Second Life Ranker

Something big appeared out of the blue.

I grabbed Wu's waist.

It's too big to be human, about three meters tall. The whole body was full of scars.

Yeong-woo 'tried to steer him away from the intrusion of uninvited guests, but the moment I saw his face, my body was first stiff.

In the meantime, the uninvited attempt to escape, wrapped in a large left forearm around Yeongwoo. My right arm wields a sword much bigger than my height and swings it firmly into the air.

Overwhelming! A huge magical force field is formed as it flips upside down, blowing away all the other gods' attacks.

The gods of the other realms gathered their powers to carry out the attack again, but they were already there after Yeongwoo and the uninvited completely covered their tracks.

Neither of their cognitive areas were detected at all.

Behave! While the gods of the other side show their fury for missing prey right in front of you.

“What are you doing! It's hard for them...!” I can't believe I left them here, not one or two, and dozens of them! Are you crazy? "Yeon hides behind a huge rock with the one who saved her.

The uninvited crowd looks at Yeongwoo and yells, either stuffy or quickly turning into disobedience. I felt irritated on my face that I was angry.

However, Yeon-woo could not easily say anything to him.

That's the face I've been looking for.

“Valdivich, also here - the big trio. Scenario Quest (3) Why is the God of Belonging Here? Yeongwoo's eyes had to get bigger. It was because it was hard to think that the god of the other system would be found in the tower.

Of course, there was a time when the crawling chaos used calatus to project consciousness. There were times when the corpse of another god left an undiscovered land called Mahali.

But the god of all worlds has never been on the Hidden Stage himself! It was strange that those who did not even qualify in the first place would enter the system.

No matter how eager they are to find the Black King's legacy and enter the tower, they have no choice but to feel unwilling to accept their fierce ego.

No, no matter how big the interference from Allfowon is, Hidden Stage was too weird for him to let go...

But the question is,

Grrrrrrrrr! Yeongwoo swung her sword at him.

The gods of otherness think of mortals as worms. His appearance, which had not yet attempted desertion, would have felt like a "grab" that had carelessly invaded his realm.

In fact, annoyance and annoyance were uncovered even as he asked who he was.

It was more of a nuisance than a question, so I was more than willing to put it away. As if a human were to sit on a mosquito's forearm and simply tap it to kill it. It seemed too natural.

That's why Yeon-woo sprayed the lightning without answering. Even if I did, he would be even more annoyed by the thought of bugs as parasites.

From the ground, lightning struck the body of a foreign god, measuring it like a dark red whip.

It's just that the god of the other system, who thought the mortal was using dragons, couldn't have bludgeoned himself into thinking that such a powerful attack would come, and was bitten later.

Light speed ( Bo) is a lighting speed that is already close to the lighting attribute beyond the over-firing attribute.

Before he could escape, he had dreamt of the center of the mining body.

His whole body bends along the windhole as the flames spread to all sides, and the lightning reaches the high sky and scatters other lightning over the ground.

Gruuuh-uh, the stage was agitated every time he screamed in agony. You can see whether you want to move the spiritual force to extinguish the flames or the laws that make up the stage. Self-recovery was also underway.


The once-fired lighting does not go off easily. It was because of the options contained in it.

[Wave of Fire - Flaming Flame] [72 Slash - Heat (plow), Wave (0)] The 'Flaming Flame' in the underlying wave of fire that makes up a lightning bolt boasts a flame that never dies out until the opponent's breath is completely cut off.

Moreover, if the dung splattered elsewhere, it caused a chain explosion again, so it was unnecessarily a massive structure that must have accumulated damage as a god of the other side.

Plus, since he's going to perform a 72nd technique, he's completely out of his mind.

In fact, now the 72nd technique performed by Yeon is not only the same as the horse, but completely different from the previous one, the technique 000 - is not inherently human, but a magical system for freshmen beyond that framework. Of course, the higher the quality, the better the understanding and proficiency of it would be.

Moreover, Yeon-woo spent a long time in the open air library and watched Thousand Horses' movements bluntly.

He threw King Mi-Hu, who used 72 techniques, as one of many 'faces'.

Of course, his movements were influenced by the 72-second technique.

Every hand gesture that moved, every step of the way, had an extreme level of tactics, and even the law of wielding the Library of Sky was based on tactics.

Therefore, I had no choice but to be completely fascinated by Yun, who had Yongsin 'an and Yun 'an-Jin.

The ultimate shape of the radish he was about to face was there! It was a time when the kings of many one-horned tribes could not be defeated.

It was a place I thought I would see, too. Now that I've seen it, how can I not open my eyes to a new realm?

Thanks to this, only Yun was able to upgrade the system to the next higher version.

It was as close as I could get to mixing 72 spells in my mind.

Each one of his actions captures the spirit, and then a system of guiding all skills and power is built following him.

And afterwards, Yeon-woo could be convinced.

You're one step closer to being called the Sword.

A sword that embodies both his will and his will, and becomes his own.

so that he can express his inner self externally and change the world in the end.

That was the clue that opened the Tongue Blade.

So the lightning bolt was incredibly strong compared to before it went up into the open air library.

The god of otherworldly systems was once in a collision, but he never regained consciousness.

Looking at it.

"It works." Yeon-woo was able to gain complete confidence.

Now, I was secretly confident that my quest would work sufficiently for the king of the Sea or other gods of the other worlds, but I felt it was worth trying after I confronted him myself.

Of course, it also worked effectively as a weak individual who could not even compare to the chaos crawling around.


W-what. Y-yah.

He vomited a long tear and spit out a fierce hostility against Yeon-woo. As the spirit moved, a lot of debts formed and poured down on Yeouido's head.

Each and every one of them contained a powerful force that could sweep away even the smooth highrankers.

Yeongwoo did not put a sword in the arena and sprinkled it into the air.

[Sword of Armor - Thunder] [Perfection] The same kind of artillery the King showed us one day when he took him to destroy the 11 cities of Kuram. Along with the sword candle he once realized (sun # 3).

Kurrrrrrrrr! Thanks to you, the number of lightning strikes that connect the heavens and the earth have nearly halved the gods of the other worlds.

He thought he would never be able to endure Yeongwoo and wanted to leave his position with a big twist.

“Ew." But it wasn't a coincidence to just let it go.

The moment I put my magic into the Iron Cliff, the Dark Lord's mold, I began to move with the loose end of the locked chain.

There are dozens of tiny voids opening up around him, and the Black Chain runs through him quickly.

With the sound of iron rushing in, the chains were somewhat as complex as cobwebs, and hundreds of meters tied together the massive body of the surpassing beast in one fell swoop.

Let go. D.

La-la! "Every time he struggled in agony, the chains became stronger. How to give up the form and become intangible ( # 8), it did not even work.

Even the great Black Monarch 'metal was cast into the void. Of course, there was no way a child like him could get out of there.

Above all, the chain is also filled with pieces of Woman Beacon, so it moves too well to its will.

The strategy of continuously lowering his lightning and sharpening his stamina was also effective.

At the end, the movement sank, almost giving up resistance.



7. Black. Hoo. Yes.

Uh-huh. Crab.

I just slowly realized who Yeon-woo was, and I threw out a serpent filled with disbelief. I couldn't understand the exact meaning, but it seemed to raise questions about how he got here.

But I wasn't obligated to answer him again.

They think we should arrest him alive and interrogate him for this.

Yeon pulls the chain in her hand, pulling it in close.

Right then.

Yi, Dae. With.

P. Group. No. Hahn. C.

Suddenly, he lifts his head and weeps bitterly. This is nothing like the sound of crying in anger.

Yeon-woo was preparing for the final resistance, but when she acted strangely, she made a strong impression. What the hell did you do? Later, I realized his prey.

Kur! As if responding to Kruerra, suddenly there are voices of foreign faith ringing from all over the stage.

We called in reinforcements.

"What? There's more of him?" "A flock of other gods living in a tower.

It was weird to have this guy around, so I thought I'd try and get him alive. If there were more than one, it was a bigger problem.

Does the power of crawling chaos have anything to do with filling the stage? `Even though this place is the tomb of Giants who were captivated by the chaos that crawled around here, and because of that, it has transformed into an environment similar to the sea, filled with his divine power.

But the fact that there are so many people living here. And it was not at all understandable to leave this landscape to Olfowon, the Central Administration, and the heavenly system.

But it was clearly the gods of the other world that were coming here, following his call. There will be no one but him who is full of chaos and chaos.

I... Dead. Uh, never mind. Sucks.

Ha. G. You. is.

Equally. Die.

Moreover, he seemed to have thrown his corpse as bait and summoned the god of another system. He was destined to die anyway, but even if he did, he was going to let Yeon-woo who made him like this flow with him.

“This... how did Yeon-woo feel about him or the surrounding environment.

Maybe in their world of chaos and chaos, I thought maybe this ecosystem was natural.

“You're bothering me.” The grin pulls back on the chain with an annoying voice.

Then the chain was sucked inward, and the void of the shadow opened wide and swallowed him whole.

Just like we locked Mars in the beagrid, we were going to leave him behind first.

The total capacity was not to worry, as the shadow was enhanced while feeding the warrior's headquarters.


"It was better." Tsurrok-Yeon unleashes more chains.

Everything that rushes in here, it's got to be more like him, or higher up.

When there was little known about the god of witchcraft and otherworldly systems, if we could capture them all alive and experiment with them, we might be able to get a lot of information about them.

Moreover, we could see why this Hidden Stage was so messed up and why we wanted to leave it like this.

“Braham and wealth would love it.” Of course, it's hard to hunt them all. However, the more samples I had, the better. I was going to catch them as far as I could.

It looked completely different from the Sea of Mahea when it was urgent to flee and there was no interest in surviving.

Choi! The black chain rises up like a snake waiting for its prey.

The forest has been destroyed by the burning chaos of the mines, and only the damned wind blows.

The eyes of the golden lotus glowed even with madness.


Kukukuku! Dozens of foreign gods approach, enveloping the vast open forest sky.

They didn't give it much thought.

I was just trying to kill Yeouido, who was trying to take over their territory. The attack was intense from the start, as we've already seen the other one take the fall. Lots of light arrows and tentacles poured in.

The moment that Yeon-woo was about to move the same.

“Crazy! You!” Suddenly, it grew in the burning bushes.