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5. Scenario Quests (5)

Maybe it's because I never thought of it.

Baldevich's body is frozen solid.

What "“? “Live to get it. Collaborate. Strike Bierra Dun on the neck and smash the tower." Valdivich's eyes widen. This time, it was not just chaos, but horror.

Is this because Viera Dun... knew she ate the Mother Earth? “Aldama. How many times have I been married?” Yeon smiled calmly and said that she had sunk Valpurgis' night and waged war against Titan-Gigas in Tartarus.

In the process, Titan-Gigas took the place of Olympus and he took the seat of the four thrones behind Hades.

And when Bakuk reached the point that he tried to grab Bierra Dungeon and eat Elohim and descend Olympus into the Summer, it became a face that he did not wear.

I overheard a coincidence that you resurrected Artiya and defeated Valpurgis' Night or Elohim... I didn't think there was such a veil. And Baldevich muttered in a small way.

But four thrones? I know you tried to desertion through the succession of the Jungwoo Availability, but you chose a completely different method... I'll call myself a human being now. Wait, then. "Baldevich looked at Yeon-woo with a ridiculous look on his face.

"Is it not so strange that you tried to fight the gods of the other world and did something so crazy? A mortal who fights the transcendents.

As Valdevihiro was digging into the secrets of the giants, he was getting a little clue about desertion and transcendence.

In the beginning, mortals weren't meant to fight transcendents.

It was only worth rubbing after I had only achieved those two things, but I was in the wrong order.

When Baldevich first discovered the kite, he jumped in the middle for baroque reasons.

It was because I thought some unfortunate player had lost his way and flowed here to buy the attention of the Gailian gods.

Normally, if you leave them alone, they'd be eaten, they'd be toys, they'd be different, and they'd have only two options for dying when they got bored.

But after hearing all the stories that Yeon-woo's been through, I had no reason to save her life.

I don't know if I can handle dozens of other gods alone, but it was enough to take out one of my bodies.

“You mean this guy?” Yeon looks at Baldevich and smiles and spreads her right hand wide.

Then the void opened wide on the palm of my hand, showing me much of what was hidden inside.

Kuu! Baldevik was screaming in agony, as the god of the early days was tied to the black chains.

The fierce scent from there was spread to here beyond the void, causing the implosion to tremble up and down.

Baldevich opens his mouth without even knowing it.

Yeon-woo smiled as she saw him like that. It was because he wanted to show me how beautiful he was, but I still wanted to see how stupid he was.

D-plus, you did something wrong. I can't believe the Breath of a Blind City is hiding in a place like this. Valdeviri shakes his head. You think you can take on another god yourself. Is there anyone in the tower who would do such a ridiculous feather? He thought there was no such thing. The summer queen who lived a long time sober would never have thought of this.

As Yeongwoo closes the void, she looks up at Yeongwoo.

Surely if you can digest everything you have... I could destroy the Mother Earth. "Right?" But you know you have to go through Olfowon before that, right? "Of course not. So I'm going to take Olfowon out of the picture.” How? "Let's keep our strength as high as we can. And in order to do that, we're focusing not only on the bundles, but also on the power boost in Artiya.” S-so you want me to be your sword? “Yes. After taking down Olfowon, there will be more trouble than that. Olfowon reminds me of those petty, high-ranking reliances that are blocking him.

Celestial system.

It was widely known that it was divided into factions of gods and demons, and again, several different physicians.

It was not only foreign facts, but it was almost impossible to predict the details of the celestial world.

But one thing was certain.

The moment the celestial system opens, there will be a perceptual fluctuation in the tower that cannot be compared to now.

It was Valdivihi who had been collecting the legacy of the Giants, so I had no choice but to go deeper.

Perhaps it was a blessing for the beings of the underworld that God and demons had been hidden in the heavenly world all this time.

Y-you 're drawing something ridiculously big. "Valdevich realized that Yeonwoo is only considered to be an obstacle in the way to his destination.

For some, for others, it was a barrier against their destiny.

It was also because of Olfowon that the gods of the Lost World invaded the Hidden Stage here.

Is that what it means to destroy a tower? “Whatever is at the top, it must go up and take what is there, and only bush the tower will end this vengeance." In the end, for Yeonwoo, the final goal of revenge was the tower.

“So I suggest again.” Yeon narrows her eyes.

“Come back to Artiya, Valdivich. You who inherited the power of the Giants will be a great help to our future plans. I'd be much more comfortable if you told me that you were useful, not to appeal to sympathy or emotion. Hahaha!" Baldevich bursts into laughter. The sadness that had been all over my face had diluted slightly and disappeared, and I smiled slightly.

I realized that Yeon-woo's heart had already leaned in.

However, I didn't say that I was chasing after the dark to find his soul. Unlike the obvious goal of conquest of the tower, this is the answer he has not yet concluded.

Something about the Black King seemed like a homework assignment I had to solve on my own.

That's the most delightful thing I've ever heard. I feel like I want to follow you straight away. However, Val Devich smiled bitterly at Yeon Woo.

I can't. It's a confusing species of crawling chaos. "Bell? As soon as I heard that, Yeon-woo had a flashing thought in her mind.

When I first encountered the crawling chaos. Apparently, he looks like Valdevich.

“What happened?” Just as you've been talking about you, now it's my turn to tell my story. Baldevich smiles bitterly and slowly starts talking about his past life.

Aren't you curious about how the other gods got inside the tower? Yeon-woo's eyes slightly widened. If not, I was curious about how so many of those creatures got into the tower, no matter what stage they were on.

“Does this have anything to do with what you did?" Everywhere. First of all, this is the Grave of Giants, as you've seen here. That's where the last Giants fell. It is also a conscious world that has only been built by various foreign gods, including crawling chaos. Some kind of sanctuary? "Mien A long time ago, Giants were not killed by their own greed. Rather, he was beaten. There was something sticking into Yeon-woo's head, between the stars.

All the questions I've had.

The contents of the final Giant King, Valdivihi's stub and scenario quests that did not match the teachings of the 60th floor stage. And if you speculate on the relationship with the crawling chaos, "... you can see that. That's right. Giants were crawling, chaotic slaves. Shya-ha > Precisely a doomed species who had to be hunted with necklaces stuffed." Giants are known to only lead courage and morale, but in fact, they have an even greater value.

Family love ( Red).

Though I don't know how he used his hands, the crawling chaos wanted to turn warriors into hunting dogs by using Giant children and old men as babies. They've been conquests and charcoals for the first time, becoming victims. I don't know if I should call this a causal response. Baldevich continued to speak with a smile like that.

The problem was that the Giant Warriors could not abandon their families. So. “You must have gone into the tower like the crawling chaos told you to." ” That's right. I got to play the top dog. Yeon-woo seemed to fit the puzzles that had just been thrown into her head.

Crawling chaos has been the plan to enter the tower for a long time. However, because of the existence of Allfowon and the heavenly system, and because of their existence, there must be limits to their entry, they wanted to serve the Giants.

Giants are like the transcendents of heaven and are skilled in battle. Most of all, the tower doesn't reject it, so it should be perfect for use.

"As the giants passed through the insect system, the chickens planned to slowly infiltrate the crawling chaos and end the tower, infecting it with their powers." “So this Hidden Stage was some kind of outpost?” Yes. "Jill sank deep into Valdivihi's face.

"As Giant Warriors, I couldn't help but notice that my family is tied up here. But we have a problem." Olfowon ” Yes. Even the great giants could not surpass him. Then the giants who really thought they couldn't save their families had to make a final decision, and they wanted to hide the final work of their own, the Great Warrior, here at the child's" 60 year old. "Maybe if the faction pushed a single yoke, they could outrun Allfowon. It was a gamble, but I couldn't do anything else. Right?" Valdivich nods quietly.

But eventually the water failed, and the crawling chaos ended up abandoning the useless Giants. Yeon-woo seemed to know even if she didn't listen to it anymore.

Giant corpses I saw as soon as I first got here. Those who were stranded on trees and rocks with fear...... were probably the families of the Giant Warriors who were abandoned by the useless birds.

That fear and fear is probably caused by crawling chaos.

[Successfully uncovered a secret that was hidden from the Giants' deaths.] [But there seem to be more secrets that we haven't figured out yet. Collect additional secrets.] Yeon puts the message aside and asks.

“This is what you've been looking for.” Yes. “Then why are you a species of crawling chaos?" "If there were a group of survivors among the Giants that were killed at the time, I would believe them." "Well, I had to make a pact with a raging chaos to protect them. At that moment.

Queek! "My mom said it was time for dinner. That's why I brought rice._" Suddenly, the door of the dungeon opened wide, and a boy hugged a huge sock full of things came in.

However, unlike a face that looks like an echo, the child is taller or similar to Yeon Woo.

The child was surprised to see that there were other beings in the house, other than Valdevich, and opened his eyes wide. The sock I was holding in my arms fell on the floor.

“Ah, ah...!” Fit! At that time, Baldevich immediately moved. Before he could scream, he appeared directly behind him and slapped him on the back. Soon the child lost his strength and collapsed.

Valdivich sighs, carefully hugging the child.

I didn't know it was time already. “He is…? 7 the descendants of a group of survivors. But being cut off from the outside, I was only born here and have to live... so that I can be as good as my ancestors were... What you call rebellious beings." Keep your eyes wide open. Then I hardened my impression.

I was overwhelmed by the fact that a giant, known only as a giant and a human hybrid, is actually a descendant of a Giant who has been admired.

“These guys are here for a while, aren't they?” I heard there were quite a few at first, but now the number of individuals is still decreasing... Now there are only over a hundred. Baldebich stroked his head heavily.

I didn't even touch the crawling chaos. It didn't have to be true. Since he was no longer a hunting dog, he was no more than that. I gradually slipped out of Valdivihi's eyes.

The problem is that this place has become his sanctuary, filled with the power of the chaos that crawls through time. "The last remnants of the species must have been hard to live on." So you made a deal with a bunch of hovering chaos to protect them? "Yes. Luckily, he was very interested in me. You said you're quite knowledgeable about the tower.It's good for making a fuss. I may not look like much to my face, but I think I'm closest to my ancestors. Yeon-woo recalled the first time she met Baldevich. Openness that defeated the gods of other systems. Baldevich was much stronger than before he left Artiya. Gearing chaos was worth the attention as a long-term term.

As you can see, I cannot leave here. I don't know what you're here to do, but you better get out of here as soon as possible. Crawling chaos may read your existence. "If Yeon Woo wants to open up the portal to the outside," Baldevich said.


Yeongwoo was able to read the emotions that lay by Baldevihi's eyes.

He was familiar with the feeling.


The eyes of those who think they can't get out of their hair after falling into despair and giving up everything.

In the diary...... After I lost all my colleagues, I saw the same look my brother had.

That's it.

I hated it so much.

Baek-yoon gripped his fist.

The fury stops in my mind.

“Let me ask you a question.” What…? “Ticket that you got after you broke the quest. Why didn't you use the ticket to connect me to the planet at the time you wanted, and use it for friendship? Say," Fever of Fever. “” Th-that was the only atonement for friendship. “If you'd written it, you could've taken them all and gone back to your hometown." It's too late for that.... “I didn't need a helping hand, but when she saw the strong look in Yeongwoo's eyes, she choked. His eyes, which had been sinking like a dead man all this time, were shaking violently.

“You wanted to save me, you wanted to help me, you wanted to tell someone else. I didn't want to ask you to lower your leash and ask for your salvation.” I yelled, stifling the image of Yeon. Following him, the violent force flowing out of the stream shook the roof.

“So don't take this nonsense too long. Tell me the truth, Valdivich. What do you want? What do you want to ask?? I, I:_{No. Right:“ “. His eyes fluttered. My voice trembled.


Jurland pours a single tear down his eyes.

Save us...... The moment it was over.

"I'll accept that wish.” Following Yeongwoo's back, the wings of the sky spread in splendor. Dark red glow ( % ) spread like a god on the ground.

Baldevich was able to feel himself obsessed by the sight.

Looking at him like that.

Yeonwoo declared.

“As your new king and god, ”