind spending 10,000 yen to recover the 100 yen that was taken from me.

And the opponent was definitely damaged by more than 100 yen, and I regret that he tried to trick the Yamano family and licked them. That's our tradition.

I'm all alone, but I'll keep that tradition and pass it on to the next generation.

... if I could make the Next Generation, though.

"Yeah, I can't make the next generation alone..."

Wow, this is a misunderstanding.

Anyway, we're committed to gathering information, and we won't tolerate treachery.

And this time, although there was some exaggeration and misunderstanding, the declarations from members were generally not wrong.

... yes, the members told me the truth without making a false declaration.

And if everyone shows sincerity, it's our turn now.

Who will play the role of your master... "

Due to political considerations, you haven't had a chance to meet Beatrice lately?

Sabine, Beatrice seems to want to join her, so on this occasion... I can't speak the language of the New World!!

"Colette, Sabine..."

I'm still not very fluent in the language of the New World, and I've been introduced everywhere as my sister. I'll continue to take you around... bitch!

"There's no one else...!" In the first place, there can't be anyone who speaks the language of the New World like a native and can tell you my secrets.

... no choice, let's do it ourselves...

All voices go through the loudspeaker, and if you bite the voice changer into your p * ssy, you'll be fine.

And don't ask where the wigs, the color contacts, the foundation, the cotton included, the noodles, the horse mask, the cat mimi, the pad...!... and other disguises that collect the finest of Earth's sciences, maybe they won't find out!

I wonder if it's okay just to put a pad in your chest?

Yeah, that's it, I can't tell you it's Mitsuha!

"Shut up!!"