Second Life Ranker

13. Scenario Quests (13)

Ugh. “Damn it. Do they have no sense of transcendence or uterus?” The envoys of the camp, one foot from the last ruin, were united by one another, waiting for the pond to enter the ruins alone, potentially quarreling with each other about the Book of Revelation, but the common thread “God" was loosely tying them up.

The envoys from the Lost God camp were all filled with complaints.

He will, too. It is also a matter of pride that those who have always been treated with respect and reverence are treated with respect.

It was also because the fact that they were descendants of the Giants, who had once hated the existence of the present help, was not usually a problem.

Considering that God and the Giant Doctor were not as good as the devil and the dragon have always been. This was never going to happen.

In heaven, there are still many who fear Giants more than demons.

If it hadn't been for the Apocalypse, or if it hadn't been for the battle with Allfowon, none of this would have happened.

He must have fallen back somehow and wanted a chance to create a breach of friendship.

But they were the ones who were absolutely pressed for time. When I wept, I had no choice but to help Yeon-woo.

In particular, the absolute Malach and the absolute evil Le Infernal are the representatives of each faction. I needed the Book of Revelations more than any other society. It was understandable to give Gabriel and Gamekin away.


Therefore, the gods were 'following Yeon-woo's words absolutely, but continuing to build up a grudge against her.

In the beginning, there was no realization that they were the ones who provided this cause. It didn't even remain in my head that they tried to use Yeongwoo first as a very comfortable long-term partner.

The original god transcended all and was born to rule.

Therefore, Muchi ( 80) was not able to have feelings of 'regret', 'sorry', or 'shame'.

They thought that they were the sole center of the universe and that the world should only go their way.

From their point of view, Penrina, who becomes a real dog and wags his tail at the kitten, Agares, who does not hide his exclusive greed for the kitten, only shook his head to the bottom of the fence as a transcendent.

They weren't the only two.

The evil side's faction was trying to have a good relationship with Yeon-woo, even though the Royal Guard of the Bridge continued to do Yeon-woo favors.

... Will everyone keep getting bullied like this? With ”“. What do you think? ”Then the eyes of the envoys of God were swept away from the center of the field.

The beautiful man who was sitting with his head down and his eyes closed and his eyes slowly opened his eyes.

Seeing the serenity spreading in him, the envoys of God look for innovation in themselves.

It should be three kidneys (=\ 10) that I've only heard the words.

The original archangel was one of the five great communities with Malach, Asgard, Deva and Olympus.

The Jade Emperor, an unknown condition, was mainly operated under the rule of the kidneys after he fell asleep on Mount Samsin.

What a mess.



Their deceit has already been boasted in heaven.

Rumor has it that they are the best talent without any shortage of power, intelligence, majesty, or anything. In fact, after the reign of the three kidneys, the status of the archangel was even higher than that of the emperor.

Especially since they shared a great myth with God and the Devil and the abominable Heavenly Demon (\\).

Of course, from the moment he first appeared, God's envoys had no choice but to unite around him. He was taking it for granted.

However, Rangjin has never mentioned Yeon-woo.

I didn't snort at him like the other apostles, and I didn't try to get close enough to say a word.

Just 'I just watched Yeon-woo with an indifferent look.

However, the envoys who had seen the army for a long time knew that it was their preparedness to judge the enemy's blunder.

That's why I'm asking his doctor.

I just wanted to see if there was anything else.


Rangjin once again said, "Shut up" and did not answer. In the end, the envoys of the other gods pounded their hearts hard with their fists to somehow clear out their stuffy insides.

I'd like you to say something.

It was crazy that there was no such thing.

In fact, it was not a good choice for them to continue like this and stay on Hidden Stage.

It was because the longer the stay, the greater the total amount of causality that society had to bear, and if you notice the gear chaos that was the owner of the first place, you don't have that much trouble.

“So far I've been lucky enough to survive..." “If the crawling chaos even notices our cousin, then it's really dangerous." `"' He's a monster. There was nothing good about being united. 'The crawling chaos was impossible to deal with by themselves unless the people of the people of the early order or the class of the Creator stepped forward. A giant being that can be eaten up not only by the body itself, but also by the body in the heavenly system.

Given that this is his sanctuary, it was crazy to stay like this.

Even now, it was a pity that they were so strong in each society that the upper ranks were equal, that if a lowly god had come down, they would have already been eaten or mad.

After all, this is a place the gods never wanted to be.

For those who had only a desire to leave early for a day, the continuous tingling of ill-fated was the drying up of blood every day.


Kukuku-kun - The last ruin site that wanted to leave Yeon Yu was greatly agitated.

The moment the eyes returned to you, both the gods and demons were astonished by the phenomenon that had not appeared in many ruins.

I wear it for the first time when I see the light with my eyes.

Ugh... There you are. As soon as I'm done talking about it.

Whoa! Suddenly, an enormous amount of magical power fields form around the ruins. In the immense power contained within it, the envoys stood up as one.

It was because I felt the existence that I did not want to meet was willing to come here.

“Crawling chaos...!" Someone forced my valley to cry out.

Phosphorus. Let's go.

An intense wave crashes down on their heads.

It's you again.

He smiled as if he didn't know what she was talking about.

It was because he felt that he was trying to take care of himself willingly beyond the long, vertically bent dome. But unlike before, he could no longer 'read' himself easily.

It was stronger than before, but it was protecting the body by flowing the Wise Man's stone and dragon heart.

He'll notice that, too.

'But... I'm strong too. I narrowed my eyes slightly when I saw the pinky and tender fingers tingling. Self-growth was so big that it couldn't even measure itself properly, but it was chaos crawling around, and spirituality was still surpassing him.

How big can he be? The more I learned, the bigger it looked.


"Not so much anymore." If it used to look like an ocean you could never cross alone, now it looks like a very big river.

Moreover, somehow his body seems to be located quite far away from here.

Watching yourself right now is just part of him. I was unable to push the main body straight in.

Is it because of the barrier of the tower? Even if this place is sacred, it's not advanced enough to accommodate the entire giant body.

I feel the sheer willingness of the crawling chaos rushing towards me trying to touch me. The feeling of not being trustworthy and surprised were the same.. Then, as if he was doing something, he suddenly became very sharp.

As if he was looking at it sharply.

Law Office of the Republic of Indonesia Rock.

Again, he was trying to figure out exactly why he was so strong.

Earl. Before.

Oysters. Re. Go. Be. I lost. C.

G. Thing. Silver.

You. phosphorus. Let's go.

Thousands of thousands of years back in the universe.

Kick your tongue into the pine cone. The gods and demons we have met have not mentioned this. It meant that they could not detect. But that wasn't the way things were going around.

It was nothing to hide, so Yeon-woo did not deny it. Rather, I twisted my head and rolled up one side of my mouth.

“If so?" Phil, annihilation, here. Let's go.

Go, Jill.

“It's not for you to judge unless I have it. It's my call, and facing you like this, I need to talk to you.” Yeon-woo cut off the overwhelming chaos of the crawling.

He stopped relenting as if he was trying to figure out what Yeon-woo was saying.

I put it there.

“The proposal I made before, remember, the god of the Kantas will help you enter the tower, and he asked for the power of Revelation.

However, the crawling chaos rejected the offer. The book of Revelation was because it was never subject to trading.

However, Yeon-woo was able to infer that he had quite a lot of Revelations.

"What the Giants dug up is probably only part of what he has.) Even if it is not the aspiration of Baldevich, there are more reasons to crawl around and hit widows.

The book of Revelation contains the only way to go dark.

“That offer, I'll turn into a warning.” Yeon narrows her eyes.

“From now on, I intend to take your sanctuary and reclaim my followers from you. And he's going to rob you of your loot. So," If we can't stop the crawling chaos from noticing its appearance, it would be better to declare war openly.

He also wants to walk the path of God.

At this time, it was only by taking a stand that the myth could shine brightly.

“Wait there for your throat.” I didn't talk to the crawling chaos for a while.


C. C. C. Lee.

He threw that one word and quietly disappeared, at that moment.

Whether it felt like a mouthful of laughter, it was just a mistake.

But one thing was certain.

Now the war against the crawling chaos has become irreversible.

“We'll be busy. Forward. `Yeon thought we should speed up the arms of the rebellious giants.

[Scenario Quest (Proof of God and King) has been created.] [Check the quest window for more information.] When I finished talking to the chaos crawling around Yeongwoo and returned to the last ruins.

“ # # #! ”“ What have you done? "The envoys rushed to Yeong-woo, shouting.

They all overheard the conversation between the swamp and the crawling chaos.

It was something they were afraid of. I wanted to be quiet because I wanted to look at the chaos crawling around, but all of a sudden, Yeon-woo wobbled and declared war on the fake guy. They're helping Yeon-woo, too, aren't they?

[God's society, Deva, strongly protests against you!] [God's society, the "Bridge" says they cannot get involved in this war!] [God's society, Malach, awaits your remarks!] Several societies pressured him as well.


"So?" Yeon 'still smiles poorly.

“Wha 'an Pusson" "7 * And what was really confusing was the new willpower.

Yeon said, looking at those people, or rather, the heavenly societies that would be beyond them.

“Told you? If you want the Book of Revelation, work like a dog. This is just another extension line.” Girl 1, "you guys join the war. We'll get the Book of Revelations. ”