Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go

Chapter 1375, King, Liu Qi smoke, the main arrival

Wang Yan can be a real top enchanting in nine days.

On the status, it is equivalent to the character of Xianyu Jun, the level of the emperor.

"La, who is not happy?"

In the big day, the voice of Wang Yan is coming.

Unlike the strong Tianjiao in the imagination.

Wang Yan's voice is very peaceful, and people can't help but feel comfortable.

In fact, this kind of character, is more dangerous than the Tianjiao, which is the sharpness of the sharp.

"I am very familiar with you, don't be called me, it is easy to make people mistaken." Jiang Luo vangura is very cold.

Treating the attitude of Wang Yan, and there is no difference between any stranger.

This is a lot of arrogance.

In nine days, I dare to treat Wang Yan in such a cold, and there is only Jiangluo.

"Oh, if you are not happy, the name of the ginger girl is." Wang Yan smiled.

The surrounding people heard the words and some admired Wang Yan's temperament.

This is reversed to let Jiangluo eyebrows.

If Wang Yan is the kind of very overbearing person, she is more easily refused.

Instead, this dog skin plaster is like, so that she can't get rid of it, I am very annoying.

Wang Yan is looking to Liu Qiongky and said.

"Liu girl, this time, in order to help Jiang girl, I will not leave."

In the face of Wang Dan, Liu Qi smoke is not slight.

She just reveals a pair of innocent colors.

"Wang Yan, the master, one will be in the Mingyue, Nai Homing Yuezi Ditch, but also to see that Luo Pioneers will not be willing to accept your help."

"People are just a pity, Wang Yan, the master is really disappointed."

Liu Qiongky, although there is a fierce king and others help.

But if you are in the words, it's hard to say.

So, if there is a variety of possibilities, she doesn't want Wang Yan to help Jiang Luo.

"Oh, I believe that Jiang girl will think, after all, she used to live in the fairy area, and the eyes have always limited."

Wang Yan, there is a secret against it.

It is equal to saying that Jiang Luo has lived in the fairy area before, and the eyes are not high.

So I will be infatuated in Jun Xiaoyao.

"Wang Yan, you ..."

Jiangli is like Wang Yan, like Liu Qiongky, disgusted to extreme.

"Hey, in this case, I can only have the sin Wang Yan Lord." Liu Qiong smashed the eyebrows and sighed.

At this time, in the depths of Xianling, suddenly there was a fantastic, Xianhui surged.

Tongye roar, echo between heaven and earth.

"Sanxiandong will be opened!"

Everyone present is a spirituality.

Although not anyone eligible to enter it.

But this time, Sanxian Dong, essentially a collision of nine days proud.

"Happy brother ..."

The ginger liberation reveals the color of a touch.

She came to nine days and experienced many grievances and loneliness, but she did not give up.

She is no longer the previous one, the palm of the greenhouse.

But now, she really wants to see Jun Yao.

Not to rely on Jun Xiaoyao.

Just simply want to see him.


At this moment, there was a horrible suffocation in the distance.

Many people turned their attention, and the eyes were surprised.

"Oh, is he finally here?"

The fierce king is turned, and the look is faint.

In addition to the king, it is impossible for others.

Wang Yan is faint to look forward, very calm.

For him, even if it is in the face of the fierce king and the king, he is still calm.

The face of Jiangluo and Yun Tianzhu is not very beautiful.

The arrival of the king is undoubtedly letting Liu Qiong Tobacted, such as the tiger.

Liu Qiong smoke is also a lotus, greeted, face with a charming smile.

"It is a bit late, but it is a bit late."

Not far away, a shredded part of the bloody hair is surrounded by a tiger.

The body is nine feet, and if the sword teeth are generally sharp.

It is full of bloody, ferry, genh.

It's !

"Well? How is the old four sacrificed the body?" The fierce king frowned.

However, the next moment.

All Tianjiao in the scene, the expression is in an instant, and it is full of thick and wrong.

Because they saw it, they showed the king of the body, and the reins were wrapped around.

The back is a gorgeous car.

On top of the car, sitting in a smashing, like a fairy fairy figure.

This scene, as if it is the gods, the beast, the lower bound tour!

"This ... What is this?"

"The one is definitely a king, but how do he pull the car?"

"I didn't see it wrong, the king of the four little king of the church cavulation, is it pulling the car?"

All Tianjiao in the field, the eyes are screaming, the scalp is numb, the mind is humming.

That is one of the beast cars, one of the top ten banquets in nine days.

And it is the penalty area established by the Taikoo Grafts, and the famous Heph.

In the past, there have been no burning robbery.

This is the most fascinating area of ​​the most fierce.

It is also therefore, don't say a general nine-day life.

Even if it is the Tianjiao of the other restricted area, it is not willing to conflict with the beast cave.

The result is now, what did they see?

The king of the four little king of the beast cave, giving people a beast!

This is definitely the biggest humiliation for the beast cave!

Liu Qiong is charming like a flower, suddenly stiff, some iron green.

King, is also one of her pursuits.

It is now used as a taking the beast.

Isn't that an indirectly saying her, be pursued by a beast?

This makes Liu Qixi smog white cheeks in cyan, there is a shame.

"Can you let the king pull, who is the person sitting?"

The eyes of everyone turned to the gods of the leisurely sitting on the car.

Jianglui is a very eye-catching, a long time.

"Laoth, I haven't come late."

Jun Xiaoyao hangs a mild smile.

"Happy brother ..."

Jiangli portrait is a crystal tear.

She and Jun have a lot of time, not too long.

But Jianglui feels that the day is like the year, as I have been three students.

Seeing the long-lost figure, Jiang Luo is like a milky, and you will blunt to Jun.

This scene, I stupid it.

After all, the party, Jiang Luoti also paired the people of Wang Dan, and she is ignorant, and love is not riding.

As a result, it is now a man's embrace.

"It is him, he is the joy!"

"It's really Jun Xiaoyao, he really dares to come to nine days!"

When I know Jun Xiaoyao, the audience is amazing!

After all, I have experienced the incident.

Jun Xiaoyao is famous for nine days.

I don't know how much nine days of proud, I want to suppress him.

As a result, Jun Xiaoyao, reverse the active came to nine days.

"Jun Xiaoyao ..."

Seeing Jiang Luoti in the middle of Jun Xiaoyu, Wang Yan's love is a touch of coolness.

It is not that he really has how much it is.

The fierce king guess is good, he is indeed because of the Yuan Lingxian of Jiangluo and I want to marry her.

Yuan Ling fairy body, there is a great helpful effect on his shackles.

So he must get Jiangluo.

On the other hand, the face of the fierce king is also gloomy to the extreme, and the scorpion has a fierce color.

"King, you are ..."

The fierce king looked at the king.

One of the four little kings of the Tang Dynasty, was used as a litter.

This is simply lost the face of the beast.

And the fierce king of the four little king, is it low to be lost?

"Fighter, save me."

King can only say this.

He can't always say that the three strokes will be suppressed by Jun Xiaoyao.

That will undoubted more shackles.