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11. Scenario Quests (11)

“Hyuk. hyuke” Nojite was going crazy because of the pitch that was under his chin. The sky was spinning round.

"Uh, how did this happen? Obviously, until a few days ago, it was not much different than usual.

It was time for Baldevich to eat, so he only heard Mother's call to bring him patience, and he just ran to see what he could hear from Baldevich today.

Baldevich was a very grateful man.

The only visitor to a world where no one is looking, except the villagers and the other gods of the sometimes swirling sky.

For Nohite, who was born in this world and had to grow up without a friend, he was also a person who was surprised at everything.

Since he was very young, he had always been filled with complaints from village elders who had no desire to escape this stuffy world.

So it was Nohite who was the first to open his heart even when everyone in the village was alert to Baldevich.

Afterwards, Baldevich, who was the grave keeper, became his best friend, Nohite.

Baldevich also adored such a nohite.

I thought it would be about now if my brother had grown up in that faraway town, which is not very good in his memory, so Valdivich told me a lot of stories when Nohite came.

He had fun unraveling what he had experienced when he climbed the tower, and he told me about some of the most impressive things in the history of the tower that he had heard from Cho Jungwoo.

Every time Nojite heard a tale of legendary heroes together, his eyes were always full of shit.

At that time, he was as excited as he was and clenched his fists.

Then, when the hero was on the winning streetscape, he cheered like Valdivihi, and when he was frustrated, he shed tears.

And I thought,

I want to be that hero.

I want to be that person who stands up for so many hardships and adversities! Friendship with colleagues, love with lovers, loyalty of servants. It was a wonderful world where it all came together.

One day, I was going to leave this stuffy and depressing world and go to a place called "stage."

Notably, Nojite's most respected target was a person called Haven Wing. '

His situation seemed to be the same as his own.

Without 'anything, he had only one belief in himself and reached the top of the tower.

Though at the end, many betrayed them and crashed.

That made it even bigger for Nohite.

I also heard his desire to fulfill a wish that he could never fulfill.


"Heavenwing... is here. `I met a man who looked just like the Haven Wing I had heard from Baldevich.

Of course, for the first time in my life, I didn't have the ability to accurately distinguish what a human looks like.

However, he felt strongly that he seemed to be a barehaven wing without knowing it.

Problem is.

"Eeew… every time! Heavenwing has left the Devil behind! `He left something too scary behind when he disappeared with Baldevich.

Hey. Hey. Can't run fast enough.

This is how slow it's going to blow, Circle. What the hell are you doing? Why don't you get up and run? "Every time the undead, who was not much different from the anti-giant, threw up a blue net underneath his helmet, Nochte went mad because of the creeps running down his spine.

It was not once or twice creepy when I watched Baldevich training, but this undead was even surpassing.

Is Baldevich weak or is this undead ridiculously strong? For Nochte, it was too difficult to compare because he didn't know the level of force in the outside world, but sometimes he saw Baldevich defeat the other gods and knew he was never weak.

Then how strong is this undead? And the man in the black coat, who resembled the Haven Wing, who is casting this undead shamelessly, is instead some pagan....

“Crawling chaos? Is it something like that?" That was all I could think of, because the chaos crawling around Nohite was an untouchable territory.

Regardless, the existence of such a creature trained them, it was clear that this would never be a second chance for the clan.

Finally, there was the only way to escape this livestock.

I always hoped to go on to the stage, so all I could think about was holding on to this dream opportunity somehow.


At the beginning of the training, Nochte realized it was too uncomfortable an idea.

It was too hard even though it was hard.

Is everyone on stage having such a hard time? Then it must have been great. I felt ashamed of wanting to be a bright sun someday, like Heaven Wing.

To that extent, the undead Shannon has been feeding the villagers tremendously.

I made them run from the morning, raise their swords, and force them to fight. Rolled, united, and factioned.

There was no distinction between the elderly and the child.

Naturally, the villagers soon fall out.

They said, 'It was because they had no reason to.

Unlike Nohite, who are eager to get out of town, they are already very familiar with this life.

They always lived in poverty and curiosity, but that was very natural for them. Rather, fighting against the god of the other world only brought about more fear that it would be liberated from the crawling chaos.

So I didn't show much enthusiasm for training.

Rather, these things even felt negative to them. 'People from the outside are destroying the peace of the village.'

That's why Baldevich tried to train him so hard, but he gave up.


Shannon repeatedly kicked their butts and forced them to move, as if they would never listen to such complaints.

Come on, come on, come on! Hearing Shannon's slow voice.

Nojite grips his teeth again.

My legs twitch, but I feel like I have to move somehow now.

I want to be that strong.

Rejuvenating my mind that I was trying to blink a little bit because of the difficulty.

Two-two-two! He tightens his legs.

Owner! Oh, shit! Answer me when someone calls you! "You're complaining about not being able to eat again." Well, that's true………. "Then the communication is lost 2" It's not like that! Listen to the end of the story! "Once or twice an hour, Shannon said, 'I can't eat.' He said, 'I've never seen anyone with this kind of mind before.' He said, 'Can't you just make it look like a monster?'

No matter how much they rolled, they could not see any improvement.

No, it was getting worse.

The placenta was already the size of the ship. It's the same as being tired and dying like cattle.

For them, the god of otherness is like a hard wall that can never be crossed.

In particular, the crawling chaos that could be said to be their masters was the more untouchable realm of heaven itself.

But you want to break through the sky and escape? I thought it was nonsense, so I had to be negative about everything, and it was hard to see any other effect even if I was forced to train.

That's why Shannon must be getting tired.

As long as the defeat persists, the rebels never seem to change.

"What do you want to say? I'm busy. Listen next time if it's no big deal. ` I'm asking you seriously. You really think they're the only ones who have answers?" I know that scenario quests are very important, and I know that resurrecting Giants will help us catch Olfowon. We also know that we can get more Revelations, and we can work with the heavenly host. I know there's a lot of advantages to this, but do you really think these guys have the answers? Rather, their owners' greed might break the last peace they ever had. "Shannon's voice was very serious.

In the past few days, I've been complaining about not being able to eat, but I've never really said no.

As always, Shannon absolutely obeyed and obeyed Yeouido's claim to be the owner, even if he walked.

Nevertheless, it meant that he was seriously considering asking for a written reconsideration.

In fact, he could be right.

Unlike Waldevich, who has a broad view of the world. For the rebels who have only grown up here for a lifetime, their demands may only shine on the harsh rule. Rather, it may seem like a trick to drive them into the abyss of destruction.

So Yeon-woo seemed to have to take her conversation seriously this time.

“Shannon Why?" God does not forsake the faithful. ""_. "What?" Either that's an unexpected answer, or Shannon gives a slightly frozen voice.

"They chose to take me as a god, and I chose to save them. Then as a god, I must be faithful to him. Demonstrating hope, leading the way. That's my job. `The female entry,' of course, may not see hope now, but I believe that soon they will be able to see what she is seeing together.

It will soon be hope. So just a little more effort. "A man who sees the same place as a god? Shannon neither thought about it nor said a word for a moment. I just kept saying what Yeon-woo said.

The divine relationship he had seen so far was not merely a unilateral object of faith, a supply letter, or anything more.

Maybe it's close to a trading relationship.

God received faith from the faithful, and the faithful used it with the same strength as they did with their faith. Even if I didn't have the strength, I tried desperately to stand out to God one day.

And so was Shannon and himself.

When I was in the Red Dragon, like all clans, I tried hard to keep 81 eyes open.

Then I met Yeon-woo, and as I began to look at the different worlds together, my worldview gradually changed.

It's probably because you shared his gaze.

And Yeon-woo seemed to want to divide it among his followers.

If we could share our gazes, if we could aim for the same goal, we would hope that it would soon be a new hope that would change the rebels.

In the end, Shannon was only able to speak after clearing his mind.

'Master Sting' Why? Was he moved? `Yeon-woo grinned as she felt Shannon's emotions quietly flutter.

Shannon said in a serious tone.

That's totally favorable……. "I quit:" Aaaaah! "Yeongwoo blocked the connection with annoying Turo Shannon. I always felt it, but I really couldn't feel it.

If you've been training for over a thousand years, how come nothing has changed like that?

Yeon-woo kicked her tongue, but suddenly I felt the look of looking up at her below.

There was a well puppy waving her tail hard, pounding.

“You found it?" King! “Then let's go that way.” King! The puppy nods and starts leaping forward.

Following behind the puppy, Yeon finds her tongue casually.

"Penlor with the legend that it eats gods and heroes. `Niflheim's strongest Luke,' Fenrir clearly had a giant statue that boasted enormous sizes only until he appeared as an envoy.

When I vomited Howling (408\ 1008), the air seemed to tremble.

There's no such thing now.

The current envoys are smaller in minimal form to minimize the causal rate consumed in maintaining the body. Thanks to this, the new body Fenrir chose was a puppy. When I told him to become a dog, he became a dog.

It was not something I would pray for, but it also meant that the Revelation was important to them.

Anyway, since then.

Yeon gave only one command to the envoys.

- Get me every criminal record that relates to the Giants in their own communities. It's also about the ruins that remain on this stage.

The envoys were busy moving.

While encouraging societies to organize records relating to giants, they exercised their full power to find more of the hidden ruins.

It was also to score a little higher for Yeonwoo, but it was also because she saw Gabriel die too easily in the process of obtaining the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. No one wanted to be exploited that way. Those who had already seen Yeouido had a little bit of "fear" in their eyes beyond their vigilance.

Based on such data, Yeongwoo was able to learn more about various secrets, habits and cultures related to giants, especially those societies that frequently collided with giants, and their research was very useful. Baldevich also learned a lot about the old history he lost.

I kept on exploring the hidden ruins of the gods and demons who lived like that.

I was finally able to reach the last remnants of the Hidden Stage.

“Why are you so late? This is my body. I was waiting with my hands.” At the entrance of the last ruin site, there was a child who looked five years younger than Cesha, puffing up the bread and grumbling.

He looks so pretty he doesn't even know if it's a boy or a girl, he's cute enough to bite anyone who sees him.

However, Yeon-woo was only uncomfortable with such a child. The essence of that was nothing more than Agarash.

Even Gabriel smiled and said, "That's what he looks like. I was about to sigh. A puppy who turned into a little girl after Penlor? Yeon-woo ignored the need to answer his question and tried to ignore it.

But Agares, as if it were not, suddenly bared his eyes, looking at Fenrir, a puppy who was rubbing his head against her shin.

“But what about that dog? Why is he hanging around you? ”