Second Life Ranker

10. Scenario Quests (10)

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297 Symbols00/All 2974 was engraved in English to a single foursquare. It was a nine-golden octopus. It was a nine-golden octopus. It was difficult to get the green octopus. It was only a nine-golden octopus. It was a nine-golden octopus. It was difficult to get the green octopus. It was only a nine-year-old octopus. It was only a nine-year-old octopus. It was a nine-year-old octopus. "Good and evil... Gabriel, who so confidently replied as to do whatever he had to do, had no idea."

"Hahaha! Agarez has blown up a huge pawn shop.

It didn't seem like much of a cheerful laugh.

Frenzied smile.

It was a grin that made the listener shiver.

Then Agares laughs. And I looked at Yeon-woo with a expressionless face.

He was obsessed when he saw Yeongwoo, crazy or whatever he felt.

For now, 'All emotions seemed like exhausted dolls.

"Do you know what that means? It was also a dull voice, and other apostles were impressed by the chills that flowed on their backs.

However, Yeon-woo still nodded softly.

“Aldama.” No. You don't know. “No. I know.” No. I don't know. "Agarose's expression falters.

"The tree of Evil (LuLot) is a magic that can only be born after our society has given up so much.

Demon, that's an enormous instrument, like the Devil himself, that can train a devil. How much good and bad (Zorrot) is the opposite. But you want me to bring you that crazy thing with both of these qualities? "Is that what you call it?" "The figure of a deformed beast, as Margaery darts to sleep.


The power that Yeon-woo used to be useful growled as if she were going to eat him soon.

The fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was something that could only be born if two factions represented absolute good and evil. You can gain immortality and status by swallowing one mouth. If you eat them all, you will get a beating instead.

How much better... than an evil that has both characteristics... It could also be that some of the causation rates were tied together.

Only a few things were born during the war between Malach and Le Infernal, which is as long as the history of the universe.

The coercion of Yeong-woo to give up such a thing was too absurd.

I think it's time to start missing the marrow of Malach and Le Infernal.


Papajig! A dark red spark splashed through the aphrodisiac.

You feel a rush of ferocity and grit.

Agares' face stiffens. I knew Yeon Woo had grown stronger, but I didn't think she could easily undermine the power she had created.

“It may be somewhat comparable to him.

I'll fart like a kitten with my arms intact.

“Shut up.” What? “That's your job. Isn't it my business? " '. "! “ I want you to work like a dog. Get lost if you don't want to. I won't force you. ”Yeon twists the tip of one lip.

“In addition, I will review your alliance agreement with Le Infernal. You guys were the ones who drove it right before it was dug up anyway, right? Even if it breaks, it's your responsibility." What are you doing? Aren't you going? ”Yeon makes a jaw.

Agares stares at him silently for a moment, then gazes up at the sky.

Of course, Le Infernal was turned upside down.

[Demonic society, several demons from Le Infernal, protest violently! The demons of Le Infernal see you and gnaw their teeth at you.] [A handful of demons are being treated this way to question whether they should continue to maintain their alliance. [Baal stares at you quietly.] Those who have pride would not have prayed for a united front.


[Agares urges the demons of Le Infernal 'to shut up. A few demons shyly rebel against Agares. [Agares frowns] [The Demon Lord moves.] [Rebellion Suppressed.] Agares silences the demons and looks back at the kith. His eyes were wet with anger, and now even frenzied.

What if I make the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Will you pay for it then? “No way. Don't just rule with a few good and evil things. I told you, this isn't a negotiation.” Many apostles familiar with Agares' notoriety were prepared to exert power quickly, one by one.

Even though Agares was greedy for Yeon-woo, they never thought they would stand idly by in this humiliation.

Why do they call him Agares the Frenzied? Perhaps not, but whatever Le Infernal's opinion, he was about to rip out the head of a lotus.

Furthermore, considering the atmosphere so far, Baal has never given any thought to this, but I also thought that he might discuss the destruction of his alliance.

By the way.

Haha! Hahaha...! "Agares bursts into laughter again.

[Agares has temporarily dropped out of Le Infernal!] [Bull Demon Warrior Declares Agarose's Decision to Leave the Group!] 0010200 Ridiculous! Ph... Retreat? The Eastern Duke has made a decision that will reverse all expectations of the envoys.

Temporary resignation! Aside from Baal, he is the supreme demon of Le Infernal. Moreover, considering the subordinates that followed him, his share in society was almost four halves.

That kind of power can get out all at once? It was also a declaration that it could create a new society, and it was a blatant threat that it would now walk its own path.

That's funny. You are. Agares twitches his thumb and touches his lips.

Really. Really fun... Agares' gaze was firmly 'placed on Yeonwoo. Greed, insanity, obsession...... The underlying gaze seemed to covet the Golden Milky Way.

Who in the world would make such a threat to themselves? The problem was that other people would have tried to eat the soul, but he didn't like it at all.

"The Devil, the Giver. We were just about to grow something on our side. Yeon-woo did not miss the strangely spilled nuance of Agares.

What you were trying to grow? Yeong-woo realizes how she intends to procure the tree of the knowledge of evil and laughs in relief.

It was absurd, but surely there was no quicker and surer way.

Above all.

'Maybe we can make it to the line in the same way. You want to make the Apple right here?` Yeon-woo is also a devil's way of looking for a tongue.

It soon dawned on me that Agares' temporary departure was a mysterious number of stones, even though it might seem like an impulsive decision. Maybe Baal and I had some kind of disagreement.

Crazy... bastards. However, Gabriel's eyes did not look like that at all, and she switched sides with Agareth with an academic expression.

She looked like a kite telling her to warm the tree planted in the backyard, or Agaresh telling her to give it away.

He also boasts of a liberal nature in Malach, hearing nagging from the same chimpanzees, and listening to Metatron every time.

They seemed to have gone beyond that.

You're quitting society to build that thing? No matter how temporary the word was, she couldn't understand it.

For God and Satan, society was not just an organizational system. It was a shield that protected itself from external threats, and a soil that kept the myth of existence intact.

It would never have been possible for her to abandon something like that. Even a demon who pursued extreme selfishness, that was absurd. Even if he did not commit, there was at least a 'line' to be kept.

Of course, there were some who wandered alone without such a society.

Chernunos, bimachilda, which had recently left society, were typical.

Those who are already known to have crossed the barrier of transcendents, gone beyond the framework of gods and demons, and come closest to 'Huang'.

It had nothing to do with them.

When Gabriel saw it, he thought that both the mildew and the demons, and Agarash, who acted at their own pace, would soon collapse.

So Gabriel spread dozens of pure white wings as wide as he could.

Even though Metatron's orders were to do so, he really seemed to have lost himself in this madness.

I didn't know what kind of reprimand or punishment would come later... but I could have been stuck in the other side of the garden and lived like a dead rat for a hundred years.

Where are you going? Agarose watched Gabriel fly up into the sky and asked. His lips twisted and his fangs glistened.

"The Apple of Good and Evil." You guys make it. We don't have the good stuff for you, and we don't want to grow the bad stuff. Why do you think there is none? What? Gabriel was impressed, not understanding what Agarose meant at the moment.

Vyric! Black Margaery floods in from the interstellar ground, pressuring Gabriel as she erects hundreds of tall pillars, tens of meters high.

Gabriel shakes dozens of wings in shock. All the Magi pillars with a shimmering iridescent glow.

What the...! Gabriel said, "I tried to scream out what this was, but the fragmented Magi particles were again connected like silk to each other. The tentacles created in the flashback encased her again and attempted}.

Moreover, Ibin has this time {Glugresmann}. Capge was RoJack * ”990_Amount: Money. Ah: [:} Crucifixion of Mongolia, No; ^} Liquor: Ninh Suddenly laughs and sobs! ㅇ" In Gibber ㅇ 7-Bar: Hankoo Yeon-woo, Hankoo, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankoo, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankook, Hankoo, Hankoo, Hankook

The shimmering glow turned into a blizzard, and the shimmering blade poured down excellently like a rainstorm. The sky shook, and the space was cut off, leaving scars everywhere.

He was an enormous god, the archangel representing Malach.

The problem she faced was the black heir who was wary of Malach and Le Infernal.

It was a chance to defeat another big competitor, so there were dozens of reasons.

In the end, Gabriel's divine power and power was utterly destroyed.

Margaery's storm lays bare the wings of dozens of her symbolic pairs.

The wings that were white as snow turned red in a flash of blood, or drenched in Magi.

Zwick, side! The black chain quickly passed through her shoulders and calves and wrapped around her limbs.

Even if I wanted to resist somehow with my powers, Shin Jin-cheol absorbed them all and couldn't resist.

"If you can't make good fruit because you don't have enough of the absolute whaling machine (reform #), shouldn't that be enough to feed you?" Agarez laughed as he watched Gabriel hanging in the air all at once.

Doesn't that crook look like a crucified saint who gathers his mouths and praises? I was annoyed by the annoyance, but the good news is that Gunagares gave a cool look as if he had been stiff for over a decade.

Beyond that! Do you think you'll be okay? Gabriel shouted at Yeon-woo, who silently watched him with such Agares. After all these years of punishing evil. The poison didn't go away even when it looked like this.

She firmly believed.

Soon Malach will move and strike them down with a thunderbolt! Absolute and absolute. Delayed and delayed Amagen will happen. Agares, his evil greed has shattered the order of the Celestial World.


I think so. Agares did not remove the twisted smile.

Gabriel's eyes widen.

What a moment.

[The divine society, Malach, banished Gabriel!] [From now on, Gabriel is an artist who has no affiliation whatsoever.] "Mee, Metatron? Gabriel called out the name of an esteemed secretary, wondering if he'd seen something wrong.

Tetatron watches Gabriel with an indifferent look on his face.] was not wrong.

Eh < why-why “": 7kteetatron watches Gabriel with an ignorant look.] No way...! Gabriel's mind was full of new things. All I could think about was one word.

Why? Agares gave me the answer.

"Pahaha! Don't you get it yet? Maybe he's naive or stupid. No, you must be stupid. You were sacrificed for this in the first place. How could a cunning 'snake' not know what # # would want? ______! Abandoned by a society so trustworthy. You were just a long-term partner in the first place. Oh, no! Sacrifice of Cows for generations, or something like that? By the way, the more you angels see, the more fun it becomes. 7 l ' Agarez moistened his lips like a cat. That looked like a headline.

Metatron stares at Agares with a short expression.] By the way. There was a sound of a fainting and fainting breath between Agares' lips.

Farewell. No! "Gabriel wept bitterly.

With the sound of the Zück-Dawley spinning, the black chain that surrounded Gabriel becomes hot.

Chug! Chug! Gabriel's entire body (Huller) was crushed. The cause-and-effect rate of being exiled from Malach and supporting her body disappeared, and the existence of Gabriel will be crushed to death as it merges with the body.

No screams, no cries.

Heave-ho, girl. Double 0.

Good to hear. Pahaha! Even the envoys who raised their hands to capture Gabriel were firmly impressed. I turned my head to the side to see some of them no longer.

They had fought many battles for a long time, but it was because they had never lost such a meaningless and terrible death.

[Every God of Death laughs.] [Every demon of death nods.] As Gabriel split apart, only a fading feather and a white orb remained.

Yeon pulls the chain and brings it back. It was an advance.

And this too. Agares throws the Black Bead at Yeong-woo.

He's the owner of a place called Samikina that just finished arming my commanding officer. Samikina.

It was ranked fourth in Le Insurrnal, ruled by the great writer Migini.

I didn't like the way he's been arguing with me lately. It's been a while since I've organized it. Yeon-woo kicks the tongue. Indeed, the unauthorized departure of Against and the Eastern Prince was done with the implied permission of Baal.

But thanks to this, Gabriel and Gamegin were satisfied with the highest-ranking fruits of absolute and absolute evil.

'With a happy smile that worked better than I thought, I combined good and evil.

The two fruits mixed together and became a straight red apple.

[The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was born!]