Second Life Ranker

4. Scenario Quests (4)

I didn't have any courage in Valdivi for a while. I'm just staring at Yeon-woo.

He seemed to know who Yeon Woo was.

“I think it's a different personality than what I saw in the diary. `Baldebich, whom his brother remembers, was always naive and kind.

The nickname "Black Night Tea" also means that sometimes battles become like a runaway predator who gets light-headed and doesn't look back. He was naturally incapable of uttering hateful words to others and not being public by himself.

My colleagues' gestures are always swirling around in jest. It was because of that that that I was finally beaten by Beirut.

But Baldevich in front of the moat was not like that at all.

His eyes are burning fiercely, and his jaw is clenched. Moreover, the whole body was covered in scars and told me how rough the battlefield he had been.

Especially when the sword always exploded, a lot of photophobia that used to rot in my colleagues also sank, turning into a fierce speculation (subtraction ).

It seemed to be a warrior of the Hundred War (6\).

I still didn't think I could do it.

So Baldevich did not raise himself, but insisted on the contradiction.

Maybe this is a choice because it will deliver the doctor more reliably and quickly.

You're # #, right? Whether the name is still kept private, Yeonwoo's name has been blinded.

However, Valdivich himself discussed the word 'Cha Yeon-woo'. It meant he knew exactly who he was.

“Did Jungwoo say my name, too?" As it passed. “You must be drunk." Exactly. Baldevich once again shook Yeon-woo up and down without saying a word. For a short while, a lot of emotions passed through his eyes.

Looking at the same face as an old friend, he must be lying low.

We started together from the beginning of the tutorial, and he was my best friend.

Then Baldevich suppresses his surging emotions and sighs, saying, "Get lost."

"Ha! I didn't think so... Did you end up here? Then Baldevich narrowed his eyes and stared at Yeongwoo.

Plus, it's just like your brother. How can a brother be so alike? “What nonsense.” Yeon-woo snorted.

“I'm much lower than him. Looks like a face, looks like a personality.” "As if this is some silly expression, Lady Foot Devici looks at Yeon-woo and looks at her tongue.

You have the same temperament.

He only talks differently. Don't other colleagues complain about it? "I'm just telling you the truth, what are you complaining about?" Th-that's right, brother. Valdeviri shakes his head.

I just ignored Yeon-woo.

“I have more questions than that.” What is it? “Here, obviously inside the tower, why are there so many other gods?” What was Baldevich trying to say?

The cry of the other gods echoes through the sky again. The stage is agitated again. The sky was shaken as if it were falling apart. And then they started beating each other up to make sure that you didn't miss out on your goal.

Baldevich glances at the scene and slowly gets up.

It seems difficult to keep talking here. Let's take it from here. Follow me. Then, without hearing Yeon-woo's answer, I began to move quickly.

The boundary moved accordingly. It seemed like this situation was very familiar.

Yeongwoo also followed the path of Baldebich, illuminating the Wind Road.

Baldebich guided us a long way from where the swamp used to be.

A place with several layers of boundaries along a wide plain. Inside, you see an unquantifiable number of gravestones.

Baldebich's house is set up behind the cemetery park.

That tombstone, "Chk Why do you ask? It belongs to the people who closed their eyes here. Though I did not bury one good remains beneath the tombstone. Come in. Baldevich's voice was satisfied with nowhere else.

Yeon-woo could feel the fatigue buried there. He's a rebel who's facing the graveyard. It looks like he's picking up the remains of the Giants himself and building a tomb one by one.

He is doing what no one has ordered him to do, in a place where there is no popularity at all. Moreover, it was strange that the nerves would not become sharp in order to do so in a dangerous place where dozens of other gods would be stranded.

The imprint along Baldevich is large. Seeing how big he was, he had to be spacious by Yeon Woo's standards.

Just as his personality was shown on the inside, most of them were full of what they needed.

And that placement.

“It's the same." It's the same structure as his room that's still in Clan House.

This one, too, is still struggling to come out of the old ghost.

"This is all you have to offer, so don't take any complaints and drink. The tea cup in front of the lotus, which is gross enough to make a sound.

'When it's a washbasin, it's big enough to be mistaken.

However, I could see that it was a cup because it was shaped on the other side and was a trace of craftsmanship.

"I don't think I've ever been good at anything. `When it was brewed, there was a cup as big as a jar of black water that looked like coffee.

"I'm starving." I've never had this much coffee at once, so I thought I'd be able to drink it all in a while.

Moreover, the part called the handle was too big to hold, so I had to hold the cup with both hands and drink coffee.

I think my friends gave me a drink like this when I first took my first vacation in the military.

And after a few sips, he said,

I didn't just write it.

I wrote too much, and Baldevich's expression distorted.

It must be from your home planet! Although he made a sharp cup of coffee, Baldebich was curious about how Yeon Woo would react and was just watching him drink.

I don't grow a lot of coffee beans in my backyard, so I'm doing my best to give my guests a visit. But the answer I gave after drinking was so annoying.

However, Yeon-woo did not pretend to listen to Baldevich, but asked with a expressionless face.

"Are you following the recipe that Jungwoo taught you?" "" How did 7 Valdevich's distorted expression change strangely.

“Obviously. He doesn't even know how to drink coffee. I know it's good to use it. Did you drink something like this all this time?" Ch-ch-ch-chan, I had a hard time at first, but then I learned about the flavor_{{{__ < >} “People like espresso on Earth sometimes, but most people don't eat cake to drink like this in a bowl.” Zea, "even though Giant tastes differently from humans, there are some similarities between them, being a rebel.” [200] It's obvious. You thought this bitter coffee would go well in this hard place, didn't you? ”. ~." Chungwoo, "she said," It's the same as Seok-ho. Social City 0 did not end up with a chilled delay. I woke up coffee on the spot.

“Are you feeling faint? It's on page,. How can you change the bad tongue on the... side? Let me borrow it for a minute.

Without Baldevihi's permission, I took my own cup of coffee and Baldevihi's cup of coffee and entered the kitchen.

Baldevich stares behind him dazed.

Why did he leave without saying anything, and make excuses? It seemed different from Jungwoo, who led the atmosphere and made people speechless.

A visitor who looks like Jungwoo, but doesn't look like Jungwoo.

Baldevich is silent and unable to say anything for a while.

“Have a drink.” After a while, Yeon-woo took a new coffee from another cup found in the woodshed and placed it in front of Baldebich.

Milk with a murky brown sensitivity.

Baldevich switches cups and lotuses with a suspicious look like the person who met the monstrous object.

Is coffee in milk? "The combination of bitter_espresso was a common sense in Valdivihi.

“Caramel macchiato.” Ka, Ka, Ka "" Run? Seeing Baldebich, who was not able to follow the pronunciation, she sighed again and pressed her temples tightly with her finger.

“Caramel macchiato. Drink it. It's perfect for a lost taste like yours. Milk and caramel syrup were replaced by something other than what we used on Earth, but they'll be fine.” I was already commended by the Elder and Abraham, so I was not worried. My head aches when I think of all the trouble I went through to avoid the other outsiders who came to me after hearing the rumors.

The ingredients were piled up in sub-space, so it wasn't that hard to make.

Baldevich said, 'I still have a suspicious face, so I closed my eyes and took a mouthful. And...

“Yummy. Here!” Baldevich opens his eyes so wide that he doesn't even know it.

How did you make this? One lip of Yeon-woo dried up.

“Trade secrets.” Valdivich's day has again distorted.

You look like Jungwoo again. “Don't just eat like that. If it's ice, put it in and try it cold. Maybe it fits better.” Baldevich drank his coffee around and blew up his elongation in the way Yeonwoo taught him. Apart from espresso, I enjoyed my mouth because I drank such sweet coffee.

Yeonwoo kept smiling, looking at the bright one again after making a face.

I'm h-full. “It is strange that you are not full because you foolishly emptied more than ten bowls that big.” Yeon looks for her tongue, looking for a cup rather than a glass piled up next to Baldevich's seat. I can't believe they're eating like that. The dead appetizer looked like he would cry if he saw that.

Don't call me a fool. “Well, let's just say there's a lot to eat. More than" ______ ^ ". Now I want to talk when I find a boat.” Baldevich trembles because he doesn't want to see the face of Yeon Woo from start to finish. What's even more annoying is that he did it with a blank face. Instead, Jungwoo laughed cheerfully.

But the appearance of Yeon Woo was unusual to him.

I vaguely thought that someone in Jungwoo's family who received the letter would come to the tower, but it felt strange as it happened. Especially since Yeon-woo has the same face as Jungwoo, it seemed like her heart was beating again.

“I've been looking for you. You know why, right?” Valdeviri nods heavily. He thought he was a sinner.

I heard that Jungwoo accidentally resurfaced at the Tower and that Artiya had been resurrected. I assumed that someone in the family was impersonating her to avenge her friendship. And... + I've been preparing ever since. "Baldebich dropped his head.

"If you try to kill me, I'll give up my head as much as you want. It's like I don't have a mouth anyway. However, I have a favor to ask. Just... just give me a little more time. We're not done yet. If you finish that, I'll leave it alone. Just a little while longer, Yeon-woo glances at Baldevich and opens Yongsin slightly. There were so many grains following him that they were disappearing.

He said...... the truth.

He's really getting ready to die.

Yeon kicked her tongue, but she closed her eyes quietly.

'But he was completely abandoned. "Yeon-woo muttered a little, thinking of her younger brother. From Leonhard to Valdevich. They say it's still hard to forgive you on the outside, but you still feel a little united.

They have been in their hearts ever since their brother died.

“I don't care about your neck.” _:_: What? “Vengeance is almost over anyway. All that's left is that one bitch, Viera Dunne. It doesn't make a difference if you add your neck to it. Day two," But I really want to apologize to Jungwoo. ”Work! Work!" Live! Become my sword 2 : ll!