Second Life Ranker

8. Scenario Quests (8)

What is it… -? Baldevich opens his eyes wide to see what this means.

Emerald Tablet? I've heard of him. An anonymous slate that Faust was eager to explore. His name was Emerald Tablet.

However, I had no choice but to narrow my eyes because I had never heard the word, Revelation.

So I'm asking what it is.

Suddenly, I had to feel the numerous gazes that rained from all over the sky and make an impression.

[God's society, Asgard, watches over you with respect!] [God's society, Olympus, is staring at you! Deva is watching you!] [Demon Society tries to review for renewal of the Le Infernal Movement Pledge!] [The Devil Society, 'Bridge` is abusing it!] It was the first time Baldevich had received so much attention in the heavenly realm.

Originally, they were always watching the summer, but they didn't have much of a reaction. They were just chattering among themselves as if they were watching a comedy play, but it was very rare to move by themselves. It was because I thought it was against my dignity.

Although Valdevich was classified as descendant of the Giants and was attracted to several gods and demons, it was often difficult for players to catch the eye of an individual in their lifetime.

This was also the least number of rankers who broke through the 50th floor.

And for what it's worth, The higher the stature, especially the higher the stature, the more attention was not shown to the lower extremities.

This is just an exception to the Bierra Dun that Valdivi has been with since the tutorial. Cho Jungwoo, who caused a powerful gust, showed interest in several gods and demons, but the number was extremely limited.

As a group, I've never seen a society do this to itself.

He had to be embarrassed.


Yeon-woo was acting so naturally.

Rather, he even laughed at me, saying, "How did I miss my expectations so much?"

“I can't wait to go crazy.” How did you...? "" I told you. The Apocalypse. Seeing what's left of it, it looks like your ancestors were preparing for a counterattack. "So tell me more! I don't understand a word you're saying! What is the Apocalypse and why are they shaped like that? Baldevich eventually shouted. It was because the great attention of the gods and demons came upon him unpleasantly.

When I'm begging you to help me save my own countrymen, all of a sudden, things from the ruins make me so excited that I don't even listen! Yeongwoo briefly explained the book of Revelations with a smile.

A book containing all the history and secrets of the universe, from beginning to end. We don't know who the author is, but even if we have some of that knowledge, we can still have the power to transcend the law.

Of course, the whole time, Yeon-woo showed a nuance that made fun of the gods and demons who were looking at this place.

Although the book of Revelation is right in front of your eyes, you may not be able to concentrate on the stubbornness that prevents you from touching the causality.

Yeon is deliberately raising them up.

So... is it because of the Revelation that you became so strong? “Yes" Is that why the things up there are constantly struggling? “For those who are like in the heavenly realm, we may find clues that can be freed from the rate of causation in the book of Revelation.” Ha! Baldevich spills his clothes because he's a fool.

No matter how transcendent he was, he pretended to be immortal, but in the end, they were just things that moved according to their desires.

Baldevich kicks his tongue and frowns slightly.

But how did the ancestors get this? “Then I don't know.” Yeon-woo shed a bloody smile. His gaze was still fixed in the sky. Baldevich feels the gaze of heaven pressing down on his fury.

“The only thing I know for sure is that I'm much braver than they are.” [God's society, the 'bridge' quietly protests against you!] “Crawling chaos has a piece of Revelation. Maybe the Giants were smuggled in by their hounds. You knew it was a revelation, and you were looking for a counterattack. I would gather them everywhere in the secret book. This is part of it.” The fact that this is part of the Book of Revelations that the Giants found just now reminded me of a message.

[Successfully solved the first secret of the Ruins site.] [There are more unsolved secrets. Find out more.] “But it must be as hard to keep track of time as you think. The crawling chaos isn't worth the squeeze, and the hostages are worried. It seems that the book of Revelation was left in the form of this bowl for generations to come.” "Shallow pear." "Not just any hunting dog." Baldevich bursts into laughter as he mumbles a little. It made Angie feel better. Seeing the spirit that did not stop resisting until the end, I wanted to be like my ancestors.

They were the ones I'd never seen before... but I felt like their strong aspirations remained everywhere in the ruins.

“Anyway, with something like this, things are going to get a lot easier in the future." How? "Valdeviri did not yet realize how great the power of Revelation was, so he had to smile.

In his mind, the book of Revelations was a number of spleens, but it was not enough to do something about it yet.

I haven't found it yet, and even if I did, it would take me that long to train my own people. How does it get any easier? At that moment.

Tsk, tsk! One side of Yeon-woo's mouth rises.

Baldevich has a strong feeling that this smile of solidarity seems sinister. I blinked and took a step back.

Yeon-woo laughed at the celestial world.

“I don't know. It means we can beat them to a pulp." * [God's society, Malach, is silent.] The "Deal Moon" is silent.] [God's society, Olympus, stares at you without a word.] [The Devil Society, Niflheim, watches bitterly.] {}_ Baldevich was able to figure out what Yeon-woo meant. If there are so many places that are interested in the Revelation Book, we can use it to feed them. Just like the crawling chaos that drove the Giants.

This time the giants will sing of gods and demons! Not long ago, Baldevihiro continued to preach to the heavenly realm to save his own people, and Yeon-woo did not hide such intentions at all, but rather brazenly shouted.

“Look at them. Isn't it funny? The funny thing is, they were hostile to me a long time ago.

Just because he didn't share the Revelation. ”The lip holding the arsenic sauce twisted even more.

“But now I can get at least one piece of this, or eat a piece of the Congo that's falling off. I've been praising them for being gods and demons, which is hilarious.” Yeon-woo raised her stone with her bare hands and shouted.

“You guys are in the back, right? If we're going to get another one, we're going to have to come here and shake our tails.” Scared to the end of what he said.

Grrrrr! The skies tremble, and suddenly dozens of lightning strikes the ground.

No matter how intense it was, Baldebeech slightly frowned, but Yeon stood still laughing.

[Asgard - The Apostle, Thor, tries to descend!] The envoy of the [Bridge], the 'Ranged Army', attempts to descend!] [The envoy of the 'Deal Moon', 'Naboo' is trying to come!] [The envoy of Niflheim, the Penlor, attempts the fall!] The envoy of [The Bridge], the Royal Army, attempts to descend!] A mighty wave rages like a storm along where the lightning strikes.

Baldevich opens his eyes.

It was a rare event that would normally occur in the lower extremities.

The coming of the transcendent! It was never easy.

There must be sacrifices large enough to withstand the repulsion of causality, and we must avoid the surveillance of Allfowan. Moreover, even if we do come down, it will rarely happen because we don't have enough time to stay in the summer.

Moreover, this is a world filled with the mystical powers of foreign gods, including the chaos of crawling about. It was never possible to bring down the body in return.

However, as if each society had nothing to do with such a price, you also wanted to go ahead and send an "Apostle."

Those who boast the highest order in their society as well.

Thor was the bravest warrior in Asgard, the Lantern army was named by the trinity (= third\), and Naboo was the only only only child of Marduk, the leader of DilMoon.

Others had hostile relationships with each other.

Penlor grunts as he looks at Thor, the figure of a great man, and the royal army looks at him and stiffens his face.

However, they did not hide their enemies, but noticed each other and never fought.

The more we fight here, the less causality we have left.

Moreover, since you have come as an envoy, you should behave yourself.

It was an iron rule that had never been broken since the birth of the kingdom of heaven.

“Does this mean that all of them… ~ … # # were recognized as equals (68)? In fact, Invaldevich had to fall into shock once again.

This is how the transcendents used to treat mortals like bugs all the time. Can you even imagine? Perhaps they have a lot of pride, but no one has shown it.

Yeonwoo's Stone Stone Stone, but he must be strong enough to admit his power! "I... no, we have come to serve such a great god `Baldevich once again was able to see how bright the honeymoon was.

And I had even more hope.

Maybe we can really get out of this hellhole behind the cravings of Baldevich.

Thor, who tried to be strong first, opened his mouth. Like the god of thunder, his voice was so loud that the whole world shook up and down. The bird's brain also bounces up without a second thought.

"Hahaha! The progeny of darkness, indeed. The more I look at you, the more remarkable you are. I was hoping you would one day write such a great achievement, or myth, and I was just looking forward to it. As our friends, you deserve to walk side by side and conquer the world. Kur - The sound of his voice was enormous. All the envoys around me had to recover their bodies that were about to be destroyed.

Of course, none of them were any worse off than Thor. However, I made a short-lived impression.

It was the same with Yeon-woo.

“Hey” What's the matter, mortal? Do you have any suggestions? “Because it is noisy, turn the volume down." "'." l "At that moment, Thor's face became dazed.

I wonder if he's ever heard of such a last sentence since he lived so many tens of thousands of years as a great warrior.

Yeon-woo laughed at Tor like that for a long time.

“And Pilmuljani, I think he's trying to get the upper hand." Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! From the interstellar sky, the dark-red barracks fall back down right next to Thor.

No matter how fierce the attack is, even Thor can be a threat. It was a lightning rod.

Thor's expression is hard.

Dropping lightning on the thunder god himself was an insult, but the problem was that he also saw the danger of lightning in the heavenly realm.

This was an unambiguous demonstration of force.

“You'd better not do anything stupid.

If you get it wrong, we'll negotiate and kick you in the liver. ”Lady Gal020 Ah0.

God and demons drew the same shock from the threat of Yeongwoo. Like Thor, did they even think about going through this kind of embarrassment? How many years ago, only to mortals who thought of lending us their power and serving as apostles.

I thought we had friendships as warriors. Was it my mistake? Thor suppressed the rising anger and tried to appeal for recognition somehow.

“It's been a long time. Asgard will be removed." No ____:! Before Thor says anything.

The other envoys who were peering at the best chances moved in unison. The wind of the blade slammed shut, and lightning came down.

Thor's body disappeared before he could resist. There was no distinction between God and the devil for those who attacked. The only thing I cared about was beating one more competitor.

I thought that the envoys' gaze at me after defeating Tor was like a pet that wants to praise its owner.

“Good job. Just like now.” I twist my lips at the sight of them.

“You're dogs now.

Ugh, you bite, you bite, you dog. ”