Second Life Ranker

12. Scenario Quests (12)

Agares was ready to eat Fenrir, even now. It was a furious look in my eyes as if I could not fall from mine.

However, unlike the charming appearance presented to Yeon-woo, Fenryr wetted his teeth in disgust to Agares.

King! "What is it, dog? Is there something you want to say?” King! “That's mine. That's why I told you to stay away.” King! King! “What? That's my mistake? How dare you...!" King! “Honk! What's so bad about calling a dog a dog?” King! "Shut up! How can I be a dog like you?" King! A five-year-old boy and his puppy glaring at each other and looking cute, but the pulse of air that spreads along them is at great risk of exploding at any moment.

Fenrir is also a fiend as fierce as Agares. So we can maintain a subarachnoid state.

However, none of them carried out or carried out the attack first.

It was because Yeon-woo had already nailed all the apostles firmly.

If anyone makes any noise or interferes with the expedition, I will have them removed immediately.

That's why Agares and Penlor only wage neurological wars against each other.

But that didn't mean that the societies behind them were quiet.

[Demonic society, Le Infernal, Demonic society, hostile to Niflheim.]] [The Demon Society, Niflheim, gives a strong warning to the Demon Society, Le Infernal.]] Paal sighs deeply. Loki holds his tongue as if he were a fool.] A message came as soon as Agares and the Dong-man army had temporarily left and returned to society.

Since Yeongwoo did not interfere with you, the neurological warfare showed signs that it would hatch into social conflict.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, their leader had no intention of an all-out war.

This situation was not unique to these two societies.

[Asgard, the divine society, strongly protests against you!] [God's society, Olympus, attempts to contact the New Medicine Council, Asgard.]] [Divine society, Deva, is wary of the surrounding societies.] [God's society, the 'Deal Moon', declares a local lockdown order for the time being.] [The Demon Society, "The Crossover," declares the Commandment to closely understand the movements of the divine society, the "Bridge."] Prematurely standing in the way of caution that the Book of Revelations may be stolen, even in places where there have been good relationships.

Thanks to this, their disbelief continued to grow between them over time.

As a united nation, it was more convenient for the heavens to fragmentate better than to unite, so it was neglecting this situation, or rather proposing it appropriately.

That's why I let Agares and Fenrir stand against each other like that.

“If the ruins don't fly, `Yeon-woo ignored the two and entered the entrance of the ruins.

There, a number of young or smaller Messengers were waiting for him with their eyes wide open.

“I've removed all the devices inside.” "I didn't break into the last office like you asked.” “This place is hard to disarm, unlike any other place. There must be a big secret. Neither our sovereignty... nor the causality of society had to be consumed significantly.” “So let me see at least one corner, please...” They raise their voices in a voice that is no longer real. If you use the statement, it was effective because it can bind the soul of the other person. However, it cannot have any effect on Yeouido, so it should not be used to save the causality.

Their requirements were simple.

Please let me share the Memorial Stone at the end of the Ruins.

Yeongwoo sent envoys to search the ruins, but they also searched for all the traps and institutions that might be installed in each ruin site and released them.

However, there was one condition.

Do not enter the last room where there is a stone related to Revelation.

If you get in by mistake, don't look at the stones and come out immediately.

The apostles have been going through the ruins and keeping the rules thoroughly.

You can't run away like Asgard after you've been greedy for nothing. Moreover, even though I wanted to take a chance, I didn't have a chance because other apostles were always on the lookout. What can we do instead of the judges who are controlling each other?

They don't even know how to extract the Apocalypse from the stone monument anyway.

So I just wanted him to be merciful, following Yeon-woo's instructions.

So I had hoped to divide the Book of Revelations a little while until I came to the last ruins, but Yeon-ju still did not answer me as she had always done.

Do I have to give up again? The envoys are about to take a deep breath.

“Follow me if you will.” I never thought of that.

“Are you sure?” "Then finally...!” In a moment, there was hope in the faces of the envoys.


“If you're willing to take the fall instead.” “… Back off, Zigda. Soon after, I had to take another step back.

I wasn't stupid enough to know what backing up meant.

Yeon-woo laughed at them as if he knew.

The envoys frowned at his appearance, but again, I had to endure the anger by biting my lower lip.

Maybe if he had a personality or a hunch, he'd be closer to it. That's what they thought.

On the other hand, I was determined. Someday, when all this is over, I will bring down Yeonwah Artiya.

However, Yeon-woo only smiled as if she had already guessed what those people were thinking.

I've never had a good relationship with a Transcendent before.

Particularly, the celestial world does not speak, but still considers him only for the end of the long term. Then he's going to use the same long term words against them. What's wrong with that?

As long as I didn't miss the vantage point, there were plenty of places I could feed them.

That's how we get deep into the ruins underground.

[The divine society, Malach, is obstinately watching you.] [Metatron is solemnly watching you.] Casting Gabriel as a scapegoat, the gazes of Jun Metatron and Malach constantly follow him.

We give him the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil as he wishes, but we continue to exert strong pressure on him who is not yet guaranteed anything.

You told me never to think about going too far.

"I didn't expect Gabriel to make it. `Actually, that's the part about Yeon-woo that I still don't understand. For them, losing Azrael would have been a huge damage to their power, but putting Gabriel at risk meant an irreversible power loss.

First of all, I don't know, but I'm sure Malach has a lot to say.

Nevertheless, it means that he was willing to go through with it.

"It means something's going on fast. I desperately need the Book of Revelation. `And perhaps that's not so different from Le Infernal. You're also ranked fourth in Gamygin.

Yeonwoo did not miss the words that Malach and Le Infernal used to refer to each other.


And Lemegeton.

Both of these are similar to the Prophecy ( Somcom) or 'Mado-Book (Red Com), which are referred to primarily in each society.

It was a phrase that refers to the Revelation in each society, as the name "Emerald Tablet."

However, if there is a slight difference, the Revelation contained the truth of all universes, but the fact that Enoch and Remegeton contained in more detail the excitement of each society was slightly different. In other words, it was a choice edition of the vast book of Revelations that only they needed.

To complete this means that you're going through something big.

“Is the war with Allfowon getting that big? How dangerous do you think it is? Or are you planning something else? I didn't know it as a lotus, but I thought it wasn't that bad.

I bet there's still a lot to take away from them.

I can't wait to get in there thinking like that.

Yeongwoo was able to arrive at the great stone wall one day.

[You have reached the last Giant Ruins.] [Number of Memorial stones currently collected: 14/15] The last ruin site was like a tomb for some great being.

The bricks that make up the ruins each seem to go through a delicate process and are beautifully painted with all sorts of embellishments. There was also a room with many artifacts buried everywhere.

Giant armor that would be classified as Grade 5 or higher if you all went onstage together.

Yeonwoo speculated that this was the tomb of a being with royal crest or equivalent power.

However, there was a possibility that the gods and demons, who might have known something, were not kings, but rulers.

Once I got the stone stone stone buried here, the third scenario quest would also be over.

As the kite shouts, a black cloud drives around him, and wealth appears and bows quietly.

Wealth was also very different from Shannon.

[Arc Reach] Location: Insignia Description: The best place to sit as a person who liked death, painted death, and is now against death again and reappeared on this earth. Death is the sage that represents itself (red).

He will strive to spread your will on this earth as the highest member of the family following you, as a loyal advisor, and as a great ruler.

Specifically, the 'Pelant (8 [)' which is currently in possession was completed, and a new identity “Pallor (8316)" was born.

Wealth also grew by more than two meters. It was a little smaller than Shannon, but the pressure was much more intense than Shannon.

And there was a dangerous smell.

It is a form composed of only death in the darkness.

It is probably because it has become the best place to come as a dead person, and Acrich, who has reached the position of the great sage master behind 'Samran's'.

Yeon-woo could be sure.

Wealth has already reclaimed or surpassed Faust's former life.

In particular, the word 'sinew' mentioned in the description window was most noticeable.


It was another word for death.

It meant that he had gained sacred fundamental qualifications of wealth deprivation and transcendence. It was a matter of leaving the family and knowing how high he had earned himself.

It could have been a location that might have been the equivalent of a lily.

Spock - "Owner. Swamp. C. As before, he bent one knee and bowed his head. His loyalty to Yeongwoo was still solid.

No, his attitude was even more godly. Beyond the main relationship, I was close to seeing the fanatics who received God.

Just as Yeon-woo peered at the sacred wealth, it also meant that she knew that Yeon-woo was already approaching darkness.

The highest ranking and loyal advisor who follows you.

I thought there wouldn't be a better title for Yeon-woo's wealth.

“Got your memory back?" Owner. With. 's blessing. A lifetime ago.

W. Two. I can recall..

But... that. It's just... Birthday.

I just... No, I... Wealth

Master, Moshi. Date of redemption. Just. Lighten up. Please. "After a brief blink of an eye at the first ruin, pouring has taken time to restore his memory and organize his strength, keeping his appearance hidden.

But now that all that's been cleared up, peel 08. &) and is reborn as a complete arc rich.

Yeon-woo smiled at him.

I was satisfied with the appearance of growing wealth, and I was satisfied with the clarity of goodness for myself and myself in my previous life.

“Do you think you know where this is? Wealth takes a quick look inside the ruins and nods," Yes. "Trembling." Every time my jawbone moved, I heard that sound.

Here.bay. No, here.

Hidden stay. My previous life.

Visit. ever. Gear.

Darling. Chaos. Find. For. It was. "The reason why, when Yeonwoo first visited the ruins, wealth appeared and had to combine the memorials.

It was because Boo-Fast had visited here in his previous life.

"At the time. I. Dark. Chase.

There was. Gear up. From chaos. Find the answers. Well, I did. But... him. Silver. The answer. Give it to me.

No, you didn't. I... here. Come on. Emerald. Tablet. Can be saved. There was. "Yeon-woo did not miss the intense emotion that lay in the eyes of the wealth who was touring the ruins here.

There were two kinds of emotions.

One is joy.

and the other was round18).

The feeling that only those who finally get what they've been waiting for can have.

But…… it was also the grief of the person who finally found out that it wasn't the place he was looking for.

“Emerald tablet here?” Yes. Crawling. From chaos. Giants. Purim. Received. I found out. Their... ruins. Exploration. Dunne. C. "It seemed like they had obtained the slate with Emerald Tablets and returned to the stage to build a dungeon and studied until the end. Then Viera Dun and Valpurgis' night dug it up.

"Then there's no slate left here. The ledge shakes its head.

"At that time. In a trance. The value of the slate. I didn't know. Some of it. Bay.

I was able to mine it. But... here. More. There's a slate left.

If you put it together. Dear Master. Big. It will help.. However, '"However?" Yeon-woo smiled as she wondered what he meant to say.

E. Lithograph. G. Take it. If you go.

Gear. A wandering spirit. Money, my lord.

Welcome. Figures. Yes, I do. Yeon-woo pondered that for a moment.

The chaos that crawled around for some reason yesterday was still unresponsive to the coming of many apostles from the heavens and themselves. It was also why Yeonwoo was able to quickly explore the ruins.

However, this ruin has a strong magical power, so it was necessary to form a powerful magical field when excavating the memorial stone. Then, of course, you'll notice the chaos crawling around. Wealth was the point of this.

What if I could see the chaos crawling around? Even though the rebel armor wasn't finished yet, it could not have been good for many reasons.

“I'm fine. Please.” Yeon-woo quickly finishes her worries and nods. Crashing into crawling chaos is inevitable. Then, it didn't change that the timing was accelerated for a few days.

"Receive. Name. Likewise," Boone lifted his arms high and chanted.

Kukuqui! The grave is starting to rumble.

[I've finished exploring the last ruins.] [You have completed the scenario quest (Proof of God and King).] [The stones collected so far are combined as one.] [reveal the hidden.] [You obtained the Artifact, 'The Black King's Scripture ( Bukom)'!] and.

As one space grows longitudinally, a massive wave of consciousness crashes throughout the space.

Donor.phosphorus. Let's go.