Second Life Ranker

6. Scenario Quests (6)

[Scenario Quest (King's Proof 1) has been completed.] achieving achievements that no one can easily accomplish. Additional Public Values are available.] [150,000 Public Values have been earned.] [200,000 additional Public Values.] [You won the Second King's Token as a reward.] [As a reward, Skeleton King's Armor 'has been obtained.] [You have declared you will be a new god, not just the new king of the giants.] Your Declaration has been proclaimed throughout the Celestial World. From now on, all the gods and demons will be watching your manners.] [God's society, Olympus, shows hostility to your arrogance.] [God's society, Asgard, sees you unsatisfied.] [God's society, Deva, looks at you with worried eyes.] [The Demon Society has sent a message to congratulate Le Infernal.] [All the Gods of Death nod satisfactorily to your decision.]] [All the demons of death laugh with their teeth exposed in your proclamation.] I look forward to seeing you ascend to heaven.] [Kernunos asks that you not forget your spirits.] Mangiants are descendants of the Giants, who may have been noble, but still have transcendence. To be their god, you have to achieve a great achievement accordingly. 1 [According to your announcement, the difficulty bandwidth is scaled up.] [Scenario Quest' Proven by the King 'has been updated to' Proven by the King and God '.] [I started walking the path as a god.] [A new myth begins to be recorded in the current myth,' Struggle `. New hairs to be acquired) and new heirlooms 0 # 08) are determined based on the ranking of the myth gained.] [You have gained 300,000 additional Public Values.] [Connection quest (proof of king and god) has been created.] [Scenario Quest/King and Proof of Faith: You were silent when you heard the exact reason for the Giant's death from the descendant of the Giants, "Baldevich," and you were grieved by the successors of the Giants who had been enjoyed in the snow.

After much deliberation, he declared that he would protect them as kings, and that he would lead them as gods.

But the descendants of the giants still have no faith in you as king, no faith in you as god. To have trust and faith, you have to build that achievement, that myth, for them.

Start writing down myths now.

The first is to teach them how great their ancestors were and inspire uterus for the rebels who lost their existence.

You haven't finished the proper investigation of the Giant's remains.

There seems to be some secrets hidden at the Ruins related to the Giants. Lead your people and believers, investigate the ruins, uncover secrets, and start preparing for the next Independence.

Limitations: Completor of the 'King's Proof '. Holder of the title "The Great Warrior."

Time Limit: - Reward: 1. Faith of People and Faith +1002. Third King's Token 3. Half of Skeleton King4. Association Quest 'Proof of the King' participated-Yeon-ju realized that something was once again significantly different from the body along with his declaration.

The soul is gaining a higher rank as it grows larger, just as it did after looking at the Apostle's Palace in the Great Library for the first time.

Probably because he's declared to be the god of the rebels.

Magic power is contained in a small amount of horse (rim) to slightly affect the system. Of course, there were changes to achievements that changed the rewards that would be received in the future.

If the creature was imagined, it must have the power to give the horse that much.

It was the first time that Yeon-woo himself declared that he would become a God, and the soul changed accordingly.

After all, the Giants are descended from Giants, even though they've been through hell and back. They were once shoulder to shoulder with the gods. When I decided to rule them, I was forced to be more influenced.

Perhaps' I don't know, but it was clear that there was a remarkable growth like when I read the Book of Revelations.


Yeon-woo realized that this was another opportunity to try to desertify herself.

You could have gained more power if you sublimated your status immediately.


[Deliberate desquamation aborted.] [The fight will remain fixed.] Yeongwoo did not try to deflect prejudice as before.

“If we do it here, we can definitely gain some self-esteem...... but we can't be like the Vampire Lords. `This is the sanctuary of the other gods, untouched by Olfowon. Unlike the last time, we will be able to complete our desertion without interruption.

However, Yeon-woo reminded of the Vampire Monarch who could not escape the Sea of Mahidol much.

I've been hiding my existence for centuries because I want to look into the eyes of Allfowon. Yeon-woo did not want to do that. because he still had a lot to do and a lot of stairs left to climb, 'desertion is something you can try again at any time.` So I was able to throw off without feeling foolish for a long time.

On the other hand, I thought about it.

'If you continue to postpone your desiccation in this way and your soul continues to ripen, what will happen later if you just regain your imagination? In fact, delaying desquamation did not mean that there was no growth.

Even though it's slow, the soul is growing that much. Zero pressure and quality also improved that much.

It is like a bird growing in an egg.

So I was curious about Yeon-woo.

If you continue to grow your soul while remaining mortal, what happens next?

There is a limit that can no longer be postponed. Until then, the detachment will be inevitable.

And what it would look like.


"I wonder if there's something bigger going on while I think about it.

White-Yeon opened her eyes slowly as she felt the aura that surrounded her sinking down.

And at the same time, I feel something connected to my soul.


But it was much different from what he had been linked to many gods and demons when he had taken all his powers.

It was channeling downwards. It felt similar to what it felt like to be connected to Doyle.

[The Faithful 'Valdevich' plays a powerful role in your faith!] Baldevich tucks his sword into the ground, his knee tucked in, and he opens a small prayer door. Like the paladin praying for God's blessing, he was immortal and godly.

Giants that are 3 meters tall in the rainbow are doing so, but they haven't really adapted.

However, Yeon realized that the more intense her faith from Baldebic, the more different the impact it had on her. The closer you get to the Cultist (\ (8), the more you have absolute trust in God, the greater the power of God.

It was' a strange and mysterious feeling.

I feel like I'm not going out.

The cat seemed to be able to hold on to everything in the world and bleached its soul.

At that moment, Yeon-woo could clearly realize.

Why do gods and demons so much want to interfere with the summer?

If you could feel this way with just one passionate belief, what would it feel like to have more faith and faith?

And the greater the myth, the greater the impact it will have on the future, the more we try to descend into the lower reaches.

I also felt like I knew why I was dividing factions and building society.

That makes it easier to write a myth. Building a society is about sharing a bigger myth. It will have to be that big of an impact. And at its peak, beings naturally had to be great.

So I suddenly thought that.

How could Olfowon, who doesn't have any followers, be strong enough to handle the Celestial Hall? What exactly does the word apostle of the tower mean? Th... + this place, - No, this place. Yeon follows Baldevik to the village where the rebels live.

Baldevich continues to notice Yeon as he leads the way.

Yeon-woo kicked his tongue and called out to him.

“Hey, Valdivich.” What's the matter…… No, what's the matter:: 7/} '? "You don't have to insist on being respectful. Just do as you did before” Can I...? “I hate to hear the daily greetings from my brother's friend.” Then let's just say, "What was important to God and the faithful was the faith that existed between them, not the vanity.

However, the emphasis on consciousness and discipline in religion is because God cannot interfere with the daily congregation. It is part of a plan to prevent corruption of the name of God through misconduct without breaking the godly heart.

Therefore, it does not need to be respectful of Yeon-woo as a Baldevik who has a direct relationship with God, but rather it only feels awkward.

Baldevich was only able to speak comfortably again after the permission of the kite. Why do you look so pathetic when you're acting like a piece of wood? Maybe he didn't have any relationship with the acting part of his life.

The place Baldevich guided was not far from the prison.

The place is filled with houses that seem to collapse soon. In order not to be a prominent toy in the eyes of the other gods, there were obscure boundaries and concealments placed around the place.

"What a mess." Yeon looks for a sudden tongue as she looks at the village.

It was a harsher environment than those of the rare factions that were crumbling inside the tower. I've never seen anything like a giant armory or a forge.

No matter how hard you try, you really have descendants of giants living here? But there was a bigger problem.

After being shot at by Baldevich, rebels appear one by one everywhere.

Scared shitless faces. I could feel it so far, guarding against the lotus. Whether he trained separately or badly, his body was the worst.

Baldevich came out and looked around, but he sure as hell wouldn't have come out if he hadn't kept digging.

"Bring these bastards, inspire pride? Do you think about the contents of the updated scenario quest and feel the gloom of the moment?

They were 'all livestock had completed. I feel nothing of the Giants' power.

He said he was going to save them, but only because he knew that his will as a Giant remained. Not at all.

And then I realized later.

How scared he was when he first entered the tower.

Perhaps I would have worn a retreat in the tutorial if I hadn't met my brother and learned from the butler as a child.

Yeongwoo only remembered Baldevik, who had just lost his reputation as a black car, so she had forgotten for a moment what a rebel was like.

'It's a long way to go. "But that didn't mean I gave up.

The fact that Valdivi has grown this much means that they have the potential to grow.

Even if it's shiny now, what if it's born after the transformation...? You will have the best warrior squad that none of the players in the tower have ever had.

Of course, to do that, first of all.

"Gotta roll. `Yeon-woo rolls one mouth in an evil way.

At that moment, the rebels who confronted him had to plunge into a panic I didn't even know existed.