Second Life Ranker

2. Scenario Quests (2)

Just a moment.

Yeon-woo had a lot on her mind.

It was because there was so much I wanted to give to the warrior chief.

Small from the sword that contains the memories between your brother and Henova.

There was also a Dagger of Krashna that he had personally upgraded.

With a sword called Vigrid, I thought I might need to reinforce my armor, coat, and arena to match it.

Or maybe I should put it in the Dark Lord's frame and awaken the powers that have not yet been released.

Or even think about trying to take down Mars by combining it with Beagrid at all, but I decided to exclude the possibility of creating a bowl where the first Mars could be more perfectly positioned.

Or a Sin Stone or Dragon Heart, or a skill like Hades' Sigil or the wings of the sky.

There were so many places where giving spirituality would be effective. I thought it would be better if I could break it down.

However, after much thought, Yeon-woo chose the place.

It was his shadow.

A place where the power and divine essence of the Black King are hidden. It seemed that if we gave spirituality to the place where the entities and ghosts slept, as well as' authority ', things would be possible in the future.

As if falling late, the warrior's body slowly plunges into the shadow. The shadow swells and expands its receding appearance, immediately shaking violently.

[The Realm of Shadow has been reinforced with "Substitute of Giants."] [Spirituality is involved.] [In the future, your shadow will have its own spirituality and will move as your faithful hand and foot.] [You have a lot of possibilities. Awaken the possibilities.] You call out once again, as if the shadows are welcoming.

Other than that, there was no significant change that appeared to be like this. However, I could feel the connection to the bundles in the shadow of Yeongwoo strengthened.

The same goes for soul collections. As the ghosts get closer, the spirits come closer.

It was strong 'minus energy, so close that if it had happened before imagination, the mind might have been swept there.

Yeongwoo smiled so satisfactorily that she received tickets to the Hidden Stage as a reward.

The blue portal opens beneath your feet.

It was time for the Giant King's succession to search for traces of Valdivihi in earnest.

Pod! [You have entered the Hidden Stage, the Land of the Fallen Giants.]] [Scenario 'Quest/King's Proof Belt Description: After rescuing the Giant's final warriors from a dream created by the Crawling Chaos, you are now named' Grand Warrior 'and take your first steps as the successor to the new Giant King.

But even though you are the successor of the Giant King, you still don't know exactly why the Giants had to die, and what it has to do with crawling chaos.

It's because the sanctions came from the crawling chaos before the last Giant King Baldebich uttered a word.

But fortunately, you were able to find some sort of place in the tower related to the Giant's death.

The Hidden Stage on the 60th floor, the Land of the Fallen Giants.

However, this is a little-known place that is not open to the public. Artifacts and ruins related to the Giants remain everywhere, and there are traces left by other gods, including "crawling chaos."

Explore the 'Land of the Fallen Giants' from now on.

And investigate the ruins carefully to find out exactly what happened to the Giants here tens of millions of years ago and why they were killed.

That's exactly the posture you should take as your successor to succeed the last Giant King.

Limitations: Completer of the 'Proof of the King'. Holder of the title "The Great Warrior."

Time Limit: - Reward: 1. Token of the Second King 2. Armor of the Skeleton King 3. The alliance quest 'Proven Blood of the King' was deeply thought through while checking the contents of the newly updated quest window.

"Determine the reason for death? Yeonwoo recalled what she had left just before the warrior leader's soul disappeared.

I told you to be careful of the chaos crawling around.

Even if I didn't listen carefully, I could easily guess that there would be so many stories in the words.

"The Skeleton King was inevitably awakened by the contract with the warlord's soul crawling with chaos, the undead. But...... he felt a little different from Calatus." We mourn the long-lost of the Ancients, unlike the chaos that crawls around to fulfill our aspirations, even with the knowledge of the 'outside' universe.

The last Giant King Baldevich felt overwhelmed by the chaos of crawling around.

He was a chaotic spider, but he didn't hide his feelings about the chaos that was crawling around.

It was clearly an outrage.

And that feeling was something that Yeon-woo knew well.

"Rage against the enemy. Did the last Giant King catch any weaknesses in the crawling chaos? It simply meant that they were trying to climb the tower for 'conquest,' and when they were blocked in Allfowon, there was another unknown secret within the reason that they were born to draw out their own Great Warriors.

In the book of Revelation, there was a lot of information related to the other gods. "Yeongwoo quickly thought of all the information she had seen in the open air library.

'Crawling chaos has long been a longing for joy and joy.' Maybe the giants were caught in his weaknesses and made fun of like puppets. `It was still an imposition, a simple conjecture.

Yeon-woo thought it was close to the truth.

Otherwise, a devastating faction wouldn't have collapsed so utterly because it was as proud as the Giants.

No matter how much chaos crawls around, even the common transcendents are reluctant to go up against it.

You can't play the whole tribe that way.

“And... that weakness probably has something to do with Estage." Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.

“Is that why you dragged me all the way out here? So this is what you've been doing since you couldn't find Jungwoo?" Yong-sin 'an [hypersensory] tenderness widens all senses, extending the cognitive area to all sides. In order to quickly understand the "Land of the Fallen Giants".

Where he was, it was a jungle.

However, it was different from the usual forests.

Every tree in the forest was so high that the end was invisible. Titan or the size of a chaotic spider.

It looked terrible.

It's a corpse. A giant corpse, hardly noticing how long it's been dead, is tangled up in a tree trunk. There were tens of thousands of them... No, the size of the forest would have been more than hundreds of thousands.

Most of the corpses' expressions were distorted by pain. There was no expression of calm, whether tortured or not. Others were mostly drenched by fear or haunted by terror.

Yeon-woo realized that a massacre had occurred here at once.

What was it that drove them so far into fear and fear that they must have been exceptional warriors in their lifetimes? There were traces of biological experimentation everywhere.

The decay is still progressing and the decay vibrates and the floor is too straightforward. I felt completely different from the usual late.

Psychedelic worm 08) came up with liver liver.

It meant the rotting terrain of Giant Physiologists who had never become trees.

That's what most giants do.

[Within the stage, the poem and stench vibrate.] [list! The Central Administration has also abandoned administration. Players are advised to refrain from approaching and return immediately.] [Strong poison seeps into the body.] [Status abnormality occurred.] [Status abnormality occurred.] [Extreme pain dominates the body. Stuns.] [Extreme venom dominates the body. Addicted.] [Remain rational due to the 'cold-blooded' nature.] [Stun status has been canceled.

We have a resistance to pain.] [Skill 'Debt Poison' has increased immensely. 16.79] [Skill 'Debt Poison' works constantly. Analyzes new poisonous ingredients We were able to retrieve similar data from the pilot database. Based on this, we go into more detailed analysis.] [Enhance the options' Venom Blood 'and' Spiritual Spirits'.] The gaze of the celestial world that followed the lotus showed various reactions.

[Kernunos frowns at the horrific sight.] Bimachilda brings curiosity to new forms of battlefield.] [The gods of picking turn their heads.] [I'm amazed that such demons can do this. [All the gods of death smile on every stage.]] [All the demons of death are hostile to the undead that remain on the stage.]] where the Central Administration has also abandoned management.

The message alone would be enough to explain this place.

No matter how vile the corpses of the giants were, if they did not achieve their imagination, the moat would have been stunned at once, or even screamed.

"Valdivi's going around like this? How?" Above all,_here is the main reason why it's dangerous.

"Not only the crawling chaos, but the magical powers of the other thracian gods remain too strong." Did he mean the traces left by the various other gods mentioned in the quest window? It was different from the source of the magic used in the tower.

It was a similar environment to the Sea of Mahea.

No, I probably shouldn't have called it worse than it is in other words. This place is full of desperation for the Giants to die.

First of all, we need to find Baldevic in a place like this hell before anything is solved.

That's why Yeon-woo drew a sword and triggered a huge sword strike.

Vague, grizzle-pushed shadows that have been blocked since before. Perhaps we should start by pushing away this strange forest.

Papajob! As the output of the Dragon Heart is roughly raised, the lightning begins to burn darkly and climb to the top of the sky.

I was about to swing the sword horizontally to push the forest away.

Snooze! Suddenly, a violent cry echoes from the sky to stir up the Hidden Stage. The white trees were shaken as if they were bamboo swept away by a hurricane.

And suddenly, I had to feel that the magnitude of the massive lattice made me feel pitiful.

Where the hell did they come from? Even though I was keeping my initial senses wide open, I couldn't help but notice that my back was sticking out.

And when I lift my head up.

Yeongwoo was able to find her cousin staring down at this side while closing dozens of eyes that were much larger than humans, among the nettles produced by the forest.

The god of the other side, who should never have been inside the tower, sent this way and conveyed his intention.


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