Second Life Ranker

16. Warrior Corps (2)

[When many gods cover their faces and groan!] [Many demons should be very fun to kneel down to your advice!] [A handful of gods look down on the enemy descendants for the first time.] [A handful of demons feel a strong crisis for you.] I wonder if some gods grant you a status related to 'personality` and 'deception'.] Mimadila smiles bitterly. Chernunos shakes his head.] The gods and demons who saw the actions of Yeongwoo sighed for a long time. For the first time, the gods had compassion for the rebellious giants, and the demons were mostly amused and curious about the actions of Yeouido.

What Yeon-woo did was just as evil as the demons rarely did.

I can't believe I'm about to scatter all my childhood pharmacies. Where the hell did this happen?

Baldevich couldn't hide his remorse from his people, even though he did this on Yeon Woo's orders. Somehow you agreed to this.

I felt like Nojite was smiling over here, but_I didn't know what he was going to do later. Nojite has been most helpful in making this happen.

Nojite is the only child in town. It turned out that the residents and their doctors were the only ones in town who knew all about their personal history.

Of course, he knew where the journal and the chiefs were hidden, so he was able to take it away quickly. It's like using the good heart of the rebels.

Of course, Baldevich didn't expect the rebels to react this quickly.

It was their helplessness that Shannon could not overcome the fear of death, no matter how intimidating the Yeouido caused the struggle.

If it were simply a touch to the teeth, you wouldn't have had to go through all this trouble in the first place, but what Yeon and Valdivi wanted to do was to feel the uproar that would appear at this moment, no matter how unwilling the rebels were, the rebels' feelings would have to be violently shaken.

Here, the gods and demons who were waiting on the outskirts were trembling, all together, carrying buffs, blessings, and even curses as ordered by Yeonwoo.

The power and authority that the gods and demons conferred on the rebels was usually of the psychic system.

Things that have the same characteristics.

Optical explosion < 86msonːl < deep >_is also intended to use the same method used to climb the tower in the past.

Valdivihi was no different from them at the time. I was helpless beyond the goodness of my heart.

He hated to fight, and even the sword was too much to lift. The user is terrified that a sharp day can hurt the target.

However, instead of halfway reasoning, Baldevich was able to complement his weaknesses with this skill that greatly increased aggressiveness, and by the time Artiya became famous, he had terrorized many players by the nickname 'Dark Tea'.

Thinking about it now, it was likely that the photobombing forced the struggle that was deeply embedded in Baldevich. The traits descended from the Progenitor Giants are not lost.

And maybe it's the same with these rebels.

However, unlike Baldevich, who had characteristics related to broad breadth from the beginning, the rebels had to impose it.

I wouldn't even have to speak if it was given to me by the Supreme Gods and Demons.

Eventually, the stirring emotions caused the buff to swing even louder, paralyzing their doctors by half.

Agares' ability to inject them raises their heads and boosts their aggression.

Concentrated in the stature of the Grand Duke Agares, madness and destruction, this power was as effective as it had often been used until Yeon-woo got the memoirs.

Kuku! For the first time in the eyes of rebellious giants, who had been helpless all the time, their blood stains were bright and red. The sudden swelling of the blood vessels along the skin seemed odd.

“Khr::" Some rebels even sound like a hungry beast.

Then the "struggle" that was planted on them by the compulsory contract with Yeon-woo raised their heads for the first time. At the same time, the only remaining rebellious doctors were completely paralyzed, and only mad animals remained who thought they had to fight. The heat from the rebels spreads in all directions.

Looking at them like that.

Let's go, people! He raised his sword high and shouted.

He was also halfway upside down, triggering an unused photoexplosion.

Then the rebels roar as if they were responding to this.

Khhh! Khh! Insane rebels prowled forward.

"Boo, open up.” According to Yeon Woo's instructions, a large portal was opened in front of the rebels.

Beyond that, there was a similar terrain as the one you saw when the kite first arrived on this Hidden Stage.

A forest of dead giants, a few metres small and a few metres big. And it seemed that many foreign gods were pulling it out everywhere. It was a terrible sight to see.

It was a place the rebels would never look up to.

He had already gone mad, so he was completely fascinated by the struggle given by Yeonwoo, and the 10,000 could not decide where they were and where they were running to. Anything is fine. I just want to fight fast.

At that moment, the inside of the forest is trembling, and a strange creature, tens of feet tall, protrudes out.

It was a creature with insufficient power compared to the chaos of the crawling, but it was still a foreign god with the power to push easily.

The appearance of the gods and demons over the portal falters after the rebels. The force of disorder and chaos was too extreme for them, so it was too disgusting to face them.

But whether he did or not, he showed tremendous leap over the forest at once and attacked the rebels. A great shadow falls over their heads.

The rebels' gaze comes to you on its own. As the rebels made a stirring impression, the moment they tried to get along with him, Valdivich protruded forward.

Guang! The god of the Great Sword Swallow held by Baldevihi is strong.

The difference in power pushes you back and forth, but the posture doesn't collapse. A firm Awakening Stands on top of him like a maneuver, and the Great Sword (& Wheel) is shaking less and less as it pushes away his forehead.

There were no cracks or marks at all.

"Th-that's it!" In a power struggle with him, Baldevich opens his red eyes wide.

This was the first time I've been able to endure this kind of wealth and prosperity in the face of the other gods, even though I've grown steadily for my people since I came down to Hidden Stage to fight the other gods to some extent.

It was just enough to save my life.

You can catch enough, but you're too annoying. To the god of the other world, he was like that.

But this moment was different.

Now I feel strongly that I don't know if I can defeat the god of other systems.

Maybe it was natural.

Armed with armor made of hemite and blood, the three Cyclops support many gods and demons. This alone would have made it several times stronger than the existing force.

Above all.

"Trust me. Now that he has a solid background above all else in the world,

And pray faithfully. God bows down.

"Then I will save you. He could no longer defeat.

"You will be my second child, open my way and lead my will. The Temple (Horn).

Baldevich had embraced the war with the other gods.

The temple that shows us how great God is beyond saving the species.

It was the right thing to do as the second child.

"Second time. `Baldevich had already been formally appointed an apostle by Yeouido.

To be precise, he was the second apostle, a warrior leader of the rebellious faction. Although there was someone called Doyle, the first one, who had to halt the power to gain, this was enough to awaken the transcendence (fire\ ) that had been hidden from him.

Based on this, Valdevich begins advancement.

You heave the dagger down while pulling out the over-the-magic power.

Then the god of the other world was pushed back with a deep cut on his forehead. Bounced into the bloodstream.

Seeing him like that, I gave Valdevijiri a special power. I pushed forward as hard as I could.

The Bible says that God, who is with Him, walks two paths:

The fight on the right hand side of death is the way to prove yourself, and the death on the left is the way to lead the enemy.

Walking two paths at the same time is God's will! Baldevich was determined to prove himself as a struggle against the god of another world, and at the same time to lead the immortal to his death and show God's will to this earth.

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - and his vigorous prayers and aspirations became faith, and faith gave him more power again.

The dark red flame that bloomed from the Great Sword struck me like a thunderbolt, and I was able to cut off the right forefoot of the passenger god.

Worst-pufrauaaaah! It was definitely mined.

Although it was closer to the 'waves of fire` than the real lightning bolt used by Yeongwoo, it was almost the same as its nature.

Just by being able to use it, Baldevich was already a faithful servant of compassion.

Already the heart of Baldevich was filled with faithful faith in Yeongwoo.

Thanks to you, the more time passes, the more intense the lighting bursts.

E. Thing. D. silver.

For the first time, I felt overwhelmed by the eyes of another god. I never thought I'd be harmed by a bug that could be easily lit up and killed, or a creature that was treated only as livestock.

Moreover, I've been pushing my powers to restore the area that was cut off before, but I didn't dream of it. The death that was contaminated with the wound is growing at a rapid rate to eat away his cousin.

The other god had to be born and feel for the first time "the crisis of life." The feeling that only mortals would feel! The over-related problem was that Baldevich had no intention of releasing him.

Baldevich unstoppable swings his sword and thrusts the god of thrall. Every time a dark red flame rages, there are deep wounds in his blood, and the forest is covered in flames.

The thought of winning, once seen, was that the intense faith in Yeongwoo was telling him to continue to inspire confidence.

The more I did, the more I glowed with the myths of struggle and death...! And...

Such fierce determination of Baldevich was passed on to other believers and rebels who were connected by consciousness along the line of faith.

They are being defeated. "Arla Su" "Funny I can win! Let's go, people! Fight! Die, you foes! The rebels rushed to the god of the other world, shouting. The armor they were wearing coexisted with the magic engraved in resonance, and a dark red flame that symbolizes honeycomb was ignited in the arena.

The spectacular effect continues to flourish, almost avoiding the god of the other side.

The struggle between the rebels is almost a dog fight.

I didn't see any of Shannon's tactical strategies using Owa heat. I just rushed in and swung my weapon.

But that alone was enough to show off fearsome power.

It was a sign that they began to distinguish race traits from their ancient ancestors, the Giants.

[You are intoxicated by status conditions that are more than necessary.] [list! The scarlet is well above the risk level. If the condition continues like this, you may experience more after-effects than you need to.] [list! Photosis has broken through the risk level. If the condition remains the same, you may be subject to heavy penalties.] One more warning.] [Status abnormalities have greatly exceeded the limit.] [You have breached the hidden conditions.] [Brings out some of the hidden traits.] [General characteristics, 'Before Group (Rupee > Sat)' has been awakened.] [The general trait, 'Crowd WP (Ultimate Gun)' has awakened.] [The Buddhist trait, 'Weather of Fortitude' has awakened.] [Progenitor traits are developing.] [Little awareness of the transcendence of the ancestors.] [The myth of God is unfolding!] The rebels haven't realized it yet, but they were born fighters. I knew instinctively how to fight, how to move as a group. Shannon taught us how to fight in the first place, only as a means to lead it.

And as soon as it woke up, they didn't need any new teaching.

All I had to do was swing what I was drawn to and fight instinctively. After that, there will always be victory.

E. Thing. D. silver.

The god of expatriation spoke the last word on his way to death to those who had been treated as nothing but worms.

My mind was still filled with doubts that I didn't believe it.

"Ha! How long did you think we'd live with you? Baldevich chuckles and raises his flaming sword more prominently than ever before.

No more defeat for our people. The Great Sword remained under his chin.

"For God's sake, we always have to win." Aww! With the Great Sword across, the other man's head was crushed. As if a firecracker had erupted, all the remaining flesh was burned by the other rebels in succession.

Grrrrrrrrr, a chain of fruits erupted and spread out in all directions.

At its center, the rebels, including Baldevich, saw the sky and roared violently.

It was the shout of those who were especially drunken when victory came.