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9. Scenario Quests (9)

Arnie anit...... You talk too much, # # #.

No, the Four Kings. I want you to be careful what you say. dog.

The envoys who heard the word had to face each other firmly.

They knew they had to be seduced by Yeon-woo right away. However, I could not bear this insult.

However, Yeon-woo crossed her arms and smiled softly.

“Drop it if you don't want to." "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." Deva "could have said the same thing, but Baahu tried to say something and was first firmly in charge. I felt that other apostles around me were watching me politely. Their eyes fluttered with flesh. Like in Thor, we are exploring the opportunity to eliminate another opponent.

Baux-Bayu shuts up about it. When have you ever been treated like this?

“Deva" is considered one of the most powerful divine societies, alongside Olympus, Asgard and the archangel.

Lokapala (60680318), the eighth supreme authority at its peak, is dominant in size, reaching tens of thousands of people. And even more so, the three weeks above were said to peek into the secrets of the creation of the universe.

Bayul, he is the northwest god of Rokappala.

In other words, I have been praised for being a great man with the nickname Wind Cheon (Bee 6).

Not many of the emissaries with outstanding people were qualified to join him.

I'm still being treated like this.

The problem was that even among those who peered at the opportunity, there was a spot where they had an alliance with Deva, which could be described as war with the destruction of the Alliance after they kicked themselves out of the first place.

Nevertheless, they were taking such risks, they were reading the book of revelations.

The Revelation was worth it.

"Jomun 106 Leung Pono Holpi 6 16h Sol 'Floating 946 Lump String 6 Eyes Embossed 1 ㅇ Rollin season snow 18nol116 pole with 5 parts 106 degrees of pride {Silver 6 1106 릉 6 years old 92 &. 176 arctic early snow, Yongbondun-gu, Seoul [0.

{12160Main Street 18 Leukeuk Pole {You + [< [5 1 </168 Royal Rhombus 8 Snowball knee 106648 Group 0 Gong 166 Ronong - Polar 18 Ultimate Nuoron 212 & 2 Deok 19 & 6 Venus Snowball Noon1 "Top-notch Rhomboule Noon 4 Noon Noon Noon Noon

Bayul knew.

The only person who ever volunteered to be a dog has been a pig ever since.

And myself……….

I... + like it. If you want to act like a dog, I'll be a dog. "I was forced to become a dog."

The book of Revelation contains the wisdom of God and even demons. That's what other societies get? I couldn't just stand by and watch. First of all, Deva has to have it, and if she can't, she has to make sure no one else can.

- Give me "?” Yeon-woo wriggles one eye, raises her ponytail, and says, "I'm going to be a dog. Bayul bowed his head and apologized.

Yeon-woo smiled as she saw him. I laughed.

However, other apostles who realized that it meant to give them a chance find their tongues. I thought I could get rid of the most troublesome opponent, but I missed the opportunity.

He narrows his eyes and stares at them for as long as he can. There was a lot of killing to start with you guys. One by one, those who weren't confident in confronting him quickly turned their heads away.

And yet they look at Yeon-woo's grief. How to score points with Yeon-woo, see these things and really see who can think of God and the devil.

"Just one thing to clean up is enough. We have to get these bastards to the end of the road and extract the amulet. `Yeongwoo kept the day to make a mockery, but with sharp eyes, He thoroughly kept their faces.

The removal of Asgard was merely to show a resolute stance that society would not give in to the pressures of its people.

The message had already been delivered to them, so there was no need to clear Deva. It wasn't small enough to be thrown away so easily.

Baldevich has been speechless for a long time, either too shocked or silent.

"It's time to show up, by the way. Why is it still invisible? Not all the envoys had arrived yet.

Small societies lacking the capacity to cope with causality did not even attempt to intervene here in the first place, and even those with such abilities did not give much attention to the summer.

On the other hand, there were two places that showed their willingness to participate and they had not yet sent an envoy.

Did he change his mind on the way over? I'd just ignore it if it was worth it.

The problem was that both of them now have the ability that Yeouido needs the most.

Places representing the absolute line (@ foam) and the absolute jaw (\ furnace).

The recipe of the Good and Evil (Zoltull) is the most suitable thing to write down myths from ancient times. Yeonwoo wants to resurrect the Giants, but they won't even know it.

I could have made a deal about it. If you're stalling to get a favorable notice.

"I'm going to have to beat him. `Even if what Yeon-woo needed was the two most urgent places.

As for the book of Revelation, I did not intend to be drawn as much as I was holding a good card. The concept of good and evil would be most ideal, but even if it wasn't, it would be enough to make it similar.

So I waited a little longer.

But there's still no response from either of them.

I don't know why the envoys just stood there without saying anything when they were making noise among themselves.

Yeon-woo turned away without hesitation.

Right then.

“Not for you." Yeon-woo 'felt something and raised her head.

Then the sky opened and Black Lightning struck violently.

The envoys retreated back to the first place in amazement.

I wonder if Margie's body will go this far.

The only thing standing firm was the replacement of Bayou and his army. But even those people were hostile to each other as they made an impression.

It was because the owner of this storm was forced to reveal hostility to all the gods' factions.

Le Infernal, the symbol of absolute evil.

The leader of the Eastern Prince's army, who has built numerous gods, painted and subdued many dimensions and universes and inflicted notoriety.

A-Agares Has the Grand Duke of the East appeared? Madness and destruction! "Whistling! Black Margaery is as grim as fog, and Agarose lays dozens of pairs of black wings on the ground.

I always feel it, but the air in the summer is so damp. Is it because of the energy left behind by others? This is worse. "Agares muttered with a beautiful face that had no gender at all, and felt the gaze of the other envoys staring at him.

Where are you looking without your permission? How dare you! Goooo-barely 'The sinking Margie again was measuring as high as the Tidal Wave. This time, even substitutes like the Bayou and the Ranged Forces had to step back and lift their power.

It was because Margie's temper had become more violent than ever before.


And destruction.

Adding two symbolic @ 's to his stomach, Margie showed more brutal teeth than a simple feeling of intimidation, like a hungry predator.

Furthermore, are you trying to covet the Grand Duke's? What do you mean, roughly? Cut off your dull head and place it on the Grand Duke's seat (6 ) for decoration, or pluck out its eyes and make it into a necklace? Whenever Agarose spoke a word or two, heaven and earth trembled. Margie's lumps are rough.

He had to be angry because many people became interested in Yeongwoo, which he had been picking up since the beginning of time.

So there was a desire to get rid of things that were objectionable. So emotion was not just a warning, but a murder.

If I let it go like this, I feel like God and the demons will get away with it.

If a new intervention hadn't shown up, it would have happened.

I don't think that's enough of a pest, Agares. "Pa! From the midst of the blazing air of light, a white glow blooms like a flower blooming, turning into debt and revealing a woman."

Pure white wings and white stands that were absolutely contrasted with Agares (Facing Vaishu, he was a village chief who called for a miracle of natural strength and magical strength.

Agares was blurring like a lie just for me.

Agarez looks at her and looks more distorted.

The opponent couldn't even be careless.

The archangel who oversees the tasks of the first grade toothpaste (parent) and always carries the 'Ark of Contracts' with knowledge and wisdom in his back.

Gabriel waves his hand with a smile.

Yes, it's been a long time. It looked like I had met a childhood friend for a long time.

However, Agares' hard impression did not unfold.

"After Azrael became like that, he acted like he no longer cared about Malach? I changed my mind at that moment What to do. The secretary's orders. What?" After Azrael, the archangel who ruled death, was eaten by the Dark Horseman. Malach only watches over what the tide is doing, but tries to avoid intervention.

Dark is the opposite of the light they like.

However, he said he was reluctant to have a relationship because it was impossible to have random relationships.

Especially after he made an alliance with Le Infernal during the war with Titan-Gigath.

Malach and Le Infernal were never compatible in the first place, beyond the faction. Now he thinks he is completely far away.

That was why Gabriel appeared as Agarash.

And that's an order from the secretary, Metatron, the general commander of Malach? Do you know what Monsignor Mondae thinks? If you don't want to get fired from work, you're gonna have to do it. [Metatron of God's Society, Malach, looks at Gabriel with an unworthy look.] "Oh, okay. Okay. You're staring. [Metatron clutches his tongue at Gabriel's rash tone.] [Stop Metatron from doing useless things to Gabriel, and get to the point.] See? That's what our Monsieur Mondae looks like." Teetatron steams the impression.] Metatron measures Gabriel's causality. Warn you that the useless contribution rate will require compensation at a later date.] You little twerp! Gabriel violently protested against Metatron's gaze.

Agares said, 'I whispered a little to them.

"Replaced" "Jen" and later realized something, his frowning face was stiff.

"I see." Agares blinks at you.

"Enocher," Briel shrugged.

I won't deny it. Things aren't so good for us anymore. But I don't think you guys are that different either. Don't you? You don't need Lemegeton. [The Devil's Society, Le Infernal, laughs silently. Baal replaced Baal, the greatest demon of the Infernal, behind Agares.

[Metatron observes Baal.] Maal is watching Metatron.] Leaders and commanders of two factions, symbolizing absolute good and absolute evil, look at each other.

The apostles, including Bauel, asserted their impression that Gabriel and Agarose were not at war, which was unlikely to be in place.

The weight of the Revelation was greater and greater.

"Anyway, for that reason, I came to be a dog. What to do, Nari the hunter shrugged his shoulders and turned to the kite.

The gaze of all the messengers, including Agares, pours upon you. They also wondered what Yeon-woo would ask them to do.

Should I ask them to join us in training the rebels? If so, he was willing to give up his power.

The gods were reluctant to give up their power to resurrect the Giants who were their enemies, but that was all they had to do.

Even if I asked them to give me the holy things or elixir needed for training, I was willing to accept it. If I could get the Book of Revelation, I could give away a thousand gold if I could get some of it.

But Yeon-woo wouldn't miss it for the world.

I've already thought about everything I'm going to do for them.

The first thing you need is to restore the potential that the rebellious have lost and regain transcendence.

But no matter how much I trained, it wasn't going to be solved in one day.


There were also times when such “treachery" was allowed according to mythology.

“You two.” I looked at Gabriel and Agares and said,

“I want you to grow the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Folfootbot)." > '4 >' 4! No.