Second Life Ranker

17. Warrior Corps (3)

[The Rebel Warriors have achieved a great achievement, the Shinshining Dead (\\)!] [Achievements achieved by the Rebel Warriors will be recorded in the system and made public in the tower!] [You have some sacred loot.] [Transcendence is enhanced.] [Myth has been reinforced.] [Myth has been reinforced.] [Faith, the 'struggle' has been strengthened.] The Legion of Mangiants has begun a great achievement, resurrection (078) '.] [The work of the warrior army is delivered to the god of God, # # # #.]\ # # 's reputation is widespread!] Achievements made by the warriors are engraved into the system at once, and they descend as a new blessing to the warriors.

The system will drive player growth based on recorded achievements, and players will aim to reach high ground along that path. There is a loop of circulation that stimulates the cause and creates a new cause.

Of course, great achievements such as new killings had to have a strong influence on the rebels.

Now, although over a hundred powerful buffs, excellent weapons, and paralyzed accidents have somehow resulted in a new kill,

The results were applied again to the rebels, and their stats began to be greatly adapted to their accomplishments.

As you can see, there's a line of new titles and attributes etched into a stator window. It was a sign that their long-forgotten ancestors' traits were gradually awakened.


[God's society, the Dilmoon, is silent] [God's society, Deva, is silent] [God's society, Asgard, presents strong concerns with the Council of New Doctors, Olympus.]] [Keep an eye on the Divine Society, Malach, surrounding the rebellious warriors who began their resurrection.] [Demonic society, 'Le Infernal' indicates satisfaction with the formation of strong allies.] [The Devil's Society, 'Bridge', amazes you so much for your progress!] [Many gods complain about the rebellious warrior army's accomplishments, the "resurrection".] [Few gods feel strong anxiety about divinity, 'struggle'. I'm concerned that the imagination between the Rebel Warriors and the "struggle" fits too well!] Mimadila gladly looks at you and the warriors.] [Kernunos is keen on your warrior army.] The gods and demons had different reactions.

As always, the gods seemed to be shocked by the eventuality of their worries, and on the contrary, the demons were enjoying the situation greatly.

On the other hand, I was more interested in the rebels who came out of the beginning of 'resurrection'.

[A handful of demons moan about the Rebel Warriors.] [Perhaps we can uncover something about the Forgotten Giants, revealing a strong desire.] Demons have a habit of corrupting things when they want them and enjoying the takeover. That was why the dragon was born, and that was why Agares became obsessed with Yeon-woo and Jung.


Yeongwoo raised her head and quietly stared at those eyes.

[A handful of demons, faced with the earth, stand back in astonishment.] [A handful of demons look away from you.] Demons rarely open their hatchet to someone stronger than themselves, even though they were looking for a chance to get their head bashed in. It was instinctively because he had a disdain for the strong. Those who avoid their gaze now are usually much less violent than Yeon Woo. So, of course, I had to tighten my head.

I warn you, Yeon-woo made a statement about those people.

One more unclean glance, and I will pluck out its eyes. We'll see if that's possible or not. There was no answer.

But Yeon-woo thought that was enough of their answer.

[A handful of demons are silent.] Kuwoo - At that moment, the foothills of the forest fluttered with additional large and small owl gods appeared.

Monsters of a lifetime boasting the weight of tens of meters small and hundreds of meters large.

Sal. E. R. You.

A. Axis. Ta. Up. Let's go.

W. Two. Kill. Work.

They were surprisingly hostile to the fact that the hot pants they had sent to get rid of the annoying bugs had been humiliated.

Depending on the power of the Kuku Cubes, the stage shook violently.

The sky was falling apart, and the earth was turning upside down, and lava was about to erupt.


They're similar again. I'm going to pee I'm going to pee :: 4! The drunken rebels, who are still victorious, look back at them with frenzied eyes. Then, with a big smile, the fangs came out.

Then the one who was really embarrassed was the gods of the other world. I didn't think they'd be running around like toys.

However, the embarrassment soon turned to anger. I was going to remind them who was the best.


Your myth, written by the Mangiants, shines strong!] I crave the full energy from one side of my heart.

I spoke to the gods and demons watching the battlefield during the day.

What are you guys doing? And I didn't run. The look on the envoys' faces, who realized what Te Ye Yeon-woo meant, was harder.

Even if the Rebel Warriors took on a god of the other world, it was almost always done by Valdivi. It was hard to handle all those personalities at the same time.

So all that was left was for you to join forces and help.

The problem was there was no turning back now. As long as they helped create the warrior army, there's no way we can just let the gods of another world be their own people.


“JENZAAAANG!" "Damn it! We'll see!" The envoys rushed into the battlefield, cursing the kite.

Excessive light! Fantastic explosions have erupted all over the place in a flash.

"Hahaha! I didn't think I'd be doing this here. I knew it. The more I saw you, the more I was hungry. I will take your soul one day. Agares looked at it and laughed loudly, turning to Yeon-woo. He did not conceal his obsession until a long time after the alliance became stronger. No, it was getting bigger.

"Quick, get Jungwoo out of the black or whatever. That way you can have the souls of your brothers together. Yeon-woo only smiled as if she wasn't praying.

“Stop talking nonsense and jump in there.” Kiki! I knew it would suck. Seeing a five-year-old child smiling and 'tall,' it was not that scary.

King! Right next to him, Penlor was waving his tail hard, telling me he was himself.

Then let me see this body too. Agarose stepped forward and cried out to the heavens.

"Come, my army! Scary, the sky split open and hundreds of meteor showers crashed across the sky and fell to the ground.

It was the departure of the Dong-man army, the family of Agares.

And under it.

Fenrir, who had just turned into a giant groupie, was plowing through the earth revealing his vicious teeth.

You have successfully taken back the territory from the [Gearing Chaos']!] [Scenario 'Quest (Proof of God and King) has been partially updated.] [Open the quest window to see the contents.] [Scenario Quest/God and Proof of Kings] Explanation: Since you declared that you will be the God of the lost race and pride of the ancient ancestors, you have made great efforts to honor and complete all your work on the ruins by zeroing them.

Meanwhile, the chaos that creeps around in hostile relationships notices your existence and orders the other gods under your command to stand in your way.

From now on, all the other gods of the Hidden Stage will move to disrupt and suppress you and your followers.

You have a duty to protect the faithful and the people from harm. We also have a duty to bring endless safety and prosperity.

So protect your followers and your people from those who want to interfere. And build your own sanctuary so that those who are believers and people can settle down and live in the future.

To do that, we will have to rid ourselves of the crawling chaos and the widowed gods and take the land, gain independence, and build your temple high.

Though great ancient ancestors may be a difficult & unprecedented history, we will be able to establish a great myth that no one can touch after we succeed.

Time Limit: -Limited Conditions: 'Completor of the King's Proof. Holder of the title "The Great Warrior." The leader of the rebellious giants (Shepardcom).

Reward: 1 Faith of People and Faith +??? (Differential payments based on contributions) 2. The Fourth King's Token 3. Skeleton King's Helmet4. Combination Quest "Proof of God and King" has been partially fulfilled. Charge more enemy territory and build a temple in your honor as a sanctuary.

Yeongwoo checks the contents of the updated quest window and smiles sadly.

Everything seemed to work out just fine.

"Ugh... What the hell happened?" My body aches like crazy. This is all we've done... 9? Nonsense. Then I turned off the quest window and looked back at the rebels sitting on the floor.

They were halfway out. The things they had done were as if they had never come to reality.

He would, too, because the horoscope (wealth) that had been deemed to be the only place they could not access and death had been destroyed. The remains of the other gods were burnt down, as well as the foothills of the hideous forest.

And the remaining memories were telling them that all of this was their doing.

Moreover, I still felt a tingling sensation in my fingertips, as if I was still holding a weapon. They're not grains, they're weapons they've never heard of. This was the first time in my life.

But I never hated that feeling.

No, it was too cheerful.

And it was cool.

The world seemed new because of the elevated emotions, as if all the fog that had been wrapped around it had been lifted, as if it had been built up for decades at a time.

Asthenia is gone.

I felt confident that I might be able to accomplish what I had only dreamed of. Hope was growing rapidly from one side of my heart.


Taste it, progeny ~ …. "Suddenly, ghosts appeared and bowed their heads to the rebels.

The rebels_instinctively 'understood who they were.

Those who have only pretended to be fictional characters in ancient stories.

The adults who had to be stuck in a narrow cage thought they were shaped in a delusion.

Through Yeongwoo and Baldevich, however, they realized that they existed, but they were still too clumsy, but their descendants had never been closer to them.

Thanks to you, we can finally find rest. "However, if there is one last thing that remains." May you bring the same rest to the rest of our brothers who are still everywhere... - "Whistled-caught in the chaos that crawls through death, the unclean chieftains died quietly, leaving behind a will.

At the time of the forest, their faces, full of screams and cries, were smiling at the end.

[The Legacy of the Giants' will be passed on to the heirs according to the appropriate procedure.] [Ancients' long-standing achievements have been passed down to their descendants!] [Enhanced Myth.] [Enhanced Myth.] [Transcendence has a new possibility.] Particles of light remain where the Giant's soul spills out, falling on the rebels.

At that moment, the rebellious eyes flashed with light, and the flesh was again empowered with tiredness due to violent battles. And...

Their kidneys grew noticeably with the sound of hyper-echoic, hyper-echoic muscles twisting.

From one meter small to three meters big. The skeleton became stronger, and the muscles became stronger. Above all, there was an overwhelming speculation.

The Banshees are inheriting the Giants' genes, but they have lost transcendence and become immortal. However, the potential for degeneration has exploded at once as the succession begins, resulting in transformation.

Perhaps the more they continued to reclaim the territory, the more they saved the souls of the more ancestors and fought violently, the sooner they could recover their appearance as Giants.

“Looks like you're getting the hang of it.” Yeon-woo 'looked at those believers and smiled. In one hand, there was a tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The warrior army's sharp gaze turns to its own log.


They stand up and prostrate, as if they had promised. It was the best courtesy to be seen as their god and king.

The warriors gather their mouths and shout.

What a Great Being you are! We are the Great One! The mighty waves came.

Looking at them like that.

Shannon mutters in a hollow voice.

I didn't expect to be Awakened by my personality. Isn't that a real human being? "