Second Life Ranker

15. Warrior Corps (1)

Whistler - "It's the air of the outside world." What did the king of the new commandment call us to this time? "Then you will not know until you hear His command. But you called for a reason." The Cyclops took in the air outside for a while.

There was no lungs to feel the atmosphere because he was already dead, but he was not a habit director of living enemies.

Arges, the youngest, was a man who lived unlike his two brothers, but had spent a long time in the shadows with Dis Pluto, who, when he tried to escape Tartaros, decided to become a part of the moat.

Thanks to the power of Yeon Woo, the three Cyclops were able to stay together even though they were all dead bodies.

So, 'they were respecting Yeon-woo, not the average.

They were both mercenaries to their brothers and also successors to the previous lord, Myung Wang Hades, so they bowed down by themselves.

Moreover, their siblings were feeling it through a link with Yeouido.

It was how strong Yeongwoo had become, so much so that it was possible for her to grow a beak's soul without seeing it. When I was first summoned, I doubted whether the progeny of the Dark Lord had changed.

It looks like you've already extinguished the entire throne. Perhaps you'll reach Hades' boiling position in no time.

In the long history of Olympus, there has never been such a spectacular growth.

Maybe we should be able to talk about Hercules, the hero who inherited Zeus' blood.

Because of this, they had no choice but to acknowledge Yeon-woo more deeply in their hearts. With one knee bent, the figurehead looks majestic.

“I have a favor to ask of you," "Girls, the King of the Great Commandments asks of you?" The three Cyclops closed their big eyes.

And after a while.

"Oh, shit. W-we forgot who our new king of commandments is for a moment. Shannon Gong (Shaw) was right." Gourling Gourding.

The three Cyclops were busy, mumbling in a long grumbling tone.

The command that Yeon-woo gave to their brothers was very simple.

But it was such a rough thing.

Serious Building.

He asked me to build a fort in his current village and turn the whole place into a real place for the warriors to stay.

As the three Cyclops had been the famous blacksmith for a long time, they were not just excellent at armor and weapons crafting. Overall, I was proficient in field engineering and construction such as civil engineering, bridging, and surveying (-Tracha).

Many of the sanctums that were built in the middle of the war with Titan-Gigas in Tartarus were actually built a long time ago.

The base camp that Dis Fluto built every time he went into battle was also based on textbooks left by the three Cyclops.

Seeing that, Yeon-woo knew how powerful and talented they were, and ordered the rebellious village to be transformed into a fortress.

He added that he will make the Hidden Stage his sanctuary and that this is where the temple will be located, so he will have to pay more attention.

In fact, it was not difficult to follow orders.

It's what they've been doing all their lives.

Rather, the fact that the new Lord of Commandments is now beginning to write his own mythology can help him.

The problem was that the town was so bad.

A village in the countryside is even lower than this.

Growing up only looking at refined marble buildings and prosperous cities, they had no choice but to be appalled by the unpleasant villages.

Plus, when I found out who built this town, I was flattered.

No. By the way, are they really the descendants of the infamous Giants? No matter how much I look at it... 7. "I still can't believe Brontes," he shakes his head.

The Giants were famous not only because they were merely invaders or battle fanatics. It was due to the elaborate ability of soldiers, engineering skills, and social structure to support the ongoing war. They also possessed the ability to make swords as amazing as they could be.

That's why I once tried to get rid of the Three Cyclops' field skills somehow.

It was unbelievable that the descendants of those who did so were admitted to such ridiculous levels.

It's not male sex, it's degeneration.

The problem was that Yeon-woo wanted to become their god. When I heard you were going to resurrect the Giants, I said, "Are you crazy? It was enough to say it on its own.

Of course, we can't tolerate such things, so once we followed orders, the brothers each began to take charge of their duties one by one.

Brontes was building a fort, Steropes was building a serious fort, and Arges was focusing on making armor.

Fortunately, the hand was not significantly lacking.

As the storm grew, they almost regained their former powers and began to wake up the Boo Undead to help them, so they were able to move quickly.

Moreover, for some reason, many gods and demons who snored at Yeongwoo couldn't help but perfect the barrels that hang the best 'blessings' and 'blessings' on the fortress.

But that didn't mean the sighing didn't go away.

Of course, they couldn't make a move in front of Yeon Woo, so they were only there when their brothers were together.

King Seong. Shannon's words are always in his head.


King! One of the puppies circles their feet as they crumble.

Girl What else is this individual doing? Why is this guy in a place like this? I'm familiar with the fact that Hidden Stage is currently a sanctuary of chaos.

So I heard that even the most common animal plants in the tower are hard to find here. A single nugget walks around the horn, and I have to smile.


Steropes, who had truthful eyes, looked at Nurung for a long time, then laughed.

It looks like furado gen "" "lar." Fenrir? "Second Brother. You're not talking about Niflheim's dog, are you?" Arges remembers Penhir, whom he had met in the heavenly world a long time ago, and spilled his clothes.

It was because I can still remember how great the pressure that Penhir was under. The great demon who symbolized Niflheim with his sister, the world-winning serpent, Jormungan, and Hell's Monarch.

How many worlds crumbled whenever he roared aloud, and how many gods came out every time he showed terrible teeth.

Especially since his tinnitus was so bad.

The God-eater.

Fenrir has' eaten 'it if anyone is considered an enemy.

I literally ate it. He had a knack for digesting and amplifying his magi. It didn't work because it was immortal and transcendent.

Because of this, when Penhir appeared on the battlefield, there were so many soldiers running away without looking back.

He's waving his tail around like this? I had no choice but to pretend it was nonsense.


Steropes nods with a shivering expression.

I think so. What a ridiculous dog joke.... "Arges is making a silly gesture.

King! Suddenly, Noonah looks at Arges and begins to dive deeper.

The king! It looks like I'm here! `I feel like shouting.

Arges lays his back barefoot on the anxiety he doesn't even know about, and Steropos frowns at the sound of a snarl and gets tired of his face.

... Ha, I think it's coming! "Rainier Sunny [2000 Buang! Douda -" Don't, stop! "As soon as Nurung ridiculed the short legs and saw them leave, the three Cyclops rushed together to catch him, after the three Cyclops were summoned.

The rebel warriors' armor is swift.

Meanwhile, Shannon's training continued. Of course, his untouched color remained unchanged. Rather, it was getting worse with time. It was because the rebellious motivation continued to hit the floor and the sincere attitude became more and more serious.

Even though the boy Nojitera was motivated, he had never been properly trained, so there was no limit.

Even if we force ourselves into battle, we will all be the prey of other gods.

However, Baldevich was only seriously concerned from time to time, but he did not dry the noodles.

The envoys of God and demons had no choice but to give blessings to the fortress as Yeon-woo instructed, and to bless each armor whenever it was crafted, and to think differently.

In the meantime, the village continued to expand and eventually turned into a fortress.

Almost a month later, an armed group of warriors could be born with glorious armor.

The envoys had to swallow insults as they saw such warriors.

“Shit: {: sob" “Those unfortunate things...!” They seem to shed tears all the time looking at the armed warriors in their glorious armor.

Have you ever seen an army armed only with this kind of wealthy artifact? What if it's one of the highest gods' most gifted and powerful gifts? In addition, those novels were masterpieces (cotton wool) created by the three Cyclops in the beginning, beating all night for a month. The three Cyclops were such masters that rumors and self-proclaimed masters spread throughout other societies, and their refined armor was so expensive in the heavenly realms. The warriors were armed with only such things.

Besides, I heard that the material is also the main ingredient of Adamantine Nova, Heterolithic and Bloodshed! You may search many societies, but you won't find an armed force with that much value.

The pearl necklace on the pig's neck was also oily, but this was too much.

However, the rebels couldn't hide the uncomfortable look of the armor they were wearing and the armor they were holding.

For God and demons, it was so hard to put all those precious things together and put them in the trash.

If you had given them to them, they would have gained a great advantage in the war against the forthcoming Allfowan by reinforcing the forces of society.

And no matter what Yeon-woo wanted, even though he was willing to actively help as a tight-knit ally, he didn't seem willing to accept anything like that.

Along with Yeon-woo's statement, the Journey of the Warrior has begun.

At the very least, the heat of Owa began to march, whether it had been a drill or not. Then it seemed to the envoys that the bulge was just a bump in the eye.

That's how you get off the ground, sighing.

Behind you, right? Instead of following? , the envoys heard the unfaithfulness of Yeon Woo's cry to their families, and hurriedly began to follow behind the procession. It seemed like they had to be dragged into a war with these results.

"Last. Survey. Resolution. The other gods. No biting. Big. Seven. To place. Taxonomy. Yes, I could.

"During the march, Yeon was listening to wealth about the findings of the past hour.

Boo was thoroughly investigated by scattering the undead across the Hidden Stage, following Yeouido's orders. Thanks to this, Yeon-woo has already mastered the geographical landscape of Hidden Stage.

According to a report of wealth, the sanctuary of crawling chaos could be classified into seven largely.

Concentrating on the 'center' of the gear chaos located in the deepest part, the other six large and small sections were herded around to protect the 'center'.

Wealth called this' center 'a central sanctuary.

"Gear. C. You are in chaos in the central sanctuary. Mueang. I'm decorating. I did. “ Something? ”Example. The number (alcohol\ 0). Detection.

It was. "The climbing chaos has never been like this, even though Yeon-woo has directly declared war.

Even though the subordinate crab gods had once approached the fortress, they were tied up with emerging tribe chains and pressed into the air, so they were not approaching from time to time.

Thanks to Yeongwoo, I was able to buy time to arm the warriors, but on the one hand, I was troubled because I couldn't figure out what the crawling chaos was public.

Crawling chaos is an extremely unpleasant condition for the mortal to face the black heir himself.

Plus, Calatus and the Giants were always getting in the way, so I wanted to get rid of them quickly.

No, even if it wasn't, it didn't make sense for him to stay still for a day to intervene in the tower.

So it was obvious he was up to something.

Unless it's something you can't even imagine.

"It's just for fun... but it can't be taken lightly. `In any case, it was necessary to reclaim the seven districts that the gods of the other world were staying in for one day as a sanctuary.

The problem was that the force of the fighters to do it was ridiculous.

Unlike other people's concerns, Yeon-woo was already prepared for that.

“Valdevich.” Valdevich mutters with a scowling look on his face, following the summons of Yeon Woo.

D-do I have to do this? “The way for your people.” Ha! I can't help it. Baldevich sighs and says, "Get lost." He flips his old bag over his shoulder and plucks it off the floor.

Then all kinds of junk poured out.

[The divine society, Malach, is curious about what you have taken.] [The Divine Society, Deva, cares about Botsim.] [Demon society, "The Bridge," asks what they are.] The various societies, as well as all the envoys, laughed because they wanted something from Baldevich.

On the other hand.

"Hiic!” “Why is that...!" “I've been looking for you! Why are you there?" Suddenly, the rebels staring this way panicked. It looks completely different from what has never seemed motivated.

They immediately left their lines and rushed towards Baldebich, but an ovarian appeared from the starry sky and bound their feet with a large enchantment.

Yeongwoo looked at the rebels who were known for their expressionless' faces, and picked up some of the stuff that was spilled on the floor.

It was a diary.

On March 11th, I confessed to Ivar next door today and got kicked out. It was because I heard from my mom that I drew a map on my duvet last night. My mom: Oh, my God. Did you do that to a blanket until you were 14? Poor thing. ”Ugh... >!" 20007 >! ”“ Here's the thing. '1532.

I feel like I've been chosen. I can feel the Darkness of Erdome flowing on me. It's a bit severe. The rebels scream, their faces turning pale. No, stop! But all of their cries were erased by Silence Magic.

Yeongwoo shook the old journals, which can be called their chiefs in front of thousands of people, and the novels that were written during puberty, such as the Buddha statues (19 gold magazines) that were hidden in one side of the house secretly.

Every time, the owners of the toothpaste got tired of their faces.

“Boo. Throw them all in the middle of their center.” Name. Answer. C. "After the fireworks - they all disappeared in portals.

Yeongwoo smiles wickedly, looking back at the rebels staring at her.

“What are you doing, everybody's not running? We should go get it before anyone else sees it, right?" Tiniaiayik miiiiik or iiam "