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14. Scenario Quests (14)

As the envoys of God, I had no choice but to burst out.

That's what I'm calling it now.] [Good society, 'The Door' reveals hostility to you!] [God's society, Memphis, shows great hostility!] [God's society, Asgard, unites opinions in a society where hostility is revealed.] [God's society, Olympus, is looking at you coldly.] Only those who had hoped to catch a favorable announcement in the war with Allfowon got caught up in a new line of drivers.

It was like lightning.

How much more can it mean that the descendants of the Giants, who are enemies and not the same divine beings, will go to the War of Independence? Of course, the refusal was immediately apparent.

I understood that they had brought all the records of the Giants to Yeouido, that they participated in the excavation of the ruins as he had asked, and that they even gave out some of their power and were treated as hunting dogs.

But I couldn't take it anymore.

I said let's see, and you're the end of it! Son of a bitch! In the end, the biggest complaints of "Deva", Bayou and Sobec of "Memphis," revealed wicked teeth as they testified.

The wind blows with the gestures of Baelong's hands, and a massive whirlpool of water rushes around Sobec's body as if bursting through the pond. Sovek was the reception (7 (0) governing the flood of the Great River.


Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! From the stellar crescent's toes, the shriveled dark red sharpening breaks apart the whirlpool of wind and water, and pulls it into the body of Bayul and Sobek behind him.

Bayuk flinches back, startled for the first time, but never fully escapes from the mines. He had to watch his right arm flare straight up into the air.

Sobec, on the other hand, without screaming, began to bleed from the crown to the groin, and his vagina disappeared along with the mine.

Te Girl > '4 >' 4! Just like the Second God, the envoys who were about to rush stopped moving. The reactions of Yeouido were much more resolute than expected.

Moreover, Sobek receives the symbol of Memphis. He was once high enough to be argued as one of God's gifts.

I can't believe I'm splitting him up in one blow.

Bass or mystical force gnawed his lower lip while wrapping his left arm around the leaking right forearm. The gap between the Federation and them was firmly seen through the previous clashes.

I don't think it was this strong just when I came down from the Sky Library... … but it was definitely stronger than that. Even if I had 'struggle` as a god, it was unbelievably fast growth.

I dug up the Giant Ruins and got various stone stones. Did he grow up watching it again? Or was there something new about wanting to become the god of the rebels? I didn't know.

But one thing was certain.

It's hard to guarantee a battle unless you put all your strength into it.

Farge, Farge, Farge! However, Yeon showed such status, but she growled in a dull tone.

“I told you. Get lost if you don't want to. I don't want to stop that.” Every time I saw the dark red brain rising along his skin, the envoys of God had to feel the liver itself getting cooler.

“And no matter how much I think about it, I think I should be angry. Just because you brought me some Giants' data and helped me explore the Ruins, you were going to bring the whole Lithograph? You don't see anything, you just sit back and relax?” At that moment.

Paa- Dare. Whichever one. Dear Owner,

Rude. Sinful. A? "Two black solid lines are drawn at the back of the pond... and a giant inferno site appears and stares at them. 1, an additional schematic (0808).

And the envoys exposed to their eyes opened their eyes in shock. There was a creature created by the concept of death.

There was a time in the past when I challenged desertion and transcendence in the name of Faust, but I was never able to cross the walls of Allfowan.

When he saw the new possibility of black, he became even more enlightened, and it was so intimidating.

Above all.

Khr - Is everyone trying to do something funny? Faust alone seemed to have a strong existence, but Agarez and Fenrir approached and reversed their stance at once.

As well as the other devil's envoys who had been neutral all this time, the envoys of God who had noticed turned to the brook, one by one.


[God's Society announces that 'Malach' will take Player # # # 's side!] Malach, who had thought he would be the enemy first, was still on Yeon's side.

[The divine society, "Bridge" continues to convene a consensus to raise the hands of player #\ # #.] Even Iranjin, who had become a concern, stood by Yeonwoo's side.

It was those who expressed hostility that put their positions in jeopardy.

“What are you going to do? If you want to back out, you'd better back out now. You said you wanted to avoid the war on crawling chaos.” Yeon-woo smiled bitterly at them.

"______ ^" Bear Assad… Dammit 1 "They shook their fists, but eventually they had to drop their heads.

The group, including the kith and kith, finish exploring the ruins and open a large portal back to the anti-giant town of Shannon and others.

The number of people was significantly lower than before. After all, there were few ambassadors who could not endure the cold treatment of Yeongwoo and returned to the kingdom of heaven without words.

The funny thing was that the most fierce Bayul remained unchanged. He stood still, not saying anything, but following Yeon-woo's instructions silently.

Aren't you being pushed too far? At that time, I approached Baldevihi next to Yeon-woo and asked him worriedly. I've been dozing off for days. It was a conflict between Yeongwoo and the apostles that troubled me. Sometimes it's cold enough that it really is.

It was also a thought I had because I knew how uncomfortable and petty God was. I didn't know what kind of damage to do after everything was done.

By the way.

"_._ Why are we doing this? Baldevich frowned as Yeon-woo watched him silently.

“Valdivich Why? “ Why is your name Valdevich? ” What a fat herd it is." “{“ The last king of the giants was named Baldevich. That's probably what your parents named you, hoping you'd become. Isn't that right? Then take pride in that name. You and I have a mission to bring back the Giants of old, and for that to happen, we need to have that in our bodies from now on. Arrogant yet self-assured, such a heart. ”Valdivich has kept his mouth shut.

Whenever Yeongwoo threw out a single word, her eyes fluttered violently.

“They and we are equal.

No, when tied up with a faction, they represent society, but we represent a faction called the Giants. Then you need to look down at the heat. so that relationships don't go wrong later on. Remember, "The fist of Teegal Valdevich has put a lot of effort into you.

After meeting Yeon-woo, he had to feel how many times his worldview had been broken every day.

All this time, I've been thinking of myself as a pilpilgrim, but I've been thinking about God and the Devil high and mighty.

He clears his head and nods heavily.

You're short on ideas. I'm sorry. "Yeon-woo grinned and slapped Baldevich on the shoulder.

“You don't have to think hard. From now on," Yeon-woo said, looking down at the black book in her hand.

It was born when all the stone stones in the ruins were combined.

The Book of the Black King.

[Book of the Black King] Grade:??? Description: Incomplete. Fill in the shortages.

What's special: We're restoring brain streaming to see what the current owner has checked in the past.

"It is not the book of Revelation,_Enoch, Remegeton... It is the Scripture of the Black King. `The crawling gods of chaos and otherworldly rule over the Black King as absolute beings, and Faust reached his limit with the knowledge he had gained by liking that existence. The thousand horses I met in the open air library called it a very good thing.

And the Giants wanted to free themselves from it. Maybe they thought they had a chance to gain their power after death.

"The eyes of Yeonwoo, looking down on the identity book of this book of Revelation, sank deeply.

As soon as Yeonwoo returned to the village, Shannon and the rebels gathered together.

These are really not the answer. "Shannon grumbled with his arms crossed. He saw no desire, and he thought there was no way to revive those who were merely shrugged over time.

I sighed deeply as I looked at the people who were begging me to save them, whether they were the same idea or not.

On the other hand.

The apostles had two different reactions:

The Divine Faction didn't hide their contemptuous attitudes along with their suspicions that they might be able to help these people in a proper battle.

While the Devil's faction was interested in the fact that Giants who only thought they were destroyed were in this way, they were curious about how their Godly Tidebringer would change them.

It may seem that the Devil is more responsive than the gods, but it is never a favor to them.

Just a simple question. It was nothing more than that. In fact, I was only looking at whether it was fun, but I didn't really think Yeon-woo's attempt would succeed.

And either the rebellious stares felt the same, or they were blubbering and coughing.

Those who tried to blame Yeon-woo for harassing them so much, now they have nothing to say.

He would, too, because it seemed that there were not just one or two beings like the gods of the heights in the eyes of the rebels, but dozens and dozens of them.

If they were simple players, they could only feel their bodies and catch their breath, but for those with little transcendence, they even showed the true nature of the messengers.

Yeon-woo now meets the eyes of the shivering rebellious giants one by one.

Whenever they did, they were amazed at the depths of the abyss that lay deep beneath Yeon-woo's eyes. Some were see-through, some were even close to passing out.

However, one of the bruises had a strong willingness to somehow endure the pupils of Yeongwoo.

“That's the boy you met in Baldevich's lair. `Although it is similar in size to a child, it is much smaller than other rebels. But it was as sure as the will in my eyes. I even stared at him as if I wasn't going to lose.


Yeon-woo fainted.

No matter how many people crashed, not all of them did.


You will start the war tomorrow. Yeon-woo threw it first.

Of course, the rebels were embarrassed. They've only been practicing for a few days. After all, it was just physical training. Not only do you not know how to fight, but your muscles are still in your body.

And now you want him in the field? It was the same as telling me to go out and die right now.

I was so sick of their faces.

However, I was completely overwhelmed by the momentum that Yeon-woo began to pour out, and I couldn't say anything because I was so bored in my head.

Genesis (Tennum) harnesses the power to firmly brand the voice in the soul of the target. Of course, a word from Yeonwoo Navel was the spell that condemned them.

"It would be unfair. You just stood there and told me to fight. Yeon-woo rolled up one end of her lips. It seemed like a laughingstock in some way.

But if I stay still and die slowly from them, I won't be any different now if I'm forced to die. The momentum that flowed along the pond began to agitate me. The rebels could sense something sinful in their hearts. It was too hard to breathe.


Fear creeps up, but it's too extreme to tell if it's a vacancy or a different feeling.

"Therefore, if you are unfair, you must survive. Be strong and avenge me. Then the fear gradually began to change into other foreign emotions.

Inside their souls, Yeouido's channeling began to be forced to imprint.

It was a line of faith between God and God.

Yeongwoo now looked at the wet ones and said with solemn attitude.

"Fight. That's all I have to say to you.