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Dark vagina is the seat where the helper sits.

There, a girl about twelve years old fell into a deep sleep. Holding a white teddy bear as tall as her own.

And then the kid goes to sleep, Booth. A pretty head like a princess spills down and wipes her sleepy eyes because of her locks.

Then the child was only able to wake up after yawning.

And he said in a cheerful voice more than ever.

... It's finally time. ”[The 'Sword of Hades' reveals a strong appetite! The raging winds begin to gust toward you, following the wide open swamp in the palm of the stream's hand. The ground is turned upside down and the stage is in a big uproar.

The power of Hades' Silk Sword has increased greatly as the tide of the moat rises. When she revealed her 'appetite' among the malignant traits of Yeongwoo, even the developing skills of Yeongwoo was a bit surprising.

If I just let it go like this, I'll act like I'm going to eat the stage. The warrior's soul is swept away by the gale, whirring like it's about to collapse.

The right arm that had already been cut was shattered and all of it was sucked under the teeth of Hades Silk Sword.

But the warrior commander's resistance was unparalleled.

Churrr! The world roars so loudly, he reaches for the giant sword in his hand and plunges it back into the ground.

I struggled to the end with the kits and winds and waited for my magic to recover.

[The Chaos Spider is fiercely resisting Hades' Sword!]] [Hades' Silk Sword 'reveals stronger appetite.] [Hades' Silk Sword 'reveals stronger appetite.] [The Maze of Chaos] attempts to resist even the chaotic power of the' crawling chaos'!] Yeon-woo grips her teeth. I thought I had almost driven him to the moribund state, but it looked like he still had the strength. Or he instinctively guessed what would happen after being eaten by Hades' Sword.

I thought I should stop Hades' Sword for a while and send more lightning to push him into a corner.

[Sin Stone (arrogance - appetite) reveals strong complaints.] ['Hames' Sword 'reveals a new trait,' Pride '!] Suddenly, the sinister rock on one side of your heart trembles, bringing more magic to your left hand.

It was more violent and urgent than Yeon-woo's magical power.

Oman (54060509)! Since everything in the world is considered less than itself, the temperament that wants to be forcibly subdued has raised its head.

[The Sword of Hades wants to use arrogance to destroy the "Maze of Chaos" resistance attempt.] [Hades' Silk Sword 'I want to crush the resistance of', the Chaotic Spider 'with stronger pumpkins.] [The chaos of the' Chaos Spider 'has been shattered! [Caucalac! Hades' scabbard cuts through the warrior's soul like a ferocious beast.

The blood pulsating through your chest begins to crack as your Great Sword trembles.

Then, when the rush reached its limit, the soul of the warrior leader was crushed into dozens of spirits and made a vortex. And all of them were sucked into Hades' Silk Sword.

[Successfully obtained a certain amount of "Giant's Factor."] Successfully obtained the [Extraordinary, Giant's Factor ".] An elongated message.


[Awaken the argument of the machine.] [Giant's Factor is Awakened.] [Giant's Son has successfully merged with the Horse, God, and Dragon's Son.] Followed by the blood of God and Dragon, Giant Blood (Bt 10) is added.] [Giant (2: 01 ) is carved firmly into the bones of the horse and god and dragon.] [The Awakening of the Giant Dragon will resume.] Overwhelming Giant's factor was given to the inside of the cell, and I could once again feel a large twist in my body. The soul was greatly agitated beyond the scope of the body, such as muscles and skeletons.

Even when you connect them, even when you succeed them.

Acquiring a new factor felt like all the existing worldwide mountain ranges were shattered.

I could see a world that was completely different from the world I had seen.

The world of polyps.

A world of demons.

The world God sees.

The world they saw was very different.

The direction their faction was going was so different, and the path they had walked was so different that they had to have it.

The polyp wants to peer behind the world, the devil wants pleasure, and God wants to rule below.

And now the world of giants was different.

They want to go up high.

They peer at places higher than where they stand and always think about what to do to get up there. Then if you see a gap - knock it down and climb up.

Yeon-woo thought that maybe the world was too good for her.

How can you project yourself trying to climb a higher staircase? He then climbed to the top, put everything under his feet, and eventually even tried to break this tower.

A swarm of arguments finds the equilibrium point.] And with such joy, the soul changed greatly. As a man who had remained little by little, his identity was opened and his soul was transformed into a new form.

The body has already tried to do the exfoliation once again.

Whoa! And the moment the awakening of the gecko ends as the four factors balance.

[The acquisition of the Giant's Factor sheep is insufficient.] [You need more arguments for utterance.] less than [006].] There is a subtle balance of swarm arguments.] [Awakening of the Giant Necromancers will cease] [Current Awakening Rate: 42.9%] Two-two... ~ The breeze frowns, feeling the cat's rise to the jaw, not passing through the final moment.

I felt like I knew later why the Awakening didn't last.

It seems that the Giant's Factor acquired was too inadequate for Awakening.

Of course, it was certainly not a small number of factors he acquired. No, it was much cooler when you think about the amount you usually needed to be Awakened.

You've absorbed the souls of the warrior chieftains, as well as an entire army of 3,000. Although the magical power of the crawling chaos was mostly just a monument, it needed to be refined, it was not something to be ignored.

However, the problem was that during that time, Yeon-woo grew to a level that could not be compared with before.

This is a time worth trying, not only desertion but transcendence, if not the interference of Allfowon.

Naturally, it could never be satisfied in such an advanced amount.

Ultimately, Yeon-woo had to be satisfied with a certain amount of sheep.

But there was no need to be sad.

“Even if I wanted to gain the Giant's love, considering there was no way I could do it...... This is actually a great achievement, too."

"If it is true that this is a quest for this scenario, the chances of gaining the Giant's Argument will continue to increase. `By the end of all the scenario quests, I felt strongly that I could get as many Giant Factors as I needed.

Wow! By the time I thought about it, the radiance that covered the lotus had slowly subsided. It was evidence that desquamation was ongoing and stopped.

And in front of his eyes, Azrang shakes his figure.

Giants, to be exact. The warrior's soul, which had shrunk down to the size of the kite, slowly began to focus, blinking its eyes with a hazy gaze.

The cloudy eyes that were infected by the chaos that had been crawling around were clearly changed.

I never thought I'd see the world again... like this again. The warrior's soul closed its eyes and smelled the outside air. Although the stage had already been destroyed by the ordeal of the lightning, this place seemed more familiar to him.

Sometimes it was all I could think about, whether I was the Skeleton King or something. I love it.

It is such a pity that the time for you to stay like this is not long enough. "The warrior's soul took a deep breath, then looked back at Yeongwoo.

Anyway, you're in charge, my successor.

Thanks to you, I was able to leave in my right mind. “Party M" Kwon ” Ah. Have you seen this fool?

Too late for my introduction. I am Baldevich, the last king of the Giants.

Yeongwoo multiplied the name by a small number.

I thought it might be a coincidence that the name of the last Giant King and the name of the one who was born alone as a rebel were the same.

“Greetings, Valdivich.” By the way... You feel it when you're unconscious, but you're a unique friend. Purpose, godliness, and shaman... Even though their character is cluttered, they still possess the human form. How can this form be 7} competent? The soul of the warrior commander was surprised to see a pond with many dimensions but a characteristic he had never seen before.

Unlike mortals, who can only see the world through physical phenomena, multidimensional recognition has only compared it to hybrids in strange shapes.

If he wanted to be like the god of such an abomination, it wasn't like that either.

Fisher's Union was a mixture that could exist within their common sense.

That's why it looked so close to his eyes.

Now, it may look like that, but it's practically a walking powder keg with four transcendent factors.

If only the rampage hadn't increased as much as I did. It was clear that if the body had not been strong in the beginning, it would not have been able to stay that way.

I wondered what kind of progress I would make with a body like that.

Well, it doesn't matter. Whatever it is, you are the heir to my hall, and we are thankful that you brought us out of the curse long ago. At the end of the sentence.

Tiering! [Scenario Quest (Proven by the King) has been completed.] [You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional Public Values will be provided.] [You have earned 150,000 Public Values.] [200,000 additional Public Values.] [You won the title of 'Great Warrior (pull +)' as a Pope.] [As a reward…….] [Connection quest has been created.] [Learn more from the 'Horse of Chaos'.] I remembered a message that the first scenario quest was successfully completed.

Take this first. The warrior commander's soul grabbed hold of Yeongwoo's hand and removed a sword from it. A sword just like the one he wielded.

It was only small.

However, the trait making up the sword seemed different.

Whereas the spirits of the warrior commander were made of metal, this consisted solely of the spirit of Hell.

It was also a very pure machine.

How priceless it can't be.

I feel the eyes of the fiend and the god of love become more intense.

If you are a symbol of the Monarch of the Giants in the beginning, it is rarer than the supreme stature of each society or the Demon Kings have.

Of course, I had to pay attention to the heavenly world.

The alliance might be stronger for them.

[When multiple gods raise concerns about the resurrection of forgotten tribes.] [Many demons live carefully in your actions.] Foot.

Yeon-woo sticks his tongue to the fact that there are too many uninvited people. Couldn't we eliminate those abilities to keep looking down the stream even after the channeling went down?

Eventually, Yeon-woo rolled her feet wide and spread the shadow. Shadows flow through the ground, eventually covering the perforations and going into the stage in the deep dome's hemisphere.

[The plain has been temporarily declared.] [External interference will be cut off.] Yeon-woo made sure that all of the uninvited people's gazes had disappeared and smiled.

What a talented friend you are. The warrior commander's soul laughed with joy as he watched the scene.

“What is this?” This is the Great Warrior and the Warrior Chief, a god who proves the king of our kind. It's like a totem that inspires courage and encouragement just by carrying it. Use any artifacts you want to enhance later when you need them. "The spirit of the warrior's head hardened the impression and empowered the horse," and with it, the spirit of the warrior began to flutter like noise, to save his brothers and sisters. There were not many ideas left.

But his last words contained a strong aspiration.

You want me to save my people and my brothers? Is there another background in the Giant killings that Yeon hasn't figured out yet? Th... "~, Goyeoya. She said 260 Uzo Shim……."

Pod! The warrior leader's_soul has eventually vanished into thin air.

[Connection quest (proof of king) has been updated.] [Please open the quest window to see the contents.] Paa-Yeon squeezes her hands together in the shadows, where only particles of light wander.

The spirit of the warrior leader and the aspiration that the warriors underneath wanted to achieve with their deaths. It seemed that the content behind it and the process of solving it were part of a scenario quest.

However, there was a catch.

A warning left by the Warrior Chief's soul. I told you to watch out for the crawling chaos.

Then, what is the relationship between the Giant's death and the beast? Woong, woong - repeating such reasoning, I looked down at the trembling warrior headman in his hands, organizing his thoughts.

The Warrior Chief's soul told me to leave this and use it for what I want to strengthen.

All the Giant Kings' ideals and myths will remain strong throughout the ages, so I could never use them.

Depending on the use, it could be given not only artifacts, but also skills or powers such as Hades' Swordsman.

If the Spirits of the Giant Kings ever existed, it would definitely not be obsolete compared to the Divine Power.

He also became the "true" descendant of the Giant King, so it would also help to strengthen the myth.

"Even the Giant King is on the verge of destroying the throne. There's so many of them. 'I wonder who would have guessed that a soldier from Earth would come this far.

Woohoo! Looking at the trembling headman like that.

"Then……” Yeon-woo decides where to use it, grabbing the spirit in reverse, and taking it down.