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7. Scenario Quests (7)

The shadow surrounding my body like a cocoon loosened like a thread.

Then what was inside slowly appeared.

“Shannon... After he summoned her, she opened her eyes slightly, seeing an unbelievably low existence.

He would have been much different from what Shannon looked like before.

First of all, there's a big difference in size.

He used to be taller than any other player, but now he's over two meters tall. It seemed to be quite different from Valdivihi.

Plus, the sod breakers in its arms are bigger and thicker with a shiny black radish. Just by looking at it, the fan was no joke.

Especially since the Black Energy circled around Shannon looked a lot like the shadow of Yeon Woo, but it had a depth that seemed to suck everything.

As Yeon watched Shannon change, she was able to later realize where the difference was.

The smell of death.

The scent of death was so intense that all the living would suck it out.

And that scent was intense, acting like it was going to end soon.

It was also the smell of struggle.

The power to bend the weak and expose their jealousy to the strong.

"Is this my sacred possession?" It was shaped as a pervert (piled up), strongly influenced by his god.

That's why he was named after him.

Tess Road] Location: Insignia Description: As the Monarch of Death, he leads those who want to reject their masters to death. Has the ability to rule Hell.

He will try to spread your will on this earth as your first loyal knight and great general.

IMPORTANT: Your 'Power (2)' is undergoing a new transformation. It may take a little more time to complete.

"Death Lord." The name I had before was Death Noble. more than one step up. Obviously, he was no longer short of the name "Lord."

Specifically, the contents of the specifics were prominent.

The part about the 'power' that Shannon took from the dietary appetizer is evolving into a new phase. I had already wondered what this would look like when it was completed.

“I think I can compare it to King Asok by now. Maybe it was more than that in some respect.It was always welcome to be strong. I had no choice but to grow as a kitten.

"No, perhaps this was natural. In fact, it was Shannon, not Yeouido, who explored the heavenly host deepest.

Unlike Yeon, who had many other areas to care about besides magic, alchemy, and dark power, they thoroughly explored the Jeju from the standpoint of the UAVs.

Especially Shannon's most enthusiastic realization of the pyrotechnics and the new spirit was that Yeon-woo sometimes listened to him.

Then I met Thousand Horses and looked at the Apostle's Book and opened my eyes to the new worldview, and I had a different vision than before.

It is strange that there have been almost two hundred years of patience here, or more than a thousand years in the conscious world.

Iggy Sting . Dujie? "At that time, Baldevich looked at Shannon as he twitched his eyes slightly.

The chills rose brightly along the thick skin. His eyes widened. I even went crazy.

When he met the enemy, he smiled unconsciously.

You mean enough to make a blacksword car nervous to collide with the gods of another world? I thought there were so many Shannons in Yeon Woo. He's the one who's made the most progress with himself. Sometimes the Cancun clan is undervalued, but in fact, it is the closest companion to itself.

So I was able to answer with a good feeling.

"My family.” What? This existence… ~? Baldevich looks at Yeon-woo, who says he can't believe it, and murmurs a little.

I shook my head in horror, thinking it would happen soon. The god of the other world keeps them safely in the void, but I didn't think there was anything strange about having such a family.

However, on the other hand, I thought about it.

If there are one or two more of these bonds... I won't be able to promise to free myself from the crawling chaos.


Flurry! A blue flame blazes out of the dome that was covered with a black helmet.

Inferno Sites. The eyes of the dead echo that they must have to observe the material world.


"Here…"? A voice that cracks like a parched snout. It's like a gloomy cry spreading from the bottom of hell, and Baldevich has to feel the creeps running down his spine again.

Yeon-woo didn't mind at all.

“Get up, Sanon. That's enough.” Scary to end it.

Shannon rises slowly, spreading his black energy like a mist.

Hard, hard, hard! The movement of the interlock-like machine reboots, but every time more black energy rises in the vicinity of the joint, the movement becomes more active.

And when the sword breaker was used as a cane to fully raise itself, once again, a powerful aura came round. The shadow flickers along the floor.

If not, the treacherous houses of the giants would have been swept away by the wind. While Baldevich quickly disseminates a magical wave, Shannon slowly turns his head toward the moat.

You sing so fast. "Shannon's voice was still gloomy. Though the tone was full of ambiguity, the tone came too familiar to Yeon-woo.

“You know, I had a lot of work to do.” Thanks to It was very difficult for us to live with our owners for a boring time. "They were faulty in the book of Revelation, so they were missing the flow of time, but they were not the family members.

We share a time zone like Yeongwoo, but consciousness is a separate personality. Of course, that long time had to be boring. No matter how impatient I was, there was no limit.

It was a bit nauseating to have forgotten them all this time.

Moreover, it was just one last step ahead... Can't you see that? Evolution of "Force". It could have been a new 'achievement' for Shannon.

Just as Yeonwoo has the sacred name of death and struggle, he was able to write a new myth that developed "power." And it was a car in front of Barocco, and I woke it up.

Shannon had no choice but to complain.

“Don't rush it. It'll only take a little longer, but you can always finish the Force, right? After a thousand years, you won't have to complain just a few more months." QET. But it was too before... "If you don't like it, give it to someone else." Why is his personality still the same? By the way, "" { Shannon grumbled when he saw the allies who did not want to give him any room to grumble. In fact, Yeongwoo did not intend to wake Shannon and others up until the ceremony itself.

This is the situation now. I had no choice but to wake him up.

Baldebich glanced at Shannon with a blank gaze. Until just now, he suddenly turned from a feeling of overwhelming pressure like a ringleader to a sudden look of 'light-headed', so he never got used to it.

What do you see? You've never seen a dead man before? "Shannon feels Baldevic's gaze and lays his anger on you for no reason.

Baldevich thought this was a crazy thing to say.

The eighth This must be the first time I've seen you. Then you'll see a lot of it in the future. The line is usually dead when we're next to our human king. "Even though Val Devici could not say anything, it seemed to make sense to Shannon.

Shannon turns his gaze back toward the kith. I twisted my head to the side and asked.

So why did you call me? "You said you used to teach in the days of the Red Dragon.” By the way? Yeon-woo said in a serious tone, thinking of the rebels who were still speechless and trembling.

“I have people for you.” Hey, master. "00... Why don't you just absorb all this? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Then figure out the Giant Factor your master was looking for, get him on the Discover Pluto, and you can train him, and get rid of my first score. Trinity, huh? “ I'm going to disconnect "" Hey! What am I supposed to do with these bastards...! "Yeon-woo silenced Shannon's rebellion at once and temporarily blocked channeling.

I could see Shannon on the road right now, but at this time, I was comfortable pretending not to know.

At that moment, Yeon-woo realized that Baldevich was looking at her with a worried look.

“What's the matter?” No, I really want to do that later. As you can see, the more I try to force them, the more I get scared... Yeonwoo and Valdevich were leaving the rebels to Shannon and leaving the town.

It was a situation I had to worry about.

Rebels are already undergoing stealth depth breeding. He has been trying to change them for a long time, but the more he tries to move, the more he tends to shrivel, because he is already wet on the tarmac.

And now Shannon has no one-sided meal with them. He felt threatened by Shannon himself, but he didn't need to see the rebels. Moreover, it seemed that Shannon's personality was not as strong as Yeon-woo's.

Yeon-woo, however, silenced Baldevihi's concerns too easily.

"However." “05722Ahi." Just do it. ” > _____ ~ Baldevich was unable to say anything.

I was focused on opening the path of salutation.

“I know what you're worried about. It's hard to rush people to change, as you can't change them overnight. Everyone has a tendency, and there's an environmental car, and there's nothing more dangerous than compulsory generalization. If it's the way it's supposed to be, we should take the time to change it.” ______ ~ "But I don't have time for that right now. This area is increasingly turning out to be a bad environment for rebels, and the upper staircase is changing differently every day. We have to do whatever it takes to survive there.” Yeon thought the tower at this point was perhaps the biggest uproar of all.

This is when the conflict between heaven and Allfowan intensifies, and the entry of other gods continues to accelerate. And the Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad, Wind is blowing in the Summer now. Soon there will be a great uproar.

That's where the rebels want to survive as giants. The only way to survive as a species without being slaughtered is to find a quick change with pain in the bone.

From Yeonwoo's perspective, it was not persuasion or motivation that was needed for passive rebels. Despite being fingered for solicitation, I had to be forced to drag her out somehow.

Receiving a seizure was the only thing I had to endure after that.

The existence of a king sometimes required such determination.

I can't say anything anymore because I know Yeon-woo's insides. I just wanted my people to follow me.

“More than that.” Yeon-woo shifts her conversation to clear the air.

“Is this really the right way?” Yes. I'm not sure the ruins you're looking for refer to this place. But they say this is the place where the old forefathers used to live. Yeon-woo reviewed the contents of the scenario quest.

Exploring and Investigating the Ruins for the first time as God and King of the Giants.

The quest clearly says there is a secret left here by the Giants.

"I assumed that Yeon-woo might have left something behind.

Giants aren't fools unless they're just wandering chaos dogs. It was clear that he had prepared some kind of hand in secret for the counterattack.

But I've only killed it before I tried it.

If so, there must be something related to it.

This is it. Tak! Yeongwoo stopped walking with Baldevich.

You can see the ruins below, almost ruined.

A barren wasteland, like a temple or a village. If Baldevihika hadn't taught me, it would have been a common wasteland in Hidden Stage.

Yeongwoo spreads its wings of fire and quickly exudes the interior of the ruins. The scale continued as if it were several hundred thousand square feet.

“What a mess." Seems like it's been forgotten for thousands of years. Moreover, given the moving gods of other systems, I think it is a miracle that I am still like this "Valdivi's voice was filled with bitterness.

I nodded my head as if Yeon-woo was positive, but I couldn't help but wonder what I was looking for here.

I'm asking you to dig this whole place up like a Ruins Excavation Team. The question was, where do we go from there to there?

I spread the realm of the supersenses in my mind, just in case, deep down.

`There's nothing to see. "The artifacts used by the giants were buried in large quantities beneath the ground. It was a wonderful thing for Abraham or wealth to know, but it didn't interest Yeon-woo much.

I could not help but pull out the ghosts and leave them behind.

"The stonework was able to notice that there were a lot of stone stones on each of the borders of the poison site.

At that moment.

I heard a familiar voice in my head. I was rich.

I didn't wake anyone except Shannon. Why did he wake up?

"Combination of Petroleum. Do it." However, wealth is nothing but an explanation of God's words. Her voice was still stiff, but she could feel the anticipation and redness underneath. This is how wealth doesn't change anything? Yeon realizes that wealth has noticed something, and turns the Dragon Heart.

“Valdivich.” What's the matter? “Back off," Yeon-woo sprinkled her magic all over the place before Baldevich asked her anything. While Valdivich took a step back, surprised for the first time, the magical field spread throughout the ruins.


Dozens of stone stones were unified by the Uowung-magic forces.

Most of them were severely defaced over the years, or nearly obliterated.

They all came into the air, shining the light according to the will of Yeon Woo.

And then, with a strange sound, they began to fit together. Like puzzles, the pieces were combined in various forms and became a very large stone stone to finish.

And then I fell in front of the moat.

On the outside of the stone monument, which was as clean as new, strange shaped letters were clearly engraved.

It was a letter that was too familiar to Yeonwoo.

What is “"? "Baldevich has come hundreds of thousands of times, but he opens his eyes to the secrets of the ruins that he has yet to discover.

“Emerald tablet. It's called the Revelation." What? "Valdivihi was surprised and turned around after killing Yeongwoo.

Yeongwoo quickly looked at the book of Revelation and burst Gabe elasticity. It contained the contents of the back that he had not seen in the open air library.

“Apparently, your ancestors jumped beyond the bounds of transcendence and tried to eat the crawling chaos.” Danyeo.